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04-21-2013, 04:53 PM
First off I do really enjoy this game overall, this is just a list of things that bother me as I do play. Also I am trying to avoid just yelling out suggestions on fixes and instead trying to focus on the 'why these things bother me' but it is not my strong suit.

Weapon Setup, Arcs and Abilities
Everyone has favorite ship(s) from the show that they love to fly simply for that reason and I am no exception. For me those would be the Vor'Cha, Galor, and soon the D'Dedrex warbird. Obviously I have a thing for giant beams of destruction best represented in this game by a beam overloaded Dual Beam Bank. Or in a more general sense the frontal arc focused beam ship.

And sadly that setup forces one into strange setups to achieve high performance. Yes you can put duals up front with turrets in the rear but other than on the Vor'Cha (thanks to it's DHCs) that tends to not work that well because of the split in weapon types and abilities.

Now don't get me wrong I do enjoy the standard broadsiding beam boat along with the standard DHC of doom battlecruiser. But I really wish I had a beam turret option that worked a bit better. Would it be that big of a deal to fully itemize the shuttle beam arrays that have a 360 arc for these types of builds?

Honestly though I don't care about the 'how' I just want a more effective method of using a frontal arc beam ship than we currently have.

Tanking or Combat Pacing/Flow
When getting shot at in combat there really seems to only be two potential results. Either the ship gets whooped from full to nearly dead to dead in a handful of seconds OR it takes little to no damage at all.

Seriously if your EPtS is active and your Tactical Team is up the damage is laughable aside from uber critical hits or plasma ball of doom sneaking up on you like a hill giant while meditating! Then when your shields stop being transferred during that five second gap tactical team leaves and you didn't instantly mash the distribute shields button while the UI lag caused your second copy of EPtS to activate two seconds late and three sphere torpedoes slam into your hull with the third one getting a critical hit and your down to 5% when the plasma burn stacks finish the job.

Now don't get me wrong the above can be dealt with and the vast majority of content does not put out nearly that high of damage but it is annoying to me that you don't have the typical wearing down you see in most games. At the early levels it is a blast to bring fresh shield facings to bear upon the enemy and with limited hull resistance/regen/heals to try and keep your hull % higher than that of the enemy dreadnaught you are facing. Tension is raised when you spin a fresh shield facing while having 20% less hull than it while you hope the shield holds long enough to get ahead in the race again or atleast get your single hazard emitter off cooldown.

High level play lacks that level of tension completely. Either the enemy attacks are ignorable or capable of destroying you in seconds. It is not that the combat becomes unfun, it just lacks any tension.

Required Abilities
Tactical Team, Emergency Power to Shields, and Hazard Emitters are on almost every single ship I fly. Don't get me wrong I can complete the content without them but they are such powerful abilities that it is foolish to do so.

And it is not even their primary abilities by themselves it is the entire package they bring, the synergy they bring, and how much the content demands their use.

Tactical Team is amazing and never useless. Even if your not under attack you still get a meager damage boost from the thing. And while it's primary effect of keeping you alive it also removes the most annoying and harmful enemy special attacks. Assimilate Ship. Many likely never even notice the borg in an STF using this. My single hull tanking tac team ignoring Neg'Var is removed from combat from this, even with the doff that removes it sometimes with TSS mostly because assimilate ship locks out TSS half the time. EPtS, double my survivability at the low low cost of ensign engineering slots that have nothing better to use anyway? Yes please. Hazard Emitters. Hull heal over time, resistance boost, and clears annoyances like plasma burn and shield neutralizers, why wouldn't I take that?

Now it would be much less annoying to me, those abilities and how uber strong they are, if they didn't block out other abilities and limit options. This is why Hazard Emitters doesn't bother me and is a great ability really. But the other two force me not to use Sci/Eng Team and soon with the tribble patch any other EPtX ability. That is what bothers me about them.

We have tons of ships but still limited options with those ships. I want more options. New weapon types like say heavy beams with more drain and damage different arc. Dual cannons changed to have a larger weapon arc or something to stand out vs dual heavies. A wide angle torpedo that isn't limited to a single type and requiring a ship purchase. moar ways to kill bad guys please!

New boff abilities! Seriously we really need more of these. I would love to see a set of universal abilities that could be used by any boff type but had a special detail depending on the boff. Like say Ability X that with a tac boff did the primary effect but also gave a secondary small accuracy buff and with an eng boff the secondary buff would be engine power.

Radically different ship setups. I would love to loose say a Lt. boff on a VA ship to gain a passive boost of say an extra console slot. Or more alternate layouts with a pair of LtC seats. Something different. Maybe loose a weapon slot on a cruiser but gain a console slot I dunno just unique stuff. The romulan singularity is on the right track but doesn't really go far enough and honestly I'd rather loose an ensign boff slot than take the power penalty.

More 'non-consumable' ship devices. I beg you. The idea of moving some current consoles to be devices is a really good one if you ask me.

But really in the end even though I have 12! VA toons all in different ships I can really boil them all down to a few archetypes(dual eptx beam boat/DHC DPS monster/DPS with grav well) and the differences when flying them are not very significant most of the time. Variety es good! Moar variety!

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