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05-07-2013, 09:42 PM
S'taass has to be 12 -13 feet tall.
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05-08-2013, 07:12 AM
Whew.. really trying to get these test logs out to you folks as soon as I can here..

-It's a bit simplistic, but the map for New Romulus Command does look better than the mish-mash it previously had.
-New Romulus Command still has Federation vendors. (I'm sure this is getting old, but I'm including it because I still notice/check it.)
-New Romulus Command crafting stations are still.. strange. (Perhaps these should be made non-interactive?)
-"Are there more plants in the hallways?..."

-=The Price of Neutrality(KDF)=-
-Away Team Selection displayed ground and space abilities for Boffs.
-Who is this D'Neri Orion character I am speaking to when I land on the planet? Never met them before and they are not a part of my crew.
-The Science optional objective displayed a Federation image instead of a KDF one like the Tactical and Engineering objectives.
-I actually didn't get crushed by the weapon's storage door while standing under it... I was expecting "bad things" to happen.
-The Hirogen beam down to the planet with Federation Blue transporters.
-"These Hirogen sure do love to spam these mines..."
-The IKS Hrothstar warped out with Federation Blue warp-trails.
-The IRW Aethra had the same blindingly white wings as the Valdore in the Flotilla. Is it perhaps related to the wing paint pattern?
-The IRW Aethra warped out in the middle of the conversation with Charva.. - before I finished talking with her (and the conversation still continued)

-=Memory Lane(KDF)=-
-Away Team displays space&land boff powers.. yadda yadda..
-The Mission objectives window seems a bit small for all those listed objectives..
-I still think Virinat has potential for a greater emotional impact if the music were something.. a bit slower.. instead of 'generic mission action tune'
-Tovan's voiceover for the painting played when you trigger the 'flowers' event.
-The Romulan ships warped out with Federation warp-trails instead of Romulan green.
-Charva's ship, the IRW Aethra is a regular Mogai, not the Valdore variant.

-=Bigger Picture(KDF)=-
-Cutscenes are a little crude, but very interesting plot points for the story in this mission...(Cardassians working with Sela, yet Elachi taking Cardassians, etc.)
-After scuttling the Derelict Ship, Subcommander Nadel popped up with a dialogue about needing to leave Tau Dewa Sector and report to Pi Canis(where I currently was) - the mission start text. After closing the dialogue, Tovan popped up and the mission resumed as normal.
-Entering the field in the Donatu II system caused a decloak.. yet didn't prevent the ship from re-cloaking.
-The mission seemed to elude to additional cardassian ships jumping in after the Keldon, but there were none. Escorting the Romulan ship out.. was surprisingly peaceful and uneventful.

-=Smash and Grab(KDF)=-
-"These transport ships sure are effective at disabling most of my subsystems with their little pea-shooters..."
-A random KDF alien was shown during dialogue for beaming between ships.
-I was beamed to the second ship without my bridge officers.. "Remind me to space that KDF Alien when I get back to my ship..."
-Bridge officers were present for the cutscene, but mysterously vanished afterwards.. "Remind me to space that KDF Alien's extended family when I get back to my ship..."
-"Well, this mission certainly has some added challenge now.."
-"Can it, Tovan. You're not actually here to speak to me - you're off in transporter limbo somewhere at the mercy of that KDF Alien."
-At least my Boffs made it to the third transport. I've had the misfortune of finding out how unpleasent the boss is without boff backup on previous runs of this mission.
-"It's a Trap!? You better not lose my bridge officers this time KDF Alien!"
-The IRW Aethra warped out with Federation warp trails.

-=Tradecraft (KDF)=-
-Warping out the Drozana system displayed Klingon Warp Trails on my Dhelen instead of Romulan ones.
-Consequently(?), I did a warp-in animation for sector space...(the kind that is generally played when you enter a system FROM sector space)
-I like the console screen changes onboard the satellite. (also the details for the consoles being plugged into each other)
-I quite like the allied fleet composition more now. The Ha'apax helps introduce it as a more predominant ship for the Romulan Rebulic and the allied KDF ships were more noticeable/not tucked away in the back.
-The sounds of all the plasma torpedos kind of drowned out all the rest of the audio. A lot of the beam, cannon and explosion sound effects cut out during the fight.
-My ship left the Azha system with KDF warp trails. "IT'S A FAKE!"

-Looking through the episode list, I see "Bigger Picture" is not replayable(the button is grayed out).

