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04-23-2013, 04:28 PM
Is the tailor disabled for BOffs? I can't edit them and I also cannot access the allegiance costume received from Turning Point. Did not get my first DOff group upon hitting 11, either.

Those things aside, I'm loving what I'm seeing so far. The biggest thing I was worried about is the story. While the first couple missions seem to drag at certain points I love the direction this is going so far!
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04-23-2013, 06:15 PM
In "turning point" the Tal shiar spy npcs who are there at the conference are dressed in federation diplomatic core outfits as fed diplomats, but they have romulan star empire belts that are clearly shown. seems strange the federation would let people who smack of tal shiar pose as their own diplomats.

so this bug needs fixing otherwise good work.
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04-23-2013, 09:08 PM
Skipping Tutorial: Cutscene in Flotilla transporter room shows your character and D?Tan up to the chest in the floor.

Tovan Khev: Still unable to rename/change appearance.

Tailor: Unable to rename Uniform.

Initial BOffS: Able to rename, not able to change appearance.

Gasko Blues: Tobol? Really, ya couldn?t find ?earmuffs? for him? =)

Singularity Core: No side-by-side comparison on mouse-over.

Turning Point: Unless you have an open BOff slot, i.e. from purchasing BOff slots, the faction specific BOff cannot be made to join your crew or even train one of your officers. This is true for both Fed/KDF. Tested three times, only able to have BOff join crew the third time because I purchased two add'l slots.
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04-23-2013, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by psiameese View Post

My only concern is that I'm aware that T'Nae has a following amongst the STO player base. And she has good voice-over talent attached to her these days. I don't think Zelle was ever voiced. But I don't think that should prevent better storytelling for Turning Point.
I agree, and yes, T'Nae's voice is done by a professional whose work I'm familiar with, and she is quite good. But Zelle is clearly the better choice for the role of the skeptical and borderline-hostile Federation ambassador. T'Nae would be more reasonable.
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04-23-2013, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by phoenix841 View Post
The prime directive also refers to interference with any internal development of an alien civilization. I think a Romulan civil war would fall under that category (like Kazon sects). So the Prime Directive applies.
That is a good point though, if Starfleet helps the rebels, it gives them an advantage over the Tal Shiar. Seems like a violation there. Of course Starfleet gets something out of it, so I guess it's ok...
Starfleet could interfere if there was already an outside "third party" involved in the internal Romulan conflict. In the latter part of the game the outside force would be the Iconians, who the Tal Shiar are working with, but for the early Romulan Republic stories it would be the Elachi. However this would have to be made clear by D'Tan himself to the player (preferably as an option to ask him about it) before meeting at Khitomer, and reiterated by the Federation delegates once there.
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Feedback time

Intro : This tutorial stage was awesome it was what you would expect of a refugee colony rebuilding after a disaster.
Beautifully done this was by far the best tutorial ive ever played you guys did a wonderfull job on it.
Idk if anyone has caught it but D'Vex looks like a older version of nero right down to the forehead tattoo lol
I loved the warbird reveal the space debris parts in dramatic fashion to reveal the warbird nicely done

The Helix : This was a fun stage though it was fun there are way to many loose cell ships floating around and i kept bumping into them when in combat.
Other then the need to take a few cell ships out of that map the mission was great

Crossroads at crateris : This mission was perfect except for 2 things

1 ) When tovan khev says look up there is no elachi ship you can hear it but not see it so makes the exchange between tovan and velari kinda pointless.

2) cannot shoot slamek.....i think everyone wants to shoot him

Gasko Blues : Nice mission badly named i didnt get the blues from this mission what i got was scan this talk to that shoot this the story in this mission was a little thin and at times pointless.

1) You should add something to make this mission have a sorrowful feel to it make it darker as in storyline maybe travel with hivens brother for a while.
Maybe use his death as a murder mystery that reveals the station commander and guards as tal shiar operatives.

If you dont add a something to make this mission more sorrowful then a name change is in order.

New romulus : This was a fun mission being part of the scout and survey team that finds Nomulus was interesting and made for a great story .

