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# 1 Crashes at any random point
01-14-2010, 10:34 AM

I been pulling my hair out and going crazy since I been only successful in creating crash notifications for Cryptic then an actual Character. Problems I'm having are random crashes I can't pinpoint to anything specific. One case would be I would get to the loading screen and it would crash there. If I run STO in safe mood I can get into character creator sometimes either a functioning one or black screen with music, in a few minutes I would get the dreaded Decompressing error. Third case it just crashes at loader. I've gone as far as formatting my PC multiple times and even getting the install from a friend who has a working copy.

Following are my current specs
Windows 7 Ult 32 (I've previously tried on 64)
Intel 3.2 GHz P4
3GB DDR2 Ram
ATI HD2600 XT card (latest driver)
Creative Live Audigy 4 (latest driver)
300GB Maxtor
500GB Western Digital
AVG Anti Virus

Let me know if I missed anything, any help I would appreciate. I'm contemplating returning my computer back to Win XP to see if it will resolve the issue
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# 2
01-14-2010, 10:46 AM
Ive had this error several times but I've found a way to atleast figure out whats going on with the help of the great people in this forum. What you need to do is go into your program files and look at the force verify log and the pcl log. Mark the time down and then go into the launcher options and hit force verify and after its done its thing run the game till it crashes. Then what you can do is go into those same logs again and look at the stuff after the timestamp you wrote down the first time.

Compare the two logs and see which file is causing the problem. Once you know which one it is you can delete the .hogg file and redownload it from cryptic using the launcher.

As to why this happened I've only got theories. It has something to do with the zip version of win7 and the compression program either cryptic or wherever your friend downloaded the client. Theres an error somewhere causing the file to corrupt itself or that it is unreadable because of some sort of algorithm difference. I hope this helped and will get you into the game soon.
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# 3
01-14-2010, 10:51 AM
Thanks Majo,

I've read about it through out the forums, think I should of said that when I delete the .hogg files and load the launcher it goes and downloads the 10GB patch, but it can never finish because every time I go do this that launcher crashes randomly and restarts the download. It feels like a real Catch-22 trying to fix this.
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# 4
01-14-2010, 11:00 AM
there is no 10 GB patch
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# 5
01-14-2010, 04:36 PM
Well it's not an "official" patch, but when you remove all the .hogg files the launcher sees this as the files being corrupt and starts to download a "patch" to replace the missing files which are together about 10GB according to the launcher download.

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