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# 21
04-18-2013, 12:33 PM
I would love to see stronger STF that look more like what we call 'raids' in other games. Why not 25 man 'raids' set in normal and elite with a true boss progression?

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# 22
04-18-2013, 12:37 PM
-When r we going to get the ability to send ships from our drydick (Shiplist) on assignments like we can with DOFF's?
-When will we get the Niagra, Freedom, New Orleans classes of ships?
-Is cryptic willing to purchase any additional rights to startrek material via something like Kickstarter? (Comics, Books, Games)
-Will we get our hands on a 2409 version of the Oberth, Miranda and Excelsior?
-Will the Galaxy X get Monarch parts?
-Will the nebula ever get the Venture parts?
-When are we going to be able to promote our BOFF's to Captain rank?
-When Will we see the Sona in game?
-Will the T5 Galaxy get access to the the T4 Galaxy Varients?
-Will we see more TMP era ships added to game like the Akula?
-Any detail on the Next Future epsoide series?
-When will we get additional sectors?
-Will we get an alternative skin for the Odessay?
-When will the federation get a full 2 bay carrier?
-Will we get any STF's baised around other Races like Dominion, Romulian, Iconion, Sona, Voth, Gorn, Tholion?
-Will we ever get the ability to assign Targets to our Fleet reinforcement? AS in Defend this target, Attack this target, ect
-Will we see ships added from other ST games? As there is presidant as the TMP Apollo Refit Appeared in SFC 1 + 2, Legacy and Shattered Universe
-Will we get vulcan cruiser seen in "Future Tense" as youve said before "if its in an epsoide its fair game". If / When will we see this ship
-Ship Tier revamp?
-Sectors for Breen and tholions?
-Computer Cores for ships?
-Space Adventure zone when??
-Will we ever get bonus objective baised on what ship we have? (eg if we play the dominion Series with either the buy, Dread or Escort Carrier)
-More Dev interaction in game? (Playing along side playes maybe as cryptic Characters?)
-When will Cryptic Characters turn up in STF's?
-You said Delta would come b4 gamma. Is there an ETA on this?
-Will we see the NX Refit ever come into game?
-Exploration revamp?
-Can we have the Jem'Hardar Battleship please.
-You said in a Q/A "Old Fleet Actions will return when they have been remastered" Any ETA on this?
-When will the Typhoon and Jupiter Class be added into game?
-We have a Defiant, A Enterprise. Will we see a Voyager NPC?
-Will all the sectors be redone to be on par with the patrols from Tau Dewa?
-Every Time i go into Tau Dewa RA its epty. Any way u can improve this?
-When are we going to be able to capture NPC ships as we go through missions?
-When are we going to get more 'trek' Style TNG / Voy weapons?
-Are there any plans to Add Luna Colony or Montana?

-What races will we be able to buy / unlock for the new romulain faction?
-Will there be a fed / kilingon rep to go alongside the rom rep?
-will the new Enemy be for all factions or are they rom centric like the farkli
-Will there be fleet ships for the roms at launch?
-When will we get the list of ships that the Roms will come with?
-will the roms get additional sector space?
-Will we get a Path to 2409 for the Roms?
-How much VO work will Denise Crosby be doing for the new faction?
-Will we get a 1000 day vet ship for the roms?
-Will there be lots of story missins for KDF 1 to 50 and Rom 1 to 50 so will there be some grind
-Will roms get Carriers?
-Will there be a FE to go with the new faction?
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# 23
04-18-2013, 12:40 PM
Dan, any details on the list of Romulan Sience/Support Vessels?
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# 24
04-18-2013, 12:41 PM
Unlike Klingon ships, in The Original Series we actually did get a good look inside Romulan vessels during the episode "The Enterprise Incident". Is there any chance of a Romulan TOS bundle that would have a TOS interior for Romulan ships, with a bonus costume and special weapon? Something similar to the TOS or DS9 package for Federation players?

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# 25
04-18-2013, 12:41 PM
question 1:

Romulans are the cloak and dagger people of the star trek era.
Will cloak bugg be fixed for all ships capable of cloaking?

everytime the messages pop up the same thing happens DECLOAK.
its annoying.

it ruin the game.

its seariously been here for 3 years when will it be fixed?

question 2:

What ships are the candidates for veteran romulan faction ship ?

question 3:

solo fleets for solo people when will the price reducement for fleet uppgrades be done ?

question 4:

when will we see that we can use our bridge officers to pilot our starships we got in the hold as combat help in missions ?

question 5:

Why was the dreadnaught hangar bays locked to the jem hadar attack ship.

its rediculus cost of 2000 usd to get the frigate jem hadar attack ship hangar slots.
why was this great injustice done ?
90 pages of forum posts and no cryptic answers.
this has never been done before why was this done now?

will more of this unfair treatment be done ?

question 6:

will pets and other combat fighters be smarter to avoid warp core explosions ?
multi vector assault parts and carrier fighters desperatly need this.
If only they fix Cloaking bugg *new message BOOM decloacked.
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# 26
04-18-2013, 12:42 PM
Will someone give Foundry authors with an update to the Roadmap for the Foundry?

Are there plans to have assets available for authors to use in the first days of the new expansion to create with in the Foundry, including costumes and new assets?

Are there any plans to continue 'catching up' the cstore assets that remain outstanding in the Foundry editor?
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# 27
04-18-2013, 12:43 PM
Got a few here...

Is there going to be some kind of update of content where the melee weapons of various races like andorian and klingon that are not in the game yet?

Ships like the intrepid class and b'rel class sort of are both a type of projectile advertised type ship but both their functionalities do not really work for the game... so my question is there any plans in the works to revamp their functionality so they aren't some kind of gimmick that can't compete with your new mold of ships?

My other issue is that being as you stated once in one of these Ask Cryptics that the federation faction will always be the majority based on that every series was based on the federation andd I can agree with it but with story and the sake of fleets especially since it has turned the KDF into a faction where you must deal with noobs and unsavory characters just to get a decent progession with them. So my question here is has Cryptic thought about making Fleets factionless but still appear like they do for the different factions when you beam in or do starbase qued missions?

Any ETA on when the KDF STF XII costumes will be fixed?

Last question I have is that the federation has 5 tactical console escorts but the KDF does not have one of the same weight class as far as escort/bop/raptor. So my question is the KDF going to get one in the form of the raptor or bop? (It puts the KDF at a disadvantage since those consoles no longer have diminishing returns in events like the Crystalline Catastrophe.)
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# 28
04-18-2013, 12:43 PM
Do you have plans to update the ship customization to add more
ship parts and new textures to current ships. Also tng bundle pack with updated Galaxy class model.
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# 29 More Questions....
04-18-2013, 12:44 PM
A few questions....

#1 Will there be a 1000 day Romulan ship for LTS and gold subscribers in the near future?

#2 To add to the first question, will there be Romulan counterparts to all the LTS and Gold Sub rewards, ie; costume parts like the klingon shoulder pads and the starfleet AGT insignia?

#3 Now that we are getting Romulans whats next?

#4 Since we have 7 seasons and now the Romulan Expansion is it safe to say that STO has moved into it's "Movie" time period or are there more seasons to come?

#5 Tribble Qustion! When will we be able to test the Romulan faction on TRIBBLE?

Thats all for now and Thank You so much for looking at and answering our questions!
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# 30
04-18-2013, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by kekvin View Post
Greedy much?
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