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04-22-2013, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Imagine you have a meter that if you equip a wing of fighters, this is represented on your UI in a hangar display by 6 grey pips or pet icons and when you launch fighters, each of the grey pips turns white and when a fighter is destroyed, a pip on your hangar UI turns grey to show you have 1 less fighter deployed. In the case of frigate type pets, the relevant amount of grey pips would display allowing the captain to see how many he can field.

In the heat of battle a quick glance at a display like this will allow you to see how many of your pets have been destroyed or how many more you can field before you despawn your own fighters to spawn new ones.

I know it's a very simple suggestion, perhaps it could be take further to have each pip go green-yellow-red to represent the health status of fighters, though you would be unable to select a pet from this display.
Best idea I can think of for a simple display. A full status would be nice, but bare minimum, I'd want something like that. I've done the Crytaline mission a few times now, and a few times I am not the only carrier packing Elite Scorpions. So I've looking at this sea of wasps trying to determine which are mine. In the end, I just keep them coming. So I'd kill for some kind, any kind of display telling me how many fighters I have active. A full status is a bonus, and maybe it could be an option. You can get a full status, or just a simple "how many are deployed?" indicator.

I know the programing of either won't be easy, but those of us using carriers will be eternally grateful if you can manage something for us.
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04-22-2013, 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by qelme View Post

Bottom right corner(I've used the "Focus" button and replicated with Photoshop). I'm not good at Photoshop but you guys can get the idea, be able to see our pets info like health, distance, abilities(like our BoFFs) and(with the LoR UI update) if they are in combat with someone(Red Alert effect). When using drones or shuttles, use a system like strategic games(when using 3 units, they're considered 1, so their health is based on how many shuttles/drones are alive). This addition would make Carrier captains life easier regarding Frigate/Shuttle/Drones management.

Suggestions are welcomed in this thread
I almost got too excited for a second, i saw your picture and got really happy as i thought this feature was on tribble and you were showing us, but then you said you modifed the pic to show what it should look like, i was like awww man.

anyhoo, yes, i beleave we need something like this. I fly a carrier as well and would love to see which and how many pets need to be redeployed
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04-25-2013, 06:31 AM
I totally agree with this as it's a pain follow the other sections of my Fleet MVA, you can of course track the status of the other sections by clicking on them to check if they need shield/hull repair but a focus tab for each hull section would be awesome!
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04-26-2013, 11:39 AM
Chiming in my support for this as well - this feature is very badly needed in the game. It's a bit cumbersome not knowing the status of my fighters in the middle of a battle.
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06-05-2013, 01:01 AM
Ah, yes, It is much needed, event if only to know how many pets you've got still alive, and what type

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