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# 131
05-14-2013, 05:06 AM
So I'm playng through temporal ambassador again, and here's what I noticed. My shoulder reank thingys where still there over my tholian work outift. And.. Hiven was laying in bed claiming to be Satra. Everyone else seemed to be who they were at least.

I notice the hand drawn map is still in that little corner of your contact window. At this point I suppsoe that must be working as intended. I find it small and annoying to use, and if it was my first time through it might be a problem... but, that's jsut my opinion on the matter, and maybe I'm the only one.

I'm happy to finally begin playing through something new! :^D
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I have played this twice before and found it challenging, but not imbalanced; played it today and it was a killer. As soon as I started the battle my shields were stripped and I think I got one-shot. The second go saw my shields stripped again and an impossible time trying to recover shields and hull (to no avail). The third time I kept some distance and allowed what was left of my NPC allies to deal with the big behemoth (the one that I think is OP). This time it ended with me still being alive.

I definitely think this space battle is now imbalanced (don't know why); it is even worse than the Borg Cube OP in "Sleeper".

Maybe I had aggroed the masses against me the first time, but I sure didn't do that the second time I died in seconds. Devs, how about making fights challenging and balanced for the level of the character.
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# 133 "Sleepers"
05-14-2013, 07:05 AM
I am really liking the content here, and the graphics are fantastic. Having said that, there are some things that seem out of sorts:

First, during "Hidden Agenda," why is it that Tovan Khev communicates with us from the bridge - in fact, stating that "they will be monitoring our progress from the ship," yet he is with the away team? Further, if he is with the away team, why is it that every time we communicate with OPS, it is with him...as he is standing on the bridge of the ship?

Hmm...might be time for one of those random officers that you only see once in a season to make an appearance?

And, on the Borg cube - not that I minded entirely, because they are a real pain in the backside - did the Borg forget how to adapt since they have been in this "coma state?" Went in with modulator at the ready, but never had to use it. In fact, I was able to take all of them out with just a very basic ('Common' quality) phaser. Just didn't feel very...Borgy.

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# 134
05-14-2013, 04:05 PM
  • You get an isolinear chip as a reward for a mission, which briefs you on your next mission. You should get it when you talk to Tal'Mera to get that next mission (Enemy Action)
  • Revelation: Taris and her involvement with Iconians is mentioned before any evidence of her involvement with them is found
  • Mind Game: In the cutscene at the beginning, Sela's cloak billows as she turns. However, it doesn't turn with her, and ends up clipping through her body
  • Mind Game: The corpse of the fake Satra remains visible after the holodeck is deactivated
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# 135
05-14-2013, 06:37 PM
Starting "In Shadows" arc. Using the May 14th patch (and Fed career) in these two.

Observations: Nice, it's Star Trek's Frank (like TV's Frank but with less Manos: The Hands of Fate). Pretty risky for S31 to work with non-Fed talent but can't say I am surprised.

And that's its, plus my reward is clothes.

Issues/Bugs: In the Isolinear Chip you receive, on the first page second paragraph: With access codes with obtained from operatives already inside the Tal Shiar..." -> the bolded "with" should be chained to "we've".

Observations: Is Denise Crosby going to do VOs for any other sector blocks? Because Psi Velorum would be extremely sensible given her role.

Anyway, another nice little set-piece space battle. I do have to say that the dev team has done rather nicely with mixing up these space battles. You aren't floating around for 15 minutes doing nothing in these Romulan operations if you don't want to.

The ground mission is however even more fun this time around, with an emphasis on "stealth" (at least as much as the game engine can handle) and negotiation. Uh, the Fed captain's serial code is #24601. Ultimately it's a reference to Les Miserables (and may directly be such) but is it possibly also a reference to the first "System Shock" game as well?

Apparently there was an option to go over prisoner databases that was grayed out for me. It might always inaccessible, but if its not, having additional secrets unfold through multiple playthroughs is an excellent way of increasing mission replayability.

Overall a very strong mission, a great way to kick off this arc.

Issues/Bugs: Tal'Mera tells me she needs to talk to me on Drozana. But I'm already there after the last mission?

Why is the teleport beam a red Phaser rather than a green Plasma beam? Especially since the firing sound is for Plasma weapons.
Leaving Drozana space map, re-enter Eta Eridani block as if I am exiting warp.

