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04-21-2013, 05:17 AM
Playing mission turning point. And I love the Klingon symbol on the door with the green outline.
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04-21-2013, 05:18 AM
I think the story arc was excellent. The missions were interesting and varied.

At Helix, I cloaked during the initial battle and when the cloak engaged the game thought the battle was done and brought up the dialog box to advance the mission. This uncloaked me, so I was getting shot by the remaining enemies while the dialog box blocked my view and I was trying to cancel it. Second once I did finish destroying the enemies and was ready to beam up the refugees it was difficult to find the point in space that brought up the transport option. I had to fly around and over-top of the station for several minutes before the option to transport came up.
On New Romulus the Tholian commander seemed overpowered for the level of character I had at the time. Obviously this could be lack of skill on my part but you might look at the balance of that encounter again, and my team handled the other waves OK, then was getting taken out in one or two shots by the Tholian commander.
At Khitomer - I thought it was a nice touch that the Tal Shiar agents were in place the whole time disguised as Vulcans. It might be cool to let you talk to one of them like the mission allows you to talk with some of the other groups in the hall.
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04-21-2013, 06:06 AM
The rewards in the Rom mission intro seem thin compared to Fed and KDF intro missions, I have also seen too many Fed ship weapon drops (quite useless for my Rom, unless I want to mix weapon types).
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04-21-2013, 06:19 AM
Intro - shooting the bottles you can see the invisible barrier - black shades. Love the premise, such a feeling of being a survivor indeed.

A few minor spelling and grammar issues with the text throughout but I can deal with those.

With the choice thing of Fed/Klingon, well, whilst I can appreciate the reasons why to fit the game structure setup, it just still doesn't feel or sit right as a Romulan, I was going, no way would I pick a Fed ship...and I most certainly love my Mogai!!! Looks so awesome. Even in Temporal Ambassador, Tasha is going Starfleet needs to be restored to the timeline, now why would a Romulan want that for that matter? Starfleet and the Vulcans failed to help with Hobus, wouldn't they want to not help out?

So perhaps one day when STO gets a reimagining, we can have a true Rommie race, but all in all, I enjoyed the whole 21 levels. Mind games was especially fascinating!
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04-21-2013, 07:40 AM
First off, enjoyed the tutorial missions. I loved the fact that we started on a colony. The map was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It felt peaceful, serene. I would have enjoyed getting to know the colonists better. Would be even more compelling during the destruction of the colony later on.

The "smoke trail" on the T'Liss Bird of Prey, did not suit me at all. I would prefer seeing a plasma trail similar to the Dhelan and Mogai, green. But I loved how there were background stories to each of the first Bridge Officers. Makes me want to hold onto them more, develop them more. And I sincerely hope we're able to find Tovan's sister.

Anyway, some gripes I have with this, are the typos. There were quite a few in the text. Spell Check/Grammar Check is your friend ^_^. Other than that, I really enjoyed the tutorial missions and the first story arc. This is how the Klingon and Federation initial missions should be designed.
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04-21-2013, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
Played Crossroads at Crateris. Loved the ep, especially the groundmap and the massive ship overhead. Fighting the mysterious ship took FOREVER at the end, though. But I love that my BOFFs have a more meaningful story when they tag along.
This is along the lines of my concern...

I like how you guys gave reasons in the mission for why we picked up certain BOFFs to give them more character. I also like that the first BOFF we got on our ships was a VR, definitely a long-term keeper. What I felt was a little stingy was making the next three BOFFs "throw-away" uncommons. I mean why not be consistent and give VRs as they are obviously not meant to be throw-aways?

Second comment, I did enjoy the story arc but it was at a way to fast leveling pace...Lvl 4 just at the end of the tutorial? It needs a couple of missions at the end to better flesh out why you should choose to ally with the Feds or Klinks. As it stands now as many other have said and I agree with, the poor and ooc dialogue for the Feds makes joining the Klingons the clear choice. Why not end the tutorial at level two and before the Khitomer mission have one mission that is Fed related and one Mission Klingon related.

Third, I really like what has been done with all the custom and new ground maps. However, I feel the time we can or are on them is too short and we need some options to check more things out if we wish. Perhaps a few little optional mini-things to do that will help us gear up better (getting gear through this first set of missions is pretty slim). Perhaps the COH guys sprinkle in a few short optional side missions for a little more gear so people can that want to can enjoy the maps more. Other things like optional dialogue with other contacts would be nice too.

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04-21-2013, 10:03 AM
I have to say, I really do love the new Romulan expansion. I have been waiting for it since I first joined STO, and it is more than I expected.

I do have a few quibbles(being a Beta, I expected I would). For one thing, some of the missions are too graphic intensive to run at a good speed on my computer. I have one of the faster Internet connections I have ever used in the US, but on some of the maps it is still a little glitchy. This is a common problem in many of the more graphic intensive maps in STO, but it still bugs me.

Additionally, I think it should be easier for Romulan characters to buy Romulan-styled equipment. We do this for the Fed and KDF forces(Default is phasers and disruptors styled after Starfleet and Klingon weapons). So why can't we do this for Romulans where more credit-based dealers(At least those on New Romulus) sell Romulan equipment to Romulan players? It does not make sense to me why I get a Romulan pistol in the tutorial, but have to quickly switch to Phasers/Disruptors/Non-Romulan weapons to keep up with the leveling.

The difficulty curve seems to be out of whack as well. Some missions are hard and require 30min to an hour+. However some missions are so easy that I can run through them in 20 min.

I should also be able to get any Romulan-reputation equipment for KDF/Fed players as rewards for later missions.

I am still iffy on the Alliance with the KDF/Fed thing.

Colour scheme for loading screens should be green, not blue.

There was one mission(Probably not in the right section, mind you) on the Maiouri(Spelling?) planet where the Reman leader is getting ready to obliterate Tal Shiar forces using a Thalaron bomb. In one dialogue Thalaron was spelled Tharalon.

I want to know more about the ELACHI!
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04-21-2013, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
Played Crossroads at Crateris. Fighting the mysterious ship took FOREVER at the end, though.
Agreed. There should be something that lets you know to defeat the other tal'shiar ships so your allies can help you.

And agree on the subtitles going too fast in the intro.

Some grammar and spelling errors. Not trying to be a grammar nazi...heaven knows I'm not perfect.

And another issue I had...when I was playing the "Search for New Romulas" mission...When I used the "auto-navigate" on the mission journal under the mini-map to travel to the next system it would send me in a random direction. It did this every time I used it...but only in this mission. To get to the next system I had to manually travel or open the system map and click the system to get there. Don't know if anyone else had this problem. Again, it was ONLY with this worked fine on all other missions.

Otherwise very nicely done. Enjoyed every moment. Great story arc all around. On to the next episode!!!
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04-21-2013, 10:49 AM
First of all enjoying my experience so far.

However i find myself not happy because after i chose my allies - i went kdf to look - i beamed off of the flotilla and then got a server not responding in loading screen that went on for 1600+s. Now however when i try to log onto my rom captain it gets to 71% loading and then as it hits 72% always server not responding appears with the last time getting to 5000+s.

I am now going to have to start a new toon because of this and i am unsure if it was my siding with the klinks that caused this :/
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# 190 Movies....
04-21-2013, 10:49 AM
At the beginning and some Movies have dialogues in text mode... these text moves very quickly and can?t read at that speed... maybe all text can be slow

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