The map was big enough to be able to wander around and enjoy the scenery but small enough that the average or new player coukd reach the objectives with realitive ease.

The bad part of this is having to fight a tholian commander this is asking way to much for your average player or newbie.

I think the tholian commander needs to be dropped or nerfed Imo a tholian Lt would be tough enough of a fight without being overly hard.

Just have a couple waves of tholian ensigns then the Lt as the boss.

Turning Point : This was a well done mission except for a few things that stuck out

1) Admiral T'Nae seems to arrogant to be at a diplomatic conference her attitude stinks i get the point about her not trusting roms but does she have to be such a (Moderated).

And jiro is a motor mouth he out talks your character and i personally found that annoying you need to bring his mouth down to a low idle lol

I liked the klingon delegates they were exactly as i would expect them to be including attitude towards the romulans.

2) The tal shiar spies : I figured them out even before they reveled thenselves as spies they stick out like a sore thumb.

They are dressed in white standing by themselves and the fact they are romulan in fed diplomatic attire doesnt help.

You should have those tal shiar spies dressed i RR uniforms this would add to the fact the tal shiar and rse are trying to smear the good name of D'Tan and the RR as terrorists.

3) Sela showing up at the conference just to say its a farce then leave is pointless if anything she should be in the hall of heros trying to do PR damage control after the bomb blast.

This alone would make her being there have a point to it not just "Hi there this conference is a farce were leaving now so you can make new allies toodles".

So either add more for sela or take her out of turning point completley.

Neutral no more : This should be simplified to you choose a side now you report to eta eridani for your first KDF/fed mission.

Not oh yeah lets go here and do something pointless now your not neutral anymore YAAAY!!!.

I mean seriously as soon as you choose a side your no longer neutral and its time to move on to your KDF/RR/Fed responsibilities.

The missions and episodes after "From the ashes" tutorial episode are very good got nothing but high marks on those its the initial episode that needs some polishing.

Othe rthen this i will have to admit this has been a great experiance and look forward to LoR beta test round 2

Great work cryptic

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04-23-2013, 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by astro2244 View Post
so this bug needs fixing otherwise good work.
ok... so got in LoR earlier this evening (23rd april) saw there was a download again so something was "fixed"... but as I went along I noticed right away that BOFF skills had to be reloaded after each screen change... so if i started a Boff's, change zones on map re-load Boff's, fight battle, goto planet and return, re-load Boff's.... see the pattern?

Another annoying thing... the chat box... is much the same as the boff problem. I tend to close it during play. I have noticed here (tribble LoR) that after each Screen change it reopens, and its not necessarily on the tab I put it on when i closed it...

"neutral no more" has ran a wall for me. didn't finish. never saw the new ship. tried running mission before it, and it again. tried to drop the ship i had...(mistake!) I'm in a c-store fed boat till I rank up again... maybe it will finish then.
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04-24-2013, 04:09 AM
I'm going to try to keep this brief. I am grateful for the opportunity to try this content, and think it is important to provide feedback -- it seems like there is little criticism about the product as is, so kudos to the developers.

Overall, I did enjoy the missions found them engaging and really liked flying the tos bird of prey-- that opportunity is enough to win me over...

That said, I wish you would consider redressing some things:

1) romulan ship voice is the Barette-esque voice actor

2) the introduction jumps your level to 4 -- that doesn't seem consistent with the level 1 to 50 ideal.

3) There are a couple points in the staging area where there were a group of 4 identical romulans sitting at a table. the first cut sceen had people imbedded in the floor boards etc.

4) it has been mentioned that the exchange and tailor have problems. Moreover with the tailer It would change my character's face too easily when i just wanted to change my outfit. I would perfer the old tailer. I can't change my bo's uniforms

5) on bridge officers generally. What does it mean that every romulan will have the same crew? the variety of BOs is a really nice feature of the game that is being lost here. Sure it is nice that you have these characters entering into the story but...

