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04-21-2013, 01:32 AM
Okay, I tried reading through the whole thread before posting and stopped half-way. I got one Romulan character into a Mogai, the other is still in the Dhelan. So....

1) It would be awesome if we'd get to test the C-Store ships, their new consoles, the interactions with the singularity mechanic etc.

2) Since I could not test it myself and the model doesn't have those red glowing hardpoints on the hull in the vendor window I had to fly in front of them to be sure but it really seems like the dual beam banks/heavy cannons hard points of the T'varo light warbird are at the tips of the nacelles. It would IMHO look a lot better if they were on the saucer like on the T'liss. And I'd like to know where those for the dual cannons are. (d'oh, I just realized that you have a picture of one firing a dual beam bank in the latest devblog )

3) At the moment I'm unsure about the singularity core. Healing yourself with 15 Aux is painful, you are more susceptible to energy drain attacks, you do less damage, have less shields etc. With T2 you at least get a singularity fueled shield heal, and you have a battlecloak to quickly disengage... On the other hand this low levels. I know how much you can push power levels with skills and consoles later on, so maybe it won't be as bad.... However for my play style it would be best if I could replace the singularity with a standard warp core (shouldn't be completely alien to the Romulans, they got them with the D7 from the Klingons). I tend to save my high cooldown abilities for when I need them, unfortunately that happens rarely in STO and the singularity level drops in combat pauses...

4) D7 with Romulan TOS skin. A must-be.
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04-21-2013, 01:59 AM
Ok so having flown the Warbirds up to the Mogai mostly seem good, the tac/sci combo they have going is an interesting change. That being said the Sinuglarity Core whilst useful isn't useful enough to justify the current power debuff, the 1 minute cooldown really hurts given that its wait 1 minute then start to charge again (the system is also tracking ability cooldowns which are shorter than the minute which strikes me as added hassle for no return.), I'd say drop the core cooldown to 20-30 seconds and put the ability cooldowns on 45-60 seconds, or drop the ability cooldowns altogether and place the core on a 30-45second cooldown.

I'm looking at something of a jaring situation coming up when you move from a Mogai to a D'deridex you go from a high mobility tac/sci setup into a slow cruiser style setup the sudden change in flight style is going to annoy people, honestly not sure how to handle it, shifting to a double science BOFF layout would keep it in line with the previous warbirds and I'd be more inclined to try split the warbirds into two lines a cruiser/sci line and the escort/sci line.

Tierage as follows Both lines
Tier 1 T'liss,

Tier 2 Romulan Scout Ship

Tier 3 Tac/Sci Dhelan, Eng/Sci D7 with singularity core

Tier 4 Tac/Sci Mogai, Eng/Sci D'Deridex

Not sure what to do with tier 5 without having to design another ship but with the c-store ships theres options for captains.
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04-21-2013, 02:54 AM
Feedback to your feedback on our feedback. (Careful we don't start a feedback loop)

Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Thank you all for the feedback. We're still reading this thread and the others on the forum.

-We have some changes coming to the Singularity mechanic soon. After testing that more, we'll evaluate if the power level penalties feel to harsh. Note that there are some higher level abilities to cut cooldowns and such that might make the Singularity feel more effective, but we're aware that it needs to feel worthwhile at low levels when only the Plasma Shockwave is available.
My concern with this is that making the singularity core "useful" enough to overcome its disadvantages should not cost anything. The singularity core is not an advantage that needs a counter, it already comes with a counter at least in its current form that we have access to. Basically the Core mechanics need to be equal-but-different right out of the box, otherwise people flying warbirds are being punished; either because the Core isn't useful, or because to make it useful requires giving up other traits/skills that non-warbird players will take.

please keep in mind that Battle Cloak provides a significant turn rate boost, Singularity Jump can provide added mobility, and that the D'ridthau's Molecular Phase Inverter console can also be used to increase your turn rate (in addition to the console's other functions).
I have not seen this console. Maybe it's amazing. And you're already working on singularity mechanics so I guess wait and see on that one. But the problem with relying on Battle Cloak (which I always thought was +10%, not +10, so thanks) is that in order to use it your shields must be taken down. Which in PVP is an invitation for the guy riding your six to use every damage buff he has in those seconds before you turn invisible, and in PVE is an invitation for the half dozen ships shooting at you to all use their torpedoes. Granted big ships with more hitpoints and more armor are more likely to survive this than Klingon BOPs are, but still: the vast majority of damage mitigation comes from shields, not hull. Because of this, I don't really see "cloak turning" as being the preferred strategy over Evasive, Pattern Omega, Aux2Dampener, engine batteries, deuterium, etc.
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04-21-2013, 04:08 AM
What momaw said, plus if you don't get out of their sight soon, you'll be a sitting duck.

