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# 1 My 1st Tribble Feedback
04-14-2013, 01:03 PM

as my thread title says, today I had my first Tribble Server experience and I would like to share my thoughts about some of the current LoR contents. I am no Bug hunter or mathematician, so I skip that part and let that do the pros. By the way, I am using an old 19" monitor.

1.) UI: Looks... nice. No, really. Sure there will be some more adjustements in the next weeks, but I kinda like it, and I like the fact that I can choose a different color pattern.

2.) Character select screen: Very nice. Improvement after the hard looking Defiant bridge. Great to see my Away Team with me.

Personally, I would remove that red ray from my character. He is Fed, and not KDF. For the Fed'lers I would suggest one of those long Federation Holo-Banners in red, blue or orange, depending on the characters profession.

What I miss, is the gear I and my Away Team has quiped. I only see them in their main uniform.

3.) Dilithium Store. Looks better than before but needs some serious fixing for some problems:

I don't want to click on the Dil Store button to open the store again when I want to change the sub-menu. Let's say I have bought a Ground Kit and I want to buy a Deflector Array.
It lacks of a better navigation through the sub-store menues.

The Warp Cores look nice, but they are listed unter Hangar-Schiffe (I am using the german version) and the Hangar-Pets are listed unter Hangar.
Join Date: Jul 2012
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# 2
04-15-2013, 05:33 AM
I have an appendix to my 1st. feedback:

Don't know if it is here the right place to post it, but I would like to have same adjustments to the whole BOFF system.

1.) All the Boffs are listed in the order of their joining. I do have all three professions/departments mixed with each other. Now looking at the Doff system, each Doff is listed under it's own profession and department. I know not every player has more than 10 Doffs under his/her command, but it would be anyhow nice to have them sorted.

And it would be also easier when attaching Boffs to a Bridge Station, Away Team, or Head of Department.

2.) That brings me to another wish I have concerning Boff attaching: When I attach a Boff to a neutral station (Universal Bridge Slot, Away Team), and I have a higher Boff count, I only have the name on the drop-down menue, but not it's profession. So when browsing through the whole Boff list, it would be nice to see a little window showing the current selected Boff, or at least it's profession and abilities.

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