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04-20-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by ghlaghghee View Post
Good. You felt an emotion toward a character. That's actually a sign of good writing, as is having a character that shows different sides to different people.
You forget, she is a Vulcan... they refuse to show emotion
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04-20-2013, 02:22 PM
Only played the tutorial and the Suliban Helix mission so far and I'm very impressed. I like the little touches that have been added, such as the detonation of Romulan singularity cores when a ship is destroyed, simple, but a very nice touch. The story arc is good so far and the warbird (the one you start in) is quite fun to fly. I love the new UI and HUD setup as well.
The only glitches I've found so far have already been pointed out. Keep up the great work guys
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# 163 Impressions
04-20-2013, 02:24 PM
First off let me say how impressed I have been so far with what I have experienced of romulan story . To follow will be my feedback and suggestons for improvement along with my conclusions.


-Well I really liked how the tutorial begins with your avatar walking out of a house nice during a typical day in a romulan village really enjoyed the cut scenes leading up to that very nice indeed. The texture detail was not too shabby you could easily tell that some serious effort had been put into this from the artists.

This kind of reminded me of how you begin in Never Winter where instead you are ship wrecked but it ties in nicely with the kind of atmosphere that you establish right at the beginning.

- I was reasonably impressed with the tutorial that introduces you to the weapons that you will you use, the firing rage tutorial reminded me when you had to do that at the beginning of Medal of Honor. The firing range could be a interesting little mini game to play just because its fun .

- The welding animation is a really nice little touch for it adds a more realistic feel and to be honest seeing that happen reminds of the numerous times I had seen Trek characters in the shows use there phasers to seal doors etc so as a epic Trek fan it was majorly cool lol.

-The story is very much reminiscent of fantasy games like Final Fantasy or Two Worlds where your character is in a otherwise normal day going about there business then in this case the mysterious giant spaceship coming in with those creepy spider machines that take people lol. How that sequence then proceeds really amps up the urgency of evacuating the colony and having to fight the Tal'Shiar.


-This added a real sense that you and the rest of the colony were on the run and trying to not only survive but looking for a new home too. Using them as a hub to get missions or change ship is good for this ties in nicely with the romulan game play. I was glad it was not a starbase as such since obviously they are not in a fleet.

The Suliban Helix:

Wow that was a really nice surprise to see that in here I automatically thought of Enterprise, good job done to get the look of the Suliban down and a great way to introduce that species into the game lots of potential there for future stories especially those that may involve the Cabal . The animations they were of a good quality I liked that they happened in real time rather than a cut scene that enhanced the immersive experience and didn't take you out of the element during that little mission .


Interesting little world although lightening sounds without clouds now that's just funny, my first encounter with reman female very good I like how she eventually joins your crew nice touch there.

-New Romulus

I enjoyed that I was having to actively contribute to looking for a new world then when we got to Dewa 3 going down to do a planetary survey, now that is a real nice little bit of game play plus it flows nicely into the Tholians looking mean as ever.

Not only that while am down there I discover a epic sword that maybe like the sword of khaless in that it could be used to bring the peoples together so that was a nice story touch . On the slight downside I would have liked a more sandbox environment to explore but I appreciate that this not a finished product just yet lol.

Turning Point:

Not sure what to make of this particular mission just seemed to involve a load of unnecessary running about to essentially learn what you know already which is that the Klingons don't trust the romulans no surprise there. However at the other end of that scale I was reasonably impressed with how rest of story played out it had a bit of a movie feel to it with just the right amount of action to set up the battle in space so a big plus there.

I wasn't expecting to have to choose so soon which faction I wanted until much further on I can only assume this may have been done for test purposes?


I couldn't see my armor I had equipped on my character so that little glitch needs to be addressed. Some of the text relevant to the story kind of flew by a little too quickly so I wasn't able to read all of it at the time so that again just needs a little tweak in relation to the timing.


Over all I was very impressed the story up to the current point I like how you acquire crew since that flows nicely within the quests that you do so a big thumbs up there .

I was particular impressed with how when I used a turbo lift I didn't encounter a loading screen just went in and bang am there epic nice to see a big reduction in the numerous loading screens it gave a much more open feel much like I have experienced in other games like Never Winter and Fallout 3 to name but a few others.
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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
You forget, she is a Vulcan... they refuse to show emotion
And therein lies the problem: she has no credibility whatsoever because of that. Why Starfleet let such an unstable and racist officer on this mission is unfathomable.

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The overlay to move the consumable items purchase pop-up menu apparently includes everything except, the buy/cancel/+/-/ and part of the slider button it self. Any click on exempted areas works fine but unless you are dead center in the slider will drag the whole pop-up window , could see this as very frustrating for a new player since its annoying me already

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# 166 Home Sweet Home
04-20-2013, 05:51 PM
Not sure if this was already mentioned.

I wasn't entirely sure my character would have known what a Tholian (and in an EV suit no less) would look like. Granted, not may 6-legged aliens in Star Trek. I just don't know how well known they are.

This could easily be remedied by having a boff state the info, maybe even how they know it.

Secondly, it seemed odd that my boff suddenly knew the tholians wanted what was under the rock. Something as simple as scanning the rocks when not getting attacked, and finding something under them.

