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So yesterday was the first time I really had any time to play the Open-Beta. Game seems pretty cool, I can see a fight with the wife over this one coming up soon. Anyways, I digress...

Game crashed a few times. Once due to a TDR and once because it felt like it. Well, I should define crash: the game window and taskbar icon vanished. I was noticing that the game's performance was getting worse and worse, just horrible after the second crash. I thought it was massive server lag, or some wacko video setting or something that usually causes slideshow action like that.

Then I realized my CPU was just pegged. So I looked at my Task Manager and sure enough there were three copies of GameClient.exe sucking up about 30% of the CPU each (link.exe was using the other 10% - hey, I game when compiling).

My suggestion to the devs at Cryptic is add collection code to the error reporting that show how many GameClient.exe processes are running at collection time (assuming it's not already there) and perhaps a warning somewhere that says "sorry the CPU is busy because you already have n clients running, how about not opening another?".

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