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04-21-2013, 05:40 AM
I've just finished Mind games. It was pretty fantastic. It made me Really frustrated that you had all these options to fight, but they really meant nothing, made no difference etc. Now of course frustration is usually bad, but in this case.. i really felt like I was in my chracter's head there. I mean I would choose these other things, and still have to proceed on the one specific path. I did have a problem at the end in fighting with Hakeev and the fleet. The first one i have no idea what happened, it seemed like i had jsut been greabbed by a tractor beam and immediately blew up. The second time something similar happened it was the multiple high yeiled shotsa form a Big D. Still.. one attack, instant kill. This seems a bit excessive.. I went up three different times. Now.. i also went right to Mind games skipping over my promotion intending to get it after.. so the new ship Might have helped too.. still i think it bears a little looking at. If I'm the only one who found it overly difficult then I probably jsut should have gotten my new ship first. :^D
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04-21-2013, 06:02 AM
I don't know if I missed some XP somewhere, but "Inside Job" requires level 16 and I'm only 15. 577 XP short.

It seems like the campaign should either be continuous, or the tutorial messages should suggest to new players where they can get some XP on the side.
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# 43 Mind Games most notable
04-21-2013, 07:05 AM
The combo mission of mind games and the one before, (name escapes me at the moment) were two missions that really caught me. Like others I wish the choices to resist would actually do something. I can understand Taris getting away to play into the fed mission.

I dont think this episode is complete, however, without the voiceover. I think Sela's voice in your head should really be voiced. would add an effect to this mission.

the only bugs I ran into on these two missions was a minor camera glitch in the med bay after getting unindoctrinated. camera shaked uncontrollably until I moved out a bit.

The final showdown with Hakeev and his fleet of warbirds...This could be toned down alot! its not bad but I played this on normal twice each time picking a different buff, I barely scratched hakeev's ship and got torn to shreads in a hot second even with the defensive buff. i tried everything, the moment i came out of cloak all ships seemed to switch to me and blast me down. this and with my hazzards being locked for some reason i still don't know (thinking a bug) i died in a hot second.
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04-21-2013, 07:27 AM
"Enemy Action", after boarding the Tal Shiar ship.

Is it extremely hard for me to believe that this Khimek guy is on my side. I was not briefed about any allies that would be present on this mission, and for him to know about who I really am, he would have had to be briefed about my coming... Which wouldn't have happened without telling me. At the very least, given everybody's fondness for code phrases, he would have presented a code phrase to prove his identity. This feels like an attempt by paranoid Tal Shiar to test me, and my character would have caught on.

During the interrogation, apparently the Lieutenant is a pile of lunch trays? The sounds made when loosening restraints are... extremely strange. Surely in your library you have a "sliding strap and buckle" sound effect.

During the Lieutenant's dash for freedom, it would have been better to let the player shoot her. It feels clunky that it happens in a cutscene. At the very least, the player should be equipped with a modified pistol instead of their usual weapons, because at that point I was toting around a plasma assault rifle. Which doesn't make beams.

For that matter, why are the Tal Shiar not incredibly suspicious that you choose to use a kill shot at the highest possible intensity on a prisoner who is trying to "escape", through 3 guards who are about to grab her and slam her to the deck. Plus you're on a space ship. Where is she possibly going to escape to? This should ideally be rewritten so that the LT is not merely trying to get away, but starts tampering with some kind of dangerous equipment inside the interrogation room. Equipment that might pose a threat to the ship, like a canister of some chemical or biological agent. Then, it is easier to justify a vaporizing kill shot because you need to end the threat to the ship immediately and absolutely instead of merely subdue a prisoner running to nowhere. The player could be called outside the room by the security subcommander to give the LT time alone to set up her staged sabotage.

After speaking to Khimek for the second time, you're told to go to the bridge without any explanation of why. We aren't told that the Commander is interrogating the Captain on the bridge. For that matter, why is the Commander interrogating the Captain on the bridge...

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04-21-2013, 08:29 AM
Okay, finished this story arc and here are my thoughts.