6) The remen bridge officer lady has a old wrinkly head and smooth face. I know the remen depictions in star trek are limited to the one? in Nemisis, but maybe young remens look different and less wrinkly (you're free because there is no cannon regarding this, right)

7) my romluan comander can't have those cool romulan tattoos, doesn't have access to proper romulan uniforms etc.

8) I still wish the kdf and romulan ui was made to look more klingon or romulan and more design was put into making them unique. You can change the color of the ui with the menu, but not the shape of them. i.e. if i want to run klingon ui on my fed it will still have the fed curves just with a red color.

9) The big one--I don't think even with the plot that the alliance mechanic is justified. It creates a lot of really wierd situations. Like my romulan can wear a klingon uniform. you have these dialogue options to appoligize to the tal shiar or whatever but they are only faux options because you have to alley with d'tan. d'tan is suppose to be a supporter of reunification but he would allow you to join the klingons who are at war with the vulcans. the Tal shiar is for unknown reasons exterminating the few romulans that are left (I cannot for all my suspending of disbelief imagine a society that would think that is a good idea). And there are other oddities that arise from this.

Just because you can write a thing, doesn't mean you should or that it will make sense... There are other little points too. Why does the second or third person you talk to say something like "so-and-so said what about my work ethic? That is so old fashion" presumably it is because he was being a backstabbing romulan and that is old-fashioned. But why would the romulans consider themselves backstabing. Maybe opportunistic or cunning, positive ways of expressing similar values...

Theoretically language develops where "good" values are promoted by societies and "evil" is a term for other society's values. So the romulans if "backstabbing" was a value would have a word that means something like the "good practice of betrayal" and in english that is not betrayal, so it doesn't translate properly... Backstabbing makes an odd value generally because like killing members of your own society it doesn't take a genius to realize that that is not sustainable as a societal goal.

Pragmatically the alliance creates problems too because it:

A) creates a senerio where it would be difficult to have a romulan independent faction in the future. How will fed-aligned romulans give back their galaxy ships? How is a kdf-aligned romulan with a t5 starbase going to be convinced to join a romulan fleet in the future?

b) has trading problems (which is probably why they can't use the exchange before they choose an aliance) or else you might have an activated kdf duty officer on a fed-aligned character -- or something.

c) still doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would the Romulan republic have half of its officers fighting the other half of their officers? In this story it isn't a problem, because it is just you -- but for the game it is.

d) probably is not good for the kdf and game balance in the long run, because more people will still join fed...which is bad for development because participation is the reason that we are told the kdf doesn't get new stuff.

So I am sorry it was so long but that's my beat. I had some screen shots with things like the ugly bright green on the kdf doors and such, but i think i hit my big points. Like I said: All the problems are outweighed by how cool it is to have a romulan faction, but I think the aliance is not in the games interest and could have been corrected. It may be too late now.

Peace and Love..
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04-24-2013, 04:44 AM
The problem I have with Turning Point are the Tal Shiar 'diplomats'. They seem to go down rather quickly.
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04-24-2013, 05:03 AM
Playing through a second time.. I noticed a couple things in The Search for new Romulus. I'm not sure if these are bugs or not, so I thought I'd make mentions here instead.

1) Does the tholian Commander have a one hit kill power of some kind? I admitt my personal shields were kionda low, but suddenly me and my away team were all dead. I didn't see what happened exactly, so I'm not sure. If this is a feature not a bug, it seems a bit extreme to put against a level 8 chracter. If it's something like the Romulan Thalaron Generator device, considering this may be the first time someone comes across it, or in my case, hasn't done much in the way of the Tholian stuff, there should be some kind of warning comming from a Boff or something.

2)I may have just missed them before, but this time around, going back into orbit to fight the Tholian ships, there were two tholian ships just sitting there still, and un targetable. These were in addition to the regular interactable ships, and that part of the mission played out smoothly, and exactly the way it should have. I was just wondering if they were supposed to be the ships of the Tholians on the surface you fought, and I just failed to notice them the first time through, or if this was a bug, and they weren't supposed to be there.

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