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05-08-2013, 11:01 AM
The Price of Neutrality, I chose to beam up Lortrix, and when them mission informs me he died is says Satra on the screen, but it shows Tovan's face.
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05-08-2013, 09:15 PM
While picking up my initial doff compliment, I still got the KDF red trails warping out of New Romulus. And I am a KDF Rom.

Also, my boffs are still displaying both ground and space powers in the away team window.

And in the mission The price of neutrality, when I beam down, I get contacted by Mudna, an Orion, who I guess is on my crew, but is not one of my Boffs. Not sure if this is working as intended. Also, in the mission, the KDF ship warps off before all of the enemy ships arrive and are destroyed, had to kill the battleship and its escort by myself. Finally, the IRW Aethra has white wings like the same ship type at the Flotilla.

Memory lane, when Tovan is talking about the flowers in the pop up, he repeats the voice over for the painting you find elsewhere.

After Memory lane I chose teh RRF Science BOFF, and she had no arms. Hands, yes, but no arms. The Link.
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05-09-2013, 06:12 AM
1) First mission of Allies story arc, the green mission text still says Ajilon.

2) On the Beam down window, it's displaying powers available to BOffs that have not yet been unlocked. IE - At Citizen rank, they display 2 abilities, when they only have 1 unlocked, and 4 at Lt. rank.

3) In the HUD set up, the Ship's Throttle keeps getting moved around. This did not start til I moved to the Dhelan class cruiser.

4) On the "Memory Lane" mission, when we pass by the flowers near the cafe, the Voice Over for Tovan mentions the painting again, not the flowers that Rinna used to love.

5) My Dhelan cruiser started using the Federation warp trail and warp flash after I chose the Feds as my ally.
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05-09-2013, 06:29 PM
Played through these missions on May 8th (before the latest patch), with a female
Alien Romulan allied with the Federation.

What happened to the mission "Stepping In"?

The Price of Neutrality

When I beamed down to the colony I was hailed by a Starfleet Bolian science officer called Lysia - who is this? I have no such officer. Captain Harvson, while hailing me after the battle, says "I might just take some the credit for myself!"

Memory Lane

No noticeable bugs in this mission.

Bigger Picture

Tovan says "-the spike in tetyrons-". After destroying the disabled ship, Subcommander Nadel suddenly appeared and asked me to go to the Mempa system (again). She also appeared when I entered Eta Eridani - telling me to go to Eta Eridani.

Smash and Grab

In the mission journal, the description says "Chava" instead of "Charva". When transporting from the first freighter, I was hailed by a Starfleet officer called Nicholas - I have no idea who this is. In the second freighter I was beamed in alone, without my officers. They appear in the cutscene, but afterwards they were gone again. Luckily they rejoined me in the last freighter. When Charva's ship warped in, it's wings were glowing white. When I got closer they returned to the normal colour.


I still think there should be a pop-up tip or audio tip telling players how to access their ready room, as new players won't know how to do this. Typo: When Commander Tal'Mera provides context for the Virinat file, she says "retailiate" instead of "retaliate". Otherwise no noticeable bugs.
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05-09-2013, 09:59 PM
Unable to complete "the Price of Neutrality" romulan mission at this time.

The set rally point you use to position your bridge officer in front of the camera does not work since the last patch, will have to test on other missions to see if rally points are working or it's just this mission.

even manually selecting the set rally point via key press won't give the red placement circle.

Also still getting space power showing up on away team selection:
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05-09-2013, 10:36 PM
Liked the addition to Bigger Picture, and still like all of them overall, here are a few things I noticed:

The Price of Neutrality:
-Figured this might have been a change until I saw other posts, a random alien appeared on my bridge, instead of my normal Federation that was the only other one on the bridge.

Bigger Picture:
-I was cloaked before interacting with the Cardassian ship, here are the visual results:

Smash and Grab:
-Same issue with Price of Neutrality except was a random human engineer while on the first freighter. It was corrected for the future dialogue.
-When the officers are ready to storm in the next section cutscene occurs, the officers disappear on the map (found this out the hard way).
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05-10-2013, 12:37 AM
when allied with kdf the color palettes for wrist attach left, and wrist attach right are not the same. I would have thought they would both be the expanded palette especially with the romulan-klingon arm bracers as you can get some very fun combos on the expanded palette
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05-10-2013, 12:46 AM
I thought the phaser only weapon seller issue in New Romulus Command center had been fixed?


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