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04-22-2013, 02:36 PM
I've only played the first few missions so far, just hit level 7.

I haven't encountered any bugs, that I've noticed. Nothing has a voice over yet (which I'm assuming is coming later?), and that makes them kinda weird.

I didn't like the introduction at all. Running from one end of the colony to another over and over to talk to a bunch of npc's isn't fun. And being sent into fields of crops to play exterminator to a bunch of overgrown bugs is just stupid.

During the evacuation, when talking with the tal'shiar, I wanted there to be a conversation option along the lines of "can I join you and help you exterminate this entire bloody colony?" because I really hated everyone and everything on that world. Also, I'd much rather join the romulan star empire than the lameass republic.

The next two missions were short and pretty bland. Nothing much to say on them, just struck me as rushed out filler.

The crossroads mission is as far as I've gotten so far, and is the first time I was really having any fun. It seemed to be more developed than the first two 'real' missions with a variety of things going on. And it was way better than the craptacular intro.
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04-22-2013, 02:47 PM
Designs: Love the alien tripod walkers, just love them. Everything about the new aliens (inc their organic like drones) feels creepy, which I really like about them. Hopefully they'll be some sort of big-bad up there with the Borg, Iconians and Tholians.

Ground environments: The initial colony is beautiful and wouldn't feel out of place in a fantasy game. From me that would normally be a criticism, but here it's a compliment. The dismantled warbird was a awesome site.

Tutorial story: Probably the best STO has done. Actually no probably about it, the Romulan story arc is the best STO has. There's not much I can say really that doesn't sound like gushing... That alone should be high praise, since I'm not exactly a huge fan of some of the things Cryptics done.

If SWTOR Jedi tutorial missions were as good as the Romulan tutorial, I might have still been playing it. Instead the SWTOR tutorial bored me to death, while this one kept me interested throughout.

The story is very well written for STO, as well as being directed. The characters actually feel fleshed out and real, which is rather surprising for STO. I wonder if the writer found the Romulan faction to be a fresh pasture, enabling them to have more creative freedom.

Great work anyway.

Which brings me to...

Acquisition and involvement of BOffs: This for me was one of the many shining elements of the Romulan faction missions. I was made (made I say!) to care for these guys. They stopped being just slottable powers and became actual characters you could give a damn about and would be involved in the story. The story was already good, but this makes it even more enjoyable and involving.

It helps that some of the characters feel rather developed, especially for STO.

Oh if only Feds had this (and KDF for that matter) during their opening missions, instead of the very flat ones they got. Something like a "little training cruise" that became something increasingly more epic (like Wrath of Khan, but with a cadet in command), picking up you initial BOff as friend at the academy (like Kirk did in the new movie) and gradually picking more up as the story grows.

Of course I doubt that'll happen, Cryptic is probably far to busy to revamp the lower levels of a well established faction.
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Two things:

Bug: I've noticed twice so far that my boffs have become un-selected, I go into a mission and find out that I have no one in my boff slots. This is annoying. I don't remember exactly when it happened the first time, but the second time was during the Gasko, I noticed when the combat started I had no boffs equipped.

Feedback: "The Search for New Romulus" Ok, this has really got to be the dumbest mission ever. Searching for new romulus, I open up my map, there's a spot marked "new romulus" and yet I have to go search other places first. Seriously, that's beyond retarded.

Running around on the planet scanning animals and scooping up samples? Also not fun. You realize we have transporters, right? We can beam up samples of whatever we want of study instead of running about like a moron picking up bits and pieces in annoying, pointless, busy make-work.

The fight with the tholians was the only fun part of the entire mission. The nausicaans were far too easy to be challenging. The tholians weren't enough to make up for the stupidity and annoyance of the rest of the mission.
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Ok, so I've noticed playing through again with a new rommie, that the Nausicaan Syphon Frigates Syphon drones will find you even if you are cloaked. While this does not decloak you, or alert the frigates in anyway, they still find you under cloak, and go about thier syphoning business like everything is normal.
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Originally Posted by verbenamage View Post
You realize we have transporters, right? We can beam up samples of whatever we want of study instead of running about like a moron picking up bits and pieces in annoying, pointless, busy make-work.
You do realize that if that were the case, the shows would never have needed away teams on survey missions, right?

