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# 1 Greetings!
06-03-2013, 08:13 AM
I'm an Old Fogie and that's a given lol I've been playing games for quite sometime now... I started way back when, "Can you say Pong?" Also, when there where games in "Basic 1.0" or so; and games that where written by 'yourself' or your friends and such! <G> A long time ago a friend introduced me to the world of Star Trek back in the late 60's late 70's. I love ToS, the cartoons, the original movies, TNG, and DS9 and even Voyager. I also remember when everyone was nay-saying about Kate as taking the helm of Voyager. Having seen her act in "Columbo" as his wife(?) and in a few other occasions I thought she could do a great job and as it turned out, she did. I'm an Electronic Technician by trade and ToS got me into this line of work! I also work with the Space Shuttle Endeavour - OV104. My dad worked with the fenders of the Lunar Rover's back in the 60's. He retired from Boeing after 50 years. Technically 49 with 1 year early retirement. How about that for a career?

I've seen a lot of ST games, but Bridge Commander and now STO are definitely the best! I also was a member a select few RPG's. Most notably vTrek and A Call To Duty, the only 2 RPG's that were official!!! Anyway - I really love this game, but as with all games there are quirks. For me the biggest one has to do with the ships; mostly because I am a Trekie! When the manual for the Galaxy came out - I knew every part of it! lol And soon after, all the other cannon ships! That's why as STO goes - for ships, there are a lot of problems with them.

I think my biggest problem now, is that I want to start another character, probably a Science type person... Even though I have a Bajoran Engineer, a Bolian Engineer and a Romulan Tactical type person Well, greetings and salutations, "Be well!"
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06-03-2013, 06:57 PM
Oh hai, im a cat. I was born of a litter of 3, I was the one they threw away.

I've been a gamer for many years as well, always one console behind the latest craze. But i still had fun. While injurd from a sports injury I was off my feet for a while and decided to take up gaming again, and wanted to try out bridge commander...the store didnt have it so I bought this game and thats the birth of CatStar.

Im glaad i foound your hail, and maybe we can teamup in the game some time, im @cat_star, aside from my Federation cats, I also have a Ferisan, and now a Romulan.

Every episode of TNG if written by STO_How Picard dealt with ARC_Cat hug_No to ARC!

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