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This forum is filled with threads like this but the lag. Ooooh, the lag. Now I live in Europe (Holland to be precise) and just like champions online this game is unplayable for me. I dont think this is a problem on my end because so far these two crptic games are the first MMO's to have this problem for me. My computer should easily be able to handle this game.

If you cant make the connection well enough (i'm not a techie so granted I have no idea how that works) maybe you guys should consider making an EU server so all of us on the other side of your ocean can try to enjoy your game as well.

I was also really intrested in chamions but had to cancel after a few weeks without even having the oppritunity to really give that game a chance. And this wasnt in the Beta either, this was recent. I hope you guys fix this problem so I and others like myself can try this game out.

Good luck.

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