But putting canon aside, I think making fewer scans of the area would be better. Perhaps increasing the completion % of each scan.
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Originally Posted by latinumbar View Post
You do realize that if that were the case, the shows would never have needed away teams on survey missions, right?

But putting canon aside, I think making fewer scans of the area would be better. Perhaps increasing the completion % of each scan.
Yeah, but in the shows the captain sat in the chair while one or two cast members and a disposable redshirt beamed down. You want to make the crappy little gather and scan jobs into doff assignments I'm all for it. But having the captain chasing around epohhs, picking up rocks, and doing other menial jobs isn't the norm for the shows.
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I have two things to mention

First whenever I beam down the crew selection screen shows all abilities ground and space

Second a minor nitpick Admiral T'nae mentions the Prime Directive about the squabble between the Tal Shiar and the Romulan Republic I think that should be changed to Federation Council Directives (dictates?) because the Prime Directive is for non-interference in prewarp civilizations only, or so I thought
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This post is just some thoughts about the game and is sort of out of place, Moderators should move this if its too out of place.

I have done some thinking about the first few mission Cutscenes. Since its important to read the text and look at the beautifully done scenery, you should really open up the First mission as replayable?, Why?, because like in the Federation the story arcs, the over all story will take users quite a long time to complete the entire Romulan Story allowing for key peices of information to be forgotten as the player advances into the game, this would be especially true for the casual players who play week to week?.

You must provide a method for the end user to "Refresh" Whats happened in the story so far, and by the first few story's, theres a lot of information to be understood that seems Critical to the over all overview of the romulan Story. I have seen some game developers try to overcome this problem by Pacing the overall story and condensing key parts, do not do that!, its whats usually required for Film makers when they turn books into Film?.

But where talking video game here and realistically you want people to play as much as possible and keep them engaged all the time, but if the condensing of missions occur in sto will really do the opposite of what to me is the right way.

Take the Film industry and book and invert it, Take a look at Book Writers tips and you'll see what im getting at?. As a novice Fiction Book Writer, i have talked to many Successful Writers wanting to know their Secrets on how to be successful and one Writer said to me Quote " Make your book Fat Then make it Thin" This meant to Write as Much as possible about the story but not to throw it out but be a Tool for Revisement to really have choice in the story Tree. In the Video game world why not make the story "Fat" and keep it that way because we can replay the Missions, go back, Relive the story!. In Sto theres room for so much more Story arcs based on What Story's we love, for Example STF's We love Borg and undine Story's, Small Hints to where to branch a new Story Arc.

You are doing most of this now in Legacy of Romulus, But the link between factions is not clear, so whilst you make Legacy of Romulus, Why not Expand and link the Federation, Klingon to create a new plot towards a Tkan Empire or Iconian playable Faction, make it a long time away, but engauge us into mystery and provide Small hints of whats to come, like you did in the FE "Assimilation", we really liked that but Will these Loved story Aspects live on into the Sto Future, will it all come together?.

I haven't seen the full Romulan story yet so im making a lot of blind Guesses about the Story you have written for us, But can you see the important point Goal im Suggesting about the Whole Game?. If Expansion is to occur, then Expand the whole Game at once, go back into the other factions and Script them all towards one end Goal Story Element far into the Future, Its a Game and has no limits to creativity and you are Very Creative, Team!.

I wrote this to offer a perspective trend that i have noticed being part of a Fleet and What STF's are being played most observing and others , Talking to them and learning from other STO Fans like myself. Also What about the Foundry?, There are many user created missions that in themselves Give hints on a Direction of Story from the minds of those you wish to entertain, For example "Tholians" are very common in foundry Missions.

In any case your the storytellers and we are the ones that play the Story's, Just remember Expand Broadly and re- invest in what you have already Created because all the tools are in game and there are keen people like those who make Foundry Missions from which to draw from, the Fat part of the book i was talking about Earlier, its all here.

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The Romulan colony world is spectacular. Part of me didn't want to leave. But ya know... I'm hopeful for a good reason to revisit it in a Level 20+ mission. As well as a possible social zone.

