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Originally Posted by errab View Post
Greetings All,

I've never been one to harp about emersion in an MMO but the fact that we have a currency called Lobi that we use when dealing with Ferengi does break Star Trek emersion for me.

I understand that Lobi is the 2nd major source of revenue generation for Cryptic but I think we should be able to find a way to place Gold Pressed Latinum in the Lobi role and still keep earning potential for Cryptic.

Suppose we take all the current GPL that the players have and that can be won from playing Dabo and rename it Gold Pressed Latinum Chips or (GPLC).

Cryptic could add to the conversion console that is found in Quarks the ability to convert GPLC to Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum which could be used in the Ferengi store.

Lets say that the conversion rate is 100000 GPLC - 1 Bar of Gold Pressed Latinum and the converter only does one Bar at a time and there's a conversion fee of 500 Dilithum each time the converter is used.

I'm sure that the numbers could be tweaked to whatever Cryptic felt would still make them money but the end result would be that items in the Ferengi Store could now be priced in Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum and for players willing to do the Grind, Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum could be earned via a combination of Grinding GPLC and Dilithium.

Thanks for your time
This ties in nicely with the Ferengi Casino idea I advocate.

GPL should be more prominent and not just for the Ferengi Store (unless the items there become more "substantial").

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