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Originally Posted by shariala View Post

2)I may have just missed them before, but this time around, going back into orbit to fight the Tholian ships, there were two tholian ships just sitting there still, and un targetable. These were in addition to the regular interactable ships, and that part of the mission played out smoothly, and exactly the way it should have. I was just wondering if they were supposed to be the ships of the Tholians on the surface you fought, and I just failed to notice them the first time through, or if this was a bug, and they weren't supposed to be there.
could it be that you missed the part where Temer indicates that they've already taken out several Tholian ships?
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I know it's already been mentioned before, but I feel like this was the biggest drawback to me during the begining of my adventure with Romulans: the dialogues/narration goes waaay too fast - I couldn't read it all in time. Would be nice to have voice-overs and I imagine we will, but still - reading it at this pace is impossible to me.

From technical point of view, when I got to the Romulan Fleet at the begining - the game was getting a bit laggy. Which usually is not an issue for me, as I have a high-end machine and fast internet connection.

These are my major concerns after these first couple hours spent with this awesome expansion!
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04-24-2013, 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by tyroid View Post
Skipping Tutorial: Cutscene in Flotilla transporter room shows your character and D?Tan up to the chest in the floor.

Tovan Khev: Still unable to rename/change appearance.

Tailor: Unable to rename Uniform.

Initial BOffS: Able to rename, not able to change appearance.

Gasko Blues: Tobol? Really, ya couldn?t find ?earmuffs? for him? =)

Singularity Core: No side-by-side comparison on mouse-over.

Turning Point: Unless you have an open BOff slot, i.e. from purchasing BOff slots, the faction specific BOff cannot be made to join your crew or even train one of your officers. This is true for both Fed/KDF. Tested three times, only able to have BOff join crew the third time because I purchased two add'l slots.
Oh, I very much agree with your points - especially the fact that it's impossible to rename/change appearance of Tovan is annoying - feels like I'm stuck with BOff that everybody also has... makes my experience less individual... and kind of like in The Old Republic, where everybody pretty much gets the same companion .
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[quote=rextorvan36;9425231]could it be that you missed the part where Temer indicates that they've already taken out several Tholian ships?[/QUOTE
I don't remember seeing the words "Disabled" anywhere in the dialogue. We don't often see hulls of ships everywhere after a batlle, not that they appeard to be damaged or flaming or any such thing. Now maybe that's just what it is.. But the point it I didn't see thos ships my first play through, and I wasn't sure if they were Supposed to be there or not.

Also In Neutral No more on Klingon faction side the Nausicaan pirates show up as friendlies, not enemies.
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Some thoughts that I haven't noticed on the skim-through:

1. No mention of shipboard power mechanics. Battle against first D'Deriex would be a great place to apply "all power to weapons" and maxxing engines, going 3/4 impulse for high speed maneuverability would be great for the battle against the Picard-maneuvering Mystery (Echani?) ship.

2. Noticed cloaker-friendly miniboxes everywhere, but also noticed that around 1/2 the space battles all started after a "mandatory" decloak scan/interaction box. Great pains are taken to give Romulans a massive boost to the cloak bonuses, and yet it feels like you barely get to use it.

3. Didn't I get told that the cloak only worked "before battle" yet my T'Liss has a battle cloak that works whenever I want it to? And is it just me, or does the pace of battle almost discourage battle cloak use - I get as much (if not more) overall damage dealt staying "out in the open" instead of cloaking and taking the "big shot"...

4. Are the mobs in space combat severely nerfed in this arc? I have a harder time killing a L50 Mesh Weaver frigate than I did killing the 2 D'Derixes I ran into in this battle. Then I ran into the Mystery ship which took forever (L50 shields on a L7 foe) and it's "devastating forward weapon" actually took me out when I didn't pay enough attention. On this note, never got an indication that HY torps would go down to my fire, and they, too, are nerfed to the point of oblivion (or I just got way too good at keeping shields up so I never got popped by one even though I elected to eat every HY launched at me instead of playing with targetting mechanics...)

Other random thoughts:

1. When offered a "uniform" upon joining the fleet, there is little to no differentiation between the "military" options and the "civilian" options. I'm taking it that the "Republic 1/2" leathers are the military uniform, however, with all the buckles / belts / collars, they sure don't look that "military" / different, especially since the Romulan Navy has always sported form-fitting relatively strapless multi-color-tiled patterns (with helmets in ToS era).

2. When does the BOffs get the option / ability to suit up in the "official ship uniform"? I beam down with my "tag along crew", and they sure look the part - I think I heard the Feds comment that the crew of my bird looked like something out of a pirate/bandit movie more than even a semi-competent bridge crew...

The following might be more gameplay / graphically related, but as I noticed these in this arc I'll post them here:

1. Is the little bit of plasma fire coming from the torp launcher the indicator that I've been hit with plasma burn? Whatever happened to having a good chunk of the ship "burning" so the player knows that there's a big horking pile of plasma glued to the hull?

2. Either I wasn't paying attention / bad RNG proc rate / etc., but I never noticed that the baddies were on plasma fire either - assuming they survived the HY I that I lobbed that way or the singularity effect was (IIRC) supposed to pass on...

3. Initial enemies seem way too easy to slap down, even on a default power spread until the last baddie - and nowhere in the whole mess is there even mention of changing power defaults (first D'Deriex, recommend all power to weapons for quick kill. Picard-maneuvering mystery (Echani?) ship - recommend all power to engines along with the "stay out of forward arc" deal.