The trip to the waiting starship in orbit made me positively giddy. It seemed a classy way to acknowledge the class of starship.

Turning Point:
This title is very appropriate. And should be better defined within context of the mission. I'm at level 9 when sent to Khitomer. Which causes me to recall some plot points already a part of STO.

Chronologically speaking, the Klingon Empire still claims that previous to 2409, they cleansed the Undine from the Empire. And are still adamant that the Federation is compromised. Federation player's will have already witnessed the events of Diplomatic Orders (Level 3). The KDF is still exposing Undine for the Federation and doesn't trust the Federation.

At level 7, during Kuvah'Magh, the Federation tries to save the Regulus IV Peace Talks.

At this point in the war - and continually stalled peace talks - why would any member of the Klingon High Council be so willing to meet D'Tan - let alone any Federation representatives at Khitomer? How do the Klingons know that the newer Vulcan amabassador, Admiral T'Nae or Ambassador Sugihara are not Undine Infiltrators? Would they not have KDF Security sticking to all three like glue?

Since Councilor Woldan is the only member of the High Council present, perhaps it's only his House who has agreed to meet everyone? So he doesn't necessarily represent Chancellor J'mpok does he?

On that line of thought, might D'Tan not be aware of the Undine infiltration of the Federation as well? Why would he overlook that here?

Regarding the Federation diplomatic party, if a Vulcan Ambassador is present, why would D'Tan send us to talk to Sugihara? Would D'Tan - a Unificationist - not seek a two-for-one agreement through the Vulcan? Admiral T'Nae should certainly be guarded, yes. But
she comes across like a pre-logic Vulcan on Enterprise. Couple this with how talkative Sugihara comes across. Yes. Diplomats are more talk than most. Sugihara starts out alright. Then, IMO, his blathering about Unification goes downhill fast. He seems too desperate. I'm under the impression we are being guided away from make a choice to ally with the Federation.

I suggest D'Tan sends us to the Vulcan Ambassador first. Who should be dressed in robes - not a Starfleet ambassador uniform - and who bridges the Unification topic to gauge D'Tan? Then we would be sent to Sugihara who would be looking for any path toward more security for the Federation. Those Fed T1 - T4 starships should be mentioned in trade for Cloaking Devices. Finally get around the Treaty of Algernon question by explaining that the the numerous Defiant and Galaxy-X coming later to player's are the result of a Federation-Republic alliance. It really should be spelled out in this diplomatic exchange. Perhaps allying with the Federation is really only attractive for the Republic if Unification seem more within reach?

Later, when Hakeev manages to beam explosives into the building, we actually have to draw weapons and fire upon Tal Shiar agents? Again, back to the Klingon's being the Security. Would they not intercede and disarm ALL the Romulans? Or, even suspect our characters of actually arming the explosives as we are disarming them?

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Okay this is my first post on Tribble, here goes!

Firstly I would like to say the same as a lot of peeps here, nice job on the story on opening mission. Everything I feel has been covered so far though so I won't repeat them.

However here are a few things I have noticed. I understand that the bridge officers you get at first are story line and important. But for some reason you can change their names but not their uniforms in any way. Is this on purpose for the beta? I feel that customisation on an MMO is critical. No on wants to play the same characters as everyone else. It seems odd that fixed, established characters can have their names changed, but their civilian clothes cannot be substituted for uniforms that suite the crew you wish to design.

Also I noticed that once you get federation uniforms the armbands and boots do not layer properly. Uniform jackets merge through the armbands and trousers merge through some of the boots. Saying that though I really like things like the republican belts as they show pouches and tricorders on them which the other factions do not seem to take into account. I especially like the armband that has a computer on it as you have chosen to use the Klingon animation for beam out. Maybe you could add a similar armband for the Klingon faction as well?

Also got to agree with some of the others, the Nausicans where to weak as where some of the other warbirds. You took the time to say that your start ship is in fact an antique and barely functioning and yet I was able to decimate state of the art ships ten time my size. You would have thought these sips better equipped with newer techs as well. It kind of detracted from the feel you implied for the Romulan faction:The downtrodden underdog.

Having said that I loved the story especially seeing the Suliban. I hope you make them a playable race as they would flesh out the Romulan faction quite nicely.

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