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04-19-2013, 10:40 AM
First of.... this is absolutely amazing, the storyline is fantastic. I do however have quite a few niggles and grievances . These are listed in order of writing not in order of severity. the amount of them should not serve as a detraction i just wanted to be through.

Overall I found the beta amazing, beautiful graphics/game-play and an intriguing storyline, and only a few minor niggles. Its brought a breath of 'freshness' to my sto experience, so you know..... thanks.

also I am dyslexic so apologies, in advance, for my bad grammar and spelling.

Romulan Testing

1. The new ?apply to character? button for full body costume is a little annoying, personally I like how you have it now on the holodeck (and in the advanced options) where you hover over the uniform and a preview of what your Toon is wearing. Since you do have it in the advanced area, I assume the new option is placed into streamline the process, but one of the advantages of cryptic is there amazing character creator, and yes I realize it may confuse some of the newbie?s that you hope to draw in when LOR launches, but I don?t think being able to preview costume choices would be that disorienting.

2. as soon as I clicked the engage button and was taken to the loading screen a SNR timer appeared, not sure if it was my connection, but I haven?t had one of those in a long time so I thought I?d better put it in just in case. Was fine until I got to the sulaban helix, where I was disconnected once again, after a little while I was logged back on to the selection screen, but when I clicked play on rom toon, it disconnected me again. Eventually I was able to log back in, again not sure if my connection or the server.

3. The massive yellow arrow on the mini-map is distracting, is there a way to get the old semi-transparent one as well, and that way at least people have a choice?

4. on the green u.i?s (romulan/reman and gorn) the buttons next to the mini-map flashing dark green where almost undetectable, maybe change the color for those buttons to something a little more visible.

5. will the xp bar fill up like it does on holodeck server now, or will we have to hover over our rank to see how much xp we need to level up.

6. when I accessed the dillithum store an andorian on what looked like Earth space dook answered, with federation ships in the background. This was before I had chosen a side as well.

7. the interior of a warbird is amazingly detailed, far more so than either the federation or the klingon, kudos to the designer, do I smell increased functionality in the works?

8. on the main space map the dewa system is listed as dewa III/ New romulus, this is literally right after I exited the flotilla. Would It be possible to ?hide? the designation of new romulus, for romulan players, until it is officially founded in their story?

9. Really like the addition of the ?these are the 'exploits? tag line

10. Its great to see the sulaban in game, an under-appreciated race IMO, dose this mean there are planes for there ships and maybe more down the line?

11. I really like the way that the bridge officers so far all have mini back stories and separate personalities it?s a nice touch

12. Would it be possible not to have the names of the bridge officers we collect on the mission rewards section of the mission recap, that way it?s a cool surprise as to who joins our party

13. On mission rewards section for Gasko Blues it says that Hiven is an engineering candidate even though his sign has blue indicating Sci (which he actually is)

14. being able to see the block of text that one is selecting is an immense plus, thank you

15. When I entered the gamma eridon system for ?Search for new romulus? my bridge officers unsloted themselves.

16. what happened to the ability to control bridge officers abilities on the ground, is that gone or just hidden?

17. when I leveled up to centurion spoke?s voice said ?congratulations lieutenant commander? (granted I had chosen Starfleet), which seamed a bit odd, and took me out of experience for a moment.

18. would it be possible to have a little more info about the factions at choice, as it stands now, its just one paragraph, which isn't that much, maybe some info about the ships or political situation or maybe hinting at the future story lines?

and that's all, once again massive thanks to the Devs for there hard work, it is much appreciated, it truly feels like a new game. peace

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Reposting this -- didn't see the thread before...

First, thanks for the closed beta invite. I've not been playing much lately due to my general disinterest in repeatable contact. I'm first and foremost a story guy and the opportunity to finally experience some new stories really appeals to me.

What follow will be my impressions, observations, and comments as I play through the content. I hope I'll have enough time to give you useful data, as my schedule is difficult.

FYI: I run maximum detail (including the advanced settings). I have a Corei7 950 with dual GTX580s in SLI. My system has 6GB of triple channel RAM and a 256GB SSD. I'm running Windows 8 Pro in a domain environment with Desktop and data redirection (though not appdata) to a server.

Anyway, here's my first session of about 45 minutes:

Character Creator

As an STO veteran, I know that everything here can be changed later (except for gender). But a new player may not and may spend a long time here thinking they may not be able to change things later. Some message informing players of their options would be useful here and may expedite getting into the game. For some, getting the character "just right" is part of the fun; and I'm sure many people take a lot of time in the character creator. But I also believe people would perhaps start playing sooner if they knew they could change almost everything about their appearance (even body structure) later and freely.