4. Perhaps it's just me and not really playing with chat channels, but the cloaker-friendly mini-boxes don't leave a "trail" in the logs. Therefore, if you "miss" the box (in the heat of battle, kid calling, etc.), there's no way to "review" what was said - unless it's in the comms section of the journal, which not many people would know of / check. Also, was never a fan of "timed" readings - sometimes I get annoyed that the box stays on too long while my wife would complain she didn't have the chance to get everything - if it's not too late an option to make the dialogs "click to remove" and/or adjust their time-on-screen would be useful.

5. When a HY blew up an enemy, there was a great big green or red (can't remember exactly which, I think I noticed both colors) glow around the ship while the black hole formed. Is this supposed to be an indicator of the range that the plasma fire would be applied, or is this just a glitch...
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...
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04-24-2013, 09:14 AM
Since the last patch the mission neutral no more seems to have changed. You are told an ally wants to speak to you but none does. Instead you are told to go to the Beta Thoridor systems. There you defeat some pirates and rescue a freighter. Then you speak to the mining facility who mention that the freighter came from the Chaltok system. When you speak to Subcommander Nadel you are told you should take your ship to the Chaltok system in case they need additional investigation done. The mission then abruptly ends there. You are made level 11. And you are left hanging. There is no level 11 mission. The next section starts at level 12. There is no Chaltok system to go to.
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Originally Posted by shariala View Post
1) Does the tholian Commander have a one hit kill power of some kind? I admitt my personal shields were kionda low, but suddenly me and my away team were all dead. I didn't see what happened exactly, so I'm not sure. If this is a feature not a bug, it seems a bit extreme to put against a level 8 chracter. If it's something like the Romulan Thalaron Generator device, considering this may be the first time someone comes across it, or in my case, hasn't done much in the way of the Tholian stuff, there should be some kind of warning comming from a Boff or something.
In short: yes, he can one-shot you.

Long version:
Have you played the New Romulus rep before? The Teir 3 misson is nasty. You basically fight three waves of them, the first two having two commanders (and various Lt/Ensign ones) each, and the third having two of them and a Captain level, all at once (plus Lt/ensign ones). The Tholian captain is worse, because he can one shot you and your entire team all at once if you are close together (even with full health and shields in some cases). They key with the tholians is to spread out, keep moving, and keep reviving your Boffs when they go down.

Personally, I think they need a little nerfing.

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One thing I wanted to mention with regard to the start of the Romulan tutorial:

The fact that it's mention the events take place "two weeks prior to the Borg attack on the Vega colony..."

WHY is this being mentioned in the Romulan tutorial? Cryptic has now changed the game so that its NO LONGER required to play a Federation character before you start a Romulan character; so why would it matter to a new player who started as a Romulan, and may decide to never play a Federation character would care about this fact?

Also, even after the Vega colony attack, why would the Federation make the attack common knowledge to the other factions?

Again, I think now that your finally doing it - Cryptic needs to embrace the fact they are finally doing separate factions; and NOT relate everything back to the other factions timelines or events. In other words leave those things as a surprise/enticement to play those other factions.
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Just finished this story arc.

In short - tt's nice, it makes the disdain of the Tal Shiar clear, and it reasonably presents the necessity behind allying with Fed/KDF.

However, I do think some small things should be added to the end of the Turning Point mission to make it flow better:
  1. D'Tan should explain better the choice that is given to the player. Something along the lines of the republic should stay neutral so both factions will help with the colonization, but on the other hand individual captains should strengthen the bond (for now) with them to fight the Tal Shiar and keep the colonization safe.
  2. I think "Liaison" is a better term than "Ally" - also has established canon with Kira being the Bajorean liaison to Starfleet/DS9. It also makes sense for D'Tan to appoint liaisons to both Starfleet and the KDF to facilitate the cooperation with them (again, similar to Bajor/Starfleet cooperation on DS9).
  3. It should be clearly said by D'Tan as well as the Fed/KDF representatives that for security reasons (due to the war) the Fed/KDF will not allow a captain to have access to both forces, so Romulan officers can serve as a liaison in either one or the other but not both.
  4. The representatives in the Flottila office should reiterate that choosing to be a liaison for the other faction will force them to treat you as hostile (in addition to the commander saying it there).
  5. It would be nice if after the choice is made, the player will have to talk with both representatives so the chosen faction can congratulate him, while the other one "denounces" him by stating that they will cooperate with D'Tan and some other Republic officers but not with ones who pose a security risk (Fed-like phrasing) / cannot be trusted (KDF-like phrasing) like the player. Some racial insults (referring to green blood and lack of trust due to choosing the other side) can be added in these dialogs as well.

I think this suggestions will make the whole choosing-sides event less gaming-technical and more immersive/story-based. Hope this feedback helps
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Most of the game is wonderful and progressing nicely. Few bugs Ive encountered are well documented in this and countless other threads.

My only concern/complaint is that from lvl 1-29 we have raptor/escort ships and then at lvl30-39 are forced into a cruiser if we wish to continue using warbirds. Now i feel for engineer and some tac officers that want cruisers sooner..hell give it to them, but please dont force anyone into a cruiser if its not their rather switch to ally faction ships that arent half as fun as battle cloak Romulan ships (thus greatly deminishing the fun of the experience) than fly that cruiser ship at Subcommander rank. Physical design is great but cant stand its mechanics.

So please atleast give us two options by level 30 in 'free' ships and hell 'c-store' ships too. Let players play either style and we will thank you for it.

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