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# 121 Dialog out of sync
05-12-2013, 05:52 PM
In the episode "Bigger Picture" Subcommander Nadel's dialog about moving to the next sector is out of sync after you complete the Mempa system part of the mission.

Comes up telling you to go to the bottom of the Tau Dewa Block when you already have. Then after you enter the Eta Eridani block she tells you to go there.
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# 122
05-12-2013, 09:32 PM
Where no Space Commander has gone before...the Allies arc! As a Fed aligned character since that's what most people will choose starting out the first time around.

Observations: Stopped at the end of the first arc back in closed, so now entering virgin territory.

First set of battles against the Hirogen were fun. Sort of odd though as Tovan is now calling me "Centurion" and generally being less personable. Probably on the off chance that his position is now being filled by a Starfleet/KDF officer and Cryptic can't do personalization so easily after you make your alliance.

Nice snow city. Overall the mission seems a lot more similar to the pre-existing STO content when you start out, but later on it sort of takes on the quality of that jungle Hirogen mission for KDF (Alpha?), except with less getting lost and ambushes.

Plot was a bit odd/mildly nonsensical. Reman guy is supplying arms to the Tal Shiar knowingly but Charva says he is not? Still, the development of problematic factions in the Romulan Republic is rather nice to be honest.

When I ended the mission, I warped out with green warp trail? And it was blue earlier? So is that bug in "Neutrality No More" I mentioned confined for one mission, for some reason?

Issues/Bugs: Whoa, science fail! Description of the Chaltok system star says it's Magnitude (absolute?) is +1, that it's an M-Class (red-colored) star, and that it is 100 times brighter than Earth's sun. This is utterly impossible. M-class stars are actually rather a lot less bright than the Sun, and they are also a lot cooler. Also - to put it simply - if you wanted to indicate the star was brighter, it's *absolute magnitude* should be -1 rather than +1, because "minus magnitudes" mean the star is brighter and "positive magnitudes" indicate that it is dimmer.

Hirogen space battle has a lot of ambient "communication equipment" noise for some reason, rather unlike any other space mission fight in the game.

Injured Yridian colonist does not have a "close up" face designated for dialogue and thus we are treated with some generic blue graphics.

Observations: So after I made that long observation about generic messages just in case you replace your starting BOFFs with SF/KDF BOFFs, Tovan starts talking again? So why is the previous missions text so generic?

Space start was pretty fun. Really appreciate the power of the Romulan ships, my alpha strikes almost 1-shot large cruisers on Normal difficulty, and I'm still using Mk2 kit for the most part!

Virinat ground is pretty desolate, but still a quite nice looking set, again much more detailed that what we have seen in most Fed and some KDF missions. The plot twist was pretty nice, and handled well. The last space battle was fun but not really much of a challenge even with MK2 equipment. In any event, I enjoyed it.

Issues/Bugs: Tovan's VO plays in its entirety in the first dialogue box that comes up when you warp in. When you hit "Continue", you get the text version of half of what he just said in voiceover, but no spoken dialogue. Looks like the audio file for this starting speech has to be split up and properly assigned.

When you get near the cafe where you begin the Romulan campaign, Tovan mentions in text "Those flowers always remind me of my sister Rinna". His voice actor however talks about the painting, however. Audio file assignment mixup?

On Virinat ground, same muffled communication voice that plays in the first space mission of "Price of Neutrality" plays here as well. Doesn't seem like an appropriate sound effect.

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In the Mempa System - Upon completing the fight with the Cardassians and scuttling the ship in the distortion field - subcommander Nabel (?) pops up and says I need to leave the Tweda sector block and head to the Pi Canis sector block to the Mempa system -- of course, I'm already there, having just completed the mission in that system.

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Once I exit the Mempa system in the Pi Canis sector block, Nadel tells me to head to Eta Eridani, ok, so I navigate to it and upon arriving in it Nadel appears again telling me to navigate to the Eta Eridani sector block - of which I just arrived in.

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After setting the self-destruct on the first Transport and then beaming to the second - my away team disappears. The icons are there and says they are about 156 meters from me ... somewhere ... floating in space ?
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On the HUD the mission 'Tradecraft' has an icon to warp/navigate to the starting point - however the starting point is actually your ship's Ready Room -- which of course is impossible to 'warp' to. I pressed the icon just to see what would happen and my ship started flying around in circles.
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05-13-2013, 12:27 AM
I chose to ally with the klingons. Then i visited the bridge of my Dhelan warbird. There was a female FED tactical officer sitting in the chair behind and to the left of the captain's chair. Did I mention that I allied with the klingon. Anyway, the problem fixed itself upon my second visit. Other than that everything was awesome.
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# 128
05-13-2013, 01:03 AM
I'm quite happy with how everything came together and is comprehensive enough for novice users.

The story is compelling and is about as romulan as one could be. The Drama is something that should be increased by means of Off subject officer opinions.
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# 129
05-13-2013, 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
Another thing I noticed during Bigger Picture, some of your characters speech "bubbles" are hidden by the upper letterbox bar during the Cardasian ship interior animation.
I saw this as well. Was hoping it was just a glitch, but apparently not.
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# 130
05-13-2013, 09:42 AM
the green text on 'the price of neutrality' mission when you first hail the contact says go to the ajilon system in Eta Eridani sector block, but the waypoint is the chaltok system in tau dewa sector block.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission

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