Opening Scene

Text changed too fast. Could not enjoy the scenery and read it at the same time. The scene changes were also too fast. Slower pacing is needed. You are presenting a beautiful new area here. Take your time.
Also, will there be voice-over? That would help with the presentation a lot.

Characters faded in during scene transitions. The engine should fully load characters before switching scenes.

There should be a tutorial pop-up to tell the player how to move for the first time -- and to move to the NPC with the "I" over his head.

First mission

Sentence fragment "Even the bugs."

I like the "redundant" messages. Nice how his expression changes on the third. Excellent touches!

Market area

Some of the lighting is inconsistent -- the largest kiosk (and items) are very bright even though they are fully in the shade.


While the player obviously may not know most of the information here, a Romulan would. Perhaps the text could be changed so that the character acknowledges that he or she already knows [most of] the lore, but still enjoy's D'Ral telling the stories -- and wouldn't mind listening to a few to put off having to deal with the bugs.

I think "second-hand" should be hyphenated.

I loved her question at the end. I hope it is used somehow.

The Farm

I loved the look of this area, and the mission made sense. The only thing I'd change would be to have the bugs moving around a bit. Perhaps some non-targetable ones that move from area to area in the fields. Some movement would make the infestation more interesting. If you really want to make it awesome, have them spawn in the air, fly around, land on a pipe, then do an interaction to break it. After this interaction they'd be targetable.

Presentation of stories in UI

The last page in multi-page dialogs is presented along side the selectable options. One might select an option without actually reading the text on the left (or scrolling) since the options are presented to the player at the same time as the last page. Some sort of concluding dialog option should exist at the end of each page before presenting the main menu - maybe just another "Continue".

[end of session]

I spent quite a bit of time looking around and the colony is breathtaking. I finished fixing the pipes and then had to log off. I very much look forward to running around and exploring. Those glass-covered domes look particularly interesting.

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04-19-2013, 10:55 AM
I enjoyed the tutorial set of missions, it actually felt like 1 very long mission, but very good mission all the same. I can't wait to see it with vos, etc. I couldn't stop playing last night as soon as i found out i had been selected to be a part of the closed beta. I will think up more comments when i am not working,

You guys have really out done yourselfs!
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04-19-2013, 11:04 AM
In the "Neutral No More" mission there is a section called "Roadside Assistance" this is obviously a cut and paste of the Sh'marr daily from Eta Eridani, and...well it shows. In the fact that you missed some dialogue editing. The initial meet and greet sequence is quite nicely modified from the Sh'marr, except that just before the True Way shows up your BOFF makes mention of them getting to a med station...except that they're supposed to be trying to fix their warp core and looking for a new place to live, not looking for a med station because of a mysterious sickness as is the case with the Sh'marr.
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04-19-2013, 11:14 AM
made a character and played through neutral no more last night. I loved the story and mission progression through the 1st 10 levels, quite nice. The way I gather my first group of BO's by meeting them in missions is a nice touch that I hope makes its way to the other 2 factions.

bugs that i noticed. once you do pick a faction I hope I won't be stuck listening to the klingon level up VO, I'm hoping that's just till Rom ones are done.

I noticed a good bit of clipping on female uniforms once i was able to pick rom/kdf and tried to combine it with the undershirts

also hope rom emblems get put in.

there's been several more bugs but nothing that i hadn't seen posted a bunch already about VO's and such.
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I kept a running log of moments I had while playing the first episode:

-The new background scenes during dialogue are a great touch!
-Background music of Virinat suits the atmosphere very well
-Encountered a couple brief hitching issues during the transition into the Khellid hive (suspected to be related to patching, but have been a result of loading all textures)
-Another performance hiccup at the respawn point in the above mentioned hive.
-The introduction to class-specific objectives is a nice touch.
-Ship combat mechanics are nicely introduced.
-It feels like kits should be handed out and explained when you report to Commander Temer to complete "Flight from Virinat". (rather than several missions later)

-Romulans start with access to federation fighters in the 'Hanger' tab of stores.
-Formal Wear and Off-duty jackets cause the torso of female Romulans to disappear for the majority of skin colors.

-=The Helix=-
-No Issues encountered. Pleasently surprised by who the mission was themed around.