Each of the episodes were wonderfully done. Much better story progression than in the Federation and Klingon factions. There were a number of typos in the text in each of the episodes. Most everyone else in this thread have covered in detail what these typos were, so I won't reiterate them.

When selecting the Tal Shiar uniform, it's initially a bare polygon model, until you select "Tal Shiar Shirt," which is an option toward the bottom of the tailoring screen. It should select the Tal Shiar texture by default. I'd recommend fixing this.

Also, when selecting the Mogai at New Romulus Command, If you don't choose to go to the Flotilla to ready the ship, the SubCommander mission breaks and won't resolve. Don't see any reason why we should be required to go to the Flotilla when there is a ship selection officer two feet to our left. This needs to be fixed.

I would also like to see consequences for fighting the Tal Shiar brainwashing. After clicking the green option 3 times, you end up being forced to do what you don't want to do. But there's ultimately no consequence for it. It'd be more interesting if there were consequences in some way.

And I'd also like to see some information or correlation between the Elachi and the Iconians. Are they one and the same, are they allies? I'm not sure how the Elachi even play into the story. Especially since previews of LoR seemed to show Iconian ships, rather than what was used for the Elachi.

But, overall, I loved the Romulan content.
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04-21-2013, 09:01 AM
I just finished the storyline (at least what is available) for the Romulan side of things, and like others I am amazed with the story line, it is well thought out and immersive, especially mind games, it kind of reminded me of the TNG episode where Geordi is used as a pawn to start a conflict between the Klingons and Federation.

My only bugs I have encountered thus far, is the elastic banding people have been talking about, and occassionally various weapons effects don't show up. but that is all minor. I am going to keep playing around with the Romulan, through at the moment there are now store missions so i will just do some side things. But good job so far in my books.
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04-21-2013, 10:06 AM
Finished All the Romulan Missions so far. I have to echo everyone's comments that this is a great storyline overall. Honestly, I am kinnd of bummed I completed it all given how much fun it was. I can totally see me wanted to level up a Romulan on Holodeck in a week or so just to enjoy the stories.

Sela seems especially fascinating to me, I hope we learn what all she is up to before her eventual abduction in Cutting the Cord. At times, I think she has no idea what Hakeev is up to, at Times I think she knows something is rotten with him and is plotting descreetly against him, at others I think she is in on the whole thing. I hope we find out eventually (and hopefully it isn't the latter most. )

Couple of things


When Captain N'vek is hacking into the borg to help us escape, there is some wierd graphical/clipping issue. at some angles his cape appears to detach and float above him.

Cloak and Dagger.

I don't usually post many Spelling/grammatical issues, but this one goes into the "makes no sense" when left, so I don't want it over looked. In the beginning when Janek gives you her instructions she currently says:

you will act as part of the advance force that will shut down the colony's planetary detection grid so the rest of the feel can move in unseen.
Temporal Ambassador.

Minor thing here, but during her explanation Tasha says I am a Starfleet Officer too. Not sure if this is because I am allied with Starfleet, or if it is just a placeholder, but Since I am a Romulan and not Starfleet, she should really reflect that.
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04-21-2013, 03:23 PM
"An Inside Job" needs some serious work, dialog, storyline, and spelling/grammar.

The numerous grammatical and spelling errors aside, the conversations are really not up to the quality we've seen from other missions. We're on a brand new Drozana and engaging in some serious spycraft with ROMULANS and your ally's intelligence officers, and the limits of the initial mission are talk to X, go to Y, then talk to someone in a booth? There's so much room for great storytelling here.

The dialog reply options for the player are pretty bad as well. Having multiple choice options that lead to the same eventual resolution would really go a long way towards improving the player replies and increase immersion.
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04-21-2013, 03:32 PM
Had to replay a number of the missions as they did not complete properly.

Large numbers of spelling and grammatical errors that needed correcting they ruin the immersion.

The new story lines are well though out though and good fun to play through.
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04-21-2013, 03:33 PM
I just went to the completion dialog for "An Inside Job" and Tal'mera refers to my contact as Drake. I'm KDF.

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