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Attention, Starfleet and Romulan players. Starfleet Command Gamma is seeking active players to join the elite ranks of a growing fleet. Very Helpful and friendly. Advancment gaurenteed. Tier 2 SB working on tier 3. Dilithuim mine nearing tier 1 and emabassy nearing tier 1 also.

around 81 members 75% are active at least once per day. We need more members to join, whats going to be the best fleet in star-fleet and the whole of the federation.

PvE, PvP, roleplay, Missions.

Events include - working together for fleet marks, STF's, Roleplay nights, Dilithium farming nights. All run at different time zones so everyone gets a chance to participate.
IF you participate in events some rare(blue) to Very Rare(purple) items are up for grabs just for participating in events.

Hope to see some mail and if any one wants to join just post us a mail at soso@jcairns123 or brian@briankilljoy

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