Thirdly, and maybe this was wholly me not watching the objectives, I started wandering, missed the top scannable radiation, and had to run all the was across the map to get back to it, and then back again to get to the bridge. Perhaps if there were shortcuts between the 'aisles' like there are in IKEA, it wouldn't be such a travel if someone misses one.

Some really nice stuff in the mission too, though. The running animals when the tholians show up, epohh appearing when some predators were chased away. Good stuff!
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04-20-2013, 06:55 PM
Intro: Very Nice

The Village: Nicely done. I would have liked to be able to talk to some of the Romulans as you walked past to get to the part the mission really began. You just had one person to talk to on the way, so despite the village being full of people it felt a little empty. When I say the mission was on a farm I had visions of that "run back and forth across the map" first KDF mission,. but thankfully it wasn't like that at all

Flotilla:I thought the part of the space tutorial before you got full impulse was just a touch too long. Maybe shorten the distance between the "action points" just a tad. I know you wanted to show how full impulse was a good idea, but I thought it was too long. Great work on letting us fly the "Balance of Terror" ship though! That brought a smile to my face.

The Suliban Helix: Eh, so I've just found out that this was something to do with the Enterprise series? Pity I've only watched one episode of it. So to me it was orbiting a wierd space station filled by a bunch of defenseless whining aliens who reminded me with every communication about how pathetic they were. Kind of interesting when I first saw it, but then they opened their mouths. Not a bad mission aside from that, with lots of things to do.

Crateris: Loved the ground part of the mission. Hi Sliamek! I found a place last mission where you would fit in just fine. Oh look, a Reman with mammary glands. Of course, all alien females have them *facepalm* Definite "Nosferatu" edge to her looks though.

The fight against that dreadnaught was a nasty fight even on normal difficulty. I'm in two minds about that, but I suppose its after 2 or 3 missions so its high time to put the player up against a real challenge. Besides, its the first time you have really gone up against the gits who destroyed your colony so having them as a walkover would be anti-climactic.

Blues: It was okay, but had the "twist" telegraphed even worse than the Kardashians sending their itinerary to CNN. Fun running fight to get to the transporter though.

Also slight inaccuracy in the "press X do give 30% to all damage" tooltip. That's all RANGED damage, does not affect melee. Might be good to change that text.

New Romulus:


Would it be possible to have the planet marked as Dewa. Flying up to a planet marked "new Romulus to find out if it would turn out to be new Romulus is a bit of a stretch of the old "suspension of disbelief"

Ground: Ok we have to scan 20 random things as we progress in a linear path. T E D I O U S. This is supposed to be a wondrous exploration of a new world, not an introduction into grinding. It would be much better to have those 3 radiation patches in a triangle but the player can run around exploring a flat terrain as much as he wants. After the third thing is scanned the mission can proceed with the bridge.

When I saw the Tholian I was expecting a "what the hell is that?" not "A tholian!" how the heck does a Romulan farmer know what the hell a tholian is? It just jarred and again was a break in suspension of disbelief.

I thought the fight was ok though, but I might have not had 2 lieutenants with the commander. 2 AOE attacks was a bit much. BUT if you do include them, this would be a perfect time to tell the player how to control his Boffs by telling them how to place his Boffs along the ridge out of range of the AOE, rather than have them free willed and running into the bowl to be slaughtered.

Turning Point:

The conference was pretty much a maze and I kept running into locked doors. Also practically everyone was casually chatting about killing the Romulans. Even the fed admiral was "screw you" and the other one was "babble the hut" but I'm sure that was intentional. I'm amazed that people felt like this mission was weighed to the Klings as basically it was wall to wall jerks. Even the kling admiral dismissed you with "oh this could all be a trick as the battleship got away. Thanks for blowing up the 6 other ships to make us think otherwise, you Rommies is sneaky." Its like looking at a conspiracy forum.

And Sela turning up? Really?? I'm sorry but the klings would have gutted her, Diplomacy be dammed, and if they didn't the fed admiral would have accidentally on purpose blown her ship up. And she had no relevance to the story otherwise. Maybe make it obvious that this was a hologram or something because it added nothing to the mission but a paycheck for Denise Crosbie.

My slightly cynical overview, with suggestions. Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by revalah View Post
The conference was pretty much a maze and I kept running into locked doors.
Locked doors = red, open doors = green.
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04-20-2013, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by brigadooom View Post
Locked doors = red, open doors = green.
I'm glad that you can calmly asses these things in a split second when you are running in a totally red environment and you are not colour blind.

If you are being funneled into locked doors with no really obvious difference between the 2 then that's shoddy design. But it was just a minor annoyance and didn't really distract from the mission.
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# 170 Initial feedback
04-20-2013, 07:36 PM
Even though I've played my character to level 21, I thought I'd post here about some of the initial missions.

The intro on Virinat was excellent. The environment is really well produced and the initial missions flow very well. On a side note, I sure didn't expect to see people abducted like that when those drones came flying down as I was escaping. Good stuff.

The introductory space battle was interesting as well, especially with the Quantum Singularity ability that you can use after it charges up. One pet peeve with that though is that it's also tied to power levels.

The initial mission to Dewa 3 was pretty awesome too, mostly for the visuals, but the objectives themselves were interesting in their own right.

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