-=Crossroads at Crateris=-
-Choppy framerate on Crateris(ground) - could probably use some optimization for far land textures.
-Holy <explicitive>! A female Reman! They DO exist!
-Monbosh Battleship is a bit overtuned for novice level players(perhaps this encounter would be a good time to point out ship power levels to players).

-=Gasko Blues=-
-Misaligned door found and reported(Ticket #35,745) on Gasko Station.

-=The Search for New Romulus=-
-The Iconian comment after Gamma Eridon seemed a bit.. 'out of left field'?
-The AI/Boffs handle the Tholians(namely their mines and radiation) as poorly as ever, making the ground fight quite unenjoyable.

-=Turning Point=-
-Typo, Second paragraph of Tovan's dialogue after the cutscene with Sela: "There should [be] no allegiance with such..."
-Tovan's pathing bugged out/became unresponsible after the third bomb - upon approaching the fourth bomb, he teleported to the player and continue functioning like normal.
-The diplomats at the flotilla recycle the lines spoken at Khitomer. I suspect this is placeholder text, but this is hardly sufficient enough to allow new players to make an informed decision.
-As an aside, I feel the mission cast the Klingons in a more favorable light - I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

-Player was refered to as a Lieutenent Commander(instead of Centurion) by a Klingon VO upon reaching level 10. I presume this is placeholder, but mention it anyway.

-=Neutral No More(KDF)=-
-Bridge Officer assignments/stations were cleared upon entering sector space after protecting the S.S. Daendle.
-Bridge Officer assignments cleared again upon entered the Eta Eridani Sector.

-=Post Episode=-
-Upon logging out and back in, the Bridge Officers are not present at the character select screen.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the first episode, it was engaging, enjoyable and had several moments where I was genuinely impressed. Really, great work guys!

That said, I do feel the there should be another mission or two before deciding upon a faction - perhaps a humanitarian mission where you encounter and cooperate with the Federation(acquiring some supplies from them in the process?), and a raid on a renegade slave trader(freeing some romulans in the process?) mission with the Klingons. This way, the player can get an idea of the philosophies of each faction and their combat styles before committing to one.
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04-19-2013, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by sunfrancks View Post
The only gripe I have so far, is the interiors seem a little too dark in places. Not sure if it just me or not....
I think all of the ship interiors are fine with brightness, alot of interiors are supposed to be not as well lit...it creates atmosphere, the game looks better when everything isn't all bright to be honest.
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04-19-2013, 11:20 AM
I like it so far. They really did a lot of hard work on it. Can;t wait to fully play it
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04-19-2013, 11:47 AM
Greatly enjoyed this, the only big beef I had was the timing of the cutscene text, but thats been addressed.

I felt involved in the story, invested into it and attached to the characters (apart from D'Tan, just dont like him really, no particular reason) and reaaaaaaly wanted to shoot Slamek in the face when I saw him.

As far as difficulty goes, it was fair, except perhaps "Mysterious Ship" was a bit tough, if I was a new player, (i'm not, was OB) and the Tholian Commander was a bit tough (even not being a new player)
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04-19-2013, 11:59 AM
Introduction: Very beautifully done, but was to fast to read the text.

The Village: Excellent work and nicely done. I love the lore keeper.

The Flotilla: I love how you can agree and disagree and yet welling to work with the new republic. It's good we get a lot of background history about D'Tan and his fleet commander.

The Sullivan Helix: nicely done. It remind me of one episode from the TV show andromeda, when all the life pod were link to one ship. I love how you can cut off communication with the Tel-shair ships, it felt more Romulan and more trek.

Crateris: Very nicely done, with the whole atmosphere and hearing of thunder in the background.
I said to myself, I wasn't going to have any reman on my ship, but when I first saw the female reman, I was like now that I got to have and I was shocked when she join up. Good to see what became of slamek. The way the bridge officers were introduce felt really good.

I have to say, everything that I saw and played felt very good that I don't think I can ever play my fed characters again. The warbird ship ability was just an excellent idea who ever came up with that.

Suggestion: while I know this is a close beta and all, but if I may make a suggestion. The bridge officers we get are just common once, and since we grow attach to them as our first bridge officers. Would it be possible if you guys could use the neverwinter companion system to improve the bridge officers in a form of send them to trainer school (Course) which should cost EC and some dilithum. Upon completion of a successful it's changes them from common to uncommon and so on. So we can have their traits improved or gain a new one that way. The way it feel more trek and people get more attach with the officers.
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