Transwarp drive uses blue Federation effect.
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# 136 Issues with Enemy Action
05-14-2013, 07:31 PM
There are a few major issues with Enemy Action
1. There was once case where a fed ship was able to see through my cloak, even when it should not have been able to, and I didn't auto decloak either.
2. The decoy ship is bad, it is too powerful for a decoy, badly placed (it was stuck in the station the whole time and difficult to target), also, whenever I engaged it, the Fed ships in the area all engaged me, overwheming me. I got blown up 3 times while trying to destroy it.
3. The fed ships keep interfering with jamming sensors and comm arrays (perhaps allowing the player to do those while cloaked)?
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# 137 Sleepers issues
05-14-2013, 08:22 PM
1. Is the away team supposed to be on the borg cube, if so, how do you explain the Tal'Shiar ignoring 4 Republic officers? Also, that makes the whole argument about the player having insufficient security clearance moot.
2. When decoding the mainframe. the Borg file says it is scanning for Omega. This is incorrect. The borg's designation for the particle is Particle 010. Omega is the Federation's name for Omega
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# 138
05-14-2013, 08:46 PM
More missions.

Observations: So your new boss is the girl giving Hakeev the business early on in special Romulan-Iconian mission set. She was an interesting but unexplored side character, and she had a good voice actress so hopefully we will hear a little of her later on as well.

The mission itself wasn't too bad, although the first space section was a bit tedious (the Elachi/Borg text was nice though). Inside the cube itself it gets rather better, between the revelation and of course the Borg coming back online. The "defend the head guy" battle at the end started easy but with the sudden appearance of several Tac Drones it had quite the difficulty spike.

The final battle was tough, but it should be. Using the Singularity powers in a cube battle, even on Normal demonstrates the true potential these abilities will have in STFs.

Issues/Bugs: N'Vek is using Tovan's name during his first on-screen appearance.

Blue Fed warp effect again.

Observations: This one starts with the promise of one heck of a moral dilemma. The situation is so dire that Tovan's voice actor flubs his lines, he's so upset.

A quick space combat, with a longer and (while entertaining) somewhat difficult ground section. Dealing with the shuttle guards isn't too bad, but the guard patrols in the center are killer. But those walkers are neat, aren't they. And they come up as enemies as well, which makes me both excited and unnerved.

The bomb was a pretty good demonstration of why the other factions freak out over these kinds of devices at the beginning of their run of the old Rom-Ico arc. The twist at the end...I didn't really like it honestly. Not so much because of the result for the colonists, but you'd think top leadership would have something better to do than essentially following around their employees in their car making sure they are doing their job. But then again, Romulan paranoia games...

Issues/Bugs: Tovan's VO, when he is suggesting beaming down to help the colony, redoes his last line a couple of times after he has a brain freeze. Might want to finesse that audio in Audition or Sound Forge (or whatever you guys use for sound engineering).

When I left the Maiori's house, my some of my BOFFs got glitched into the scenery, I believe.

The ending text; Tovan spoke, but it was Satra's portrait and name.

"empress"? So many people in the Romulan Empire refuse to capitalize titles...

Last edited by spacecmdrtravis; 05-14-2013 at 08:51 PM. Reason: Edited Cloak/Dagger ground talk
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# 139
05-15-2013, 12:06 AM
More missions.

Observations: We've been here before, this mission is not new territory, although it's with a cloaking device and voiceovers now.

But that's before we beam down. No longer does the base look like a grounded Romulan ship, in fact it actually looks like a base now. With proper doors and everything.

Until we actually reach Taris. Now THIS is excellent. We now add context to her actions, and with a voice over as well. Plus it adds some background to Hakeev. Did you get Carolyn Seymour for this? It's been awhile since I've seen the episode so I've forgot her voice. Lots of revelations here, that is for sure.

Actually, this mission is completely different from it's Fed counterpart. It's a prequel in fact, a rather well done one as well. The ending is superb. Easily one of the top missions for STO.

Issues/Bugs: After killing the D'dredrix just before going over to the planetoid, Satra chimes in "We've located a strong energy signature form the planetoid I've marked on the map.". Should be "from" instead.

After getting the download on Computer Beta done on the ground map, Tovan mentions Taris. While we all know she's the baddie her by this point, in the context of this mission she hasn't even been brought up before at all. So why does Tovan mention her now?

Then again, you can see Taris on the ground map screen, so maybe he just looked at the automap. Sort of ruins the surprise for newbies though.

Observations: Iconian gateway emergency jumping doesn't work out as well for us as it did Picard. In fact it's rather the opposite. Crosby is extremely effective as Sela when she's not trying to be sociable. Seems she knows the truth about Hobus and is pro-Iconian. That's bad.

Next sequence...for weaker stomachs it will be the stuff of nightmares, but for me it was engrossing. I suspect there will be many players however that immediately try and fry the Ephocs (sic?) though.

Once you get the crazy pumped out of you, the mission still is superb, and while not the same as the preceding sections still leagues different from the majority of STO missions.

Nice start to the space mission with the Iconian ship flying away in the background. And then you have the big battle. Personally I think in comparison to the ground missions, the space section was a bit of letdown. Still, a worthy sequel the previous affair and another top STO mission.

Issues/Bugs: None that I could tell.
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# 140
05-15-2013, 06:13 PM
I'm playing through Mind Games but cannot find the object needed to start the fire. Can anyone help?

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