I've caught overconfident BoP captains on several occasions, trying to escape me by cloaking when they could probably defeat me if they don't cloak. Probably.
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04-21-2013, 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
My concern with this is that making the singularity core "useful" enough to overcome its disadvantages should not cost anything.
I have to disagree, in that the core is NOT useless off the bat; what Miranda comes with a potent shield-bypassing AoE DoT? From the section you highlighted, you seem to be suggesting that it's useless until you "pay" something (in the sense of consoles, cores, DOffs, BOff abilities, etc) to make it useful, and that's simply not the case. The "costs" we WILL be paying will be a tradeoff in improvements; do I make my core ability more potent, or do I reduce the cooldown, or speed up the charge time, etc.. But there's nothing more satisfying than setting off my Plasma Shockwave in the middle of a group of enemies and watching the core collapses pile up.

I think my biggest problem with the T'Liss was the fact that, like EVERY existing T1 ship....they all suck, compared to the T5 powerhouses I'm used to. And that's going to be my problem with ANY new T1 ship, I bet the vets who roll new Klingons will also find their T1 starting ship (whatever it is with the new 1-20 Klingon progression) to be horribly slow and underpowered compared to what they're used to.

I think we're not given a lot of early opportunities to use the shockwave to its best advantages, but man, if I ever need to roll another non-Rom character, I'd wager that there'll be plenty of times when I'm chugging around in my Miranda that the thought "man, I wish could pull a Plasma Shockwave right here" will cross my mind.

Devs, I take back anything bad I might have said about the T'Liss; it seems balanced as it is, compared in pain to what I remember of going back to a T1 fed ship on a new alt.

(Oh, and a belated note on the Battle Cloak and turn rate, yeah, I checked the numbers and it is indeed +10 and not +10%, meaning it will almost triple the turn rate of the D'Deridex...but 3x almost nothing is still...)

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04-21-2013, 04:56 AM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
-On the subject of the turn rate for the D'deridex, it will most likely retain a 5.5 base turn rate to keep it slower than the Galaxy. That being said, I recently made a change to RCS Consoles that is currently in internal testing. This change significantly improves the benefit that slower ships like the D'deridex and the Galaxy Retrofit receive from using these consoles. (Roughly doubling the benefit in the case of the D'deridex, in our current tests.) Some players do enjoy flying a slow, tanky ship - but this should allow you to customize for higher turn rates if you choose to. You're still not going to be flying like an escort in a gigantic ship like that, but there will be more flexibility.
Will these consoles also benefit more to ships with less than 15 or 15 turnrate? They are quite frustrating escorts and destroyers to fly, especially the Romulan ones. Those things barely turn, even with a high power to engines.
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04-21-2013, 05:10 AM
Since this is also the official ship feedback thread, let me just say that I'm not a huge fan of the Dhelan Warbird artwork.

The hull is okay. It's more squat than other Romulan ships, but it has an interesting muscled sort of style. But the wings... no. All the newer Romulan ships are sleek and curvey, and so is the Dhelan except for the broken upper wings which have a razor-sharp 85 degree kink in them.

Ship would look better if there was only one set of wings, basically following the middle of the two we have now: Slope up forming "shoulders" near the main hull, rounded top, then curve down.

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Having reached level 24 in 3 different warbirds, my feeling is that the singularity abilities are definitely not worth losing 40 power for. They are too weak/situational to be decisive, and they cannot be used in an opening strike.

In PvP I suspect that warbirds are just not going to be viable with the enormous power penalty.

Personally, I would remove the penalty entirely, OR have it temporarily hit you after using one of the singularity powers.
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this: I'm pretty sure it is a bug because the same problem happens on holodeck from time to time.

When I was a independant romulan at levels 1-9, when I warped out my nacelles glowed green (as they should). Now that I've chosen to ally with the federation, more often than not my warp animation has my nacelles glowing blue. This really breaks immersion and looks bad.

(When I said it happens on holodeck I mean occasionally my KDF character in a galor gets the blue nacelle glow too)
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04-21-2013, 07:24 AM
I too concur with the thought that the power hit is too steep, ok the Feds and Klingon get warp cores which boast their max power by 5, singularity cores don't have this and nor should they. But 40 less power over all is horrid, either modify the amount of boasted power from the ships, or lower the difference, or just do what others have suggested at max charge it would 50 across the board, but goes back to 0 at the use of a ability gaining 2 power across the board every charge level.

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