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# 1 United Romulan Senate {URS}
04-18-2013, 03:08 PM
Our Home-world has been destroyed, our brothers and sisters have been scattered to the wind, spread far across the quadrants, our very species hovers on the dark lookming edge of extinction, but this is not the end, no this is the chance for a new beginning.

We will start anew, we will rise to the challenge, we will be the beacon of light that the peoples of our worlds need. Romulan and Reman will come together to build a better future. Old hatreds must die, we must seek out new allies and begin our journey towards becoming a true partner in the galaxy, we will never give up and may we Walk beneath the Raptors Wings once more!

We are the United Romulan Senate and we call out to all Romulans and Remans. Join us and we can begin this journey Together

Come Join us at ursenate.enjin.com

--Who We Are--

We are a new fleet, aimed solely at the Romulan Faction! We have started work on our starbase using existing membership, however at launch we will be swapping out to all Romulan/Reman membership. We have a casual , laid back attitude and all we ask as that you are courteous and respectful of other members.

Our website will be launching very shortly, alongside a dedicated voice server for our membership to make use of.

--Who We Want--

Wether you enjoy STF's, PvP, PvE or RP, the URS has a place for all!

We Look Forward to Hearing from you!

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