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I'm at Earth Spacedock next to the BO Trainer and Fleet Ambassador. I merely logged on after the server mainteance, and found myself stuck. What happens is, I can move around for 5 - 10 seconds, but then in a flurry of lag and clipping, my character ends up back where he started. I can see other players moving around just fine, it's just me that seems to be affected.

Also, the chat is active yet when I type a message and submit it it never shows up in Chat.

I tried to subtmit an in-game ticket for this, but after a few seconds I get the message "Error: timeout waiting for response from server".

UPDATE: I logged in and was able to go back into space around Earth Spacedock, but I have INCREDIBLE amounts of latency. However, other player and NPC ships are moving about just fine; warping out and so on.

EDIT: Because I'm a complete moron, I didn't realize I had left a P2P/torrent client running on another PC on my network. Durrrr. Problem solved.

Sorry everyone!

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