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05-08-2013, 01:02 AM
encountered a problem with the 2nd mission, going to that reman planet. i didn't quite complete the initial conversation stuff, before stating my attackon the talshiar ships. after i killed them all, i got that initial conversation to come up again, and only then did it give me the kill 0/3 groups objective. i was not credited for killing them already, so im stuck

*edit ugg, another problem. when back in space, fighting to the nav becon, it never recognized that i had indeed made it to the nav becon
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05-08-2013, 01:32 AM
First off, I just want to say it's been great being able to beta test the Romulans - very enjoyable experience. I was hoping to go back into tribble and refresh myself on my thoughts but the server was just wiped. Oh well, I'd still like to leave my feedback and thoughts anyway. Let me say, the tutorial is just superb. I really care about these characters that I'm playing and helping. I think this was an aspect that Star Trek Online has lacked a bit... When I think of the television shows, especially in the later seasons, the crews had really bonded together as a family. They not only lived together but endured many of the same challenges. I feel this is what makes the Romulan storyline so compelling. I would like to see more of this but clearly in different forms (clearly the Klingons are going to have a much different way of "bonding"). But anyway, I just want to say that you should definitely continue the great story telling and maybe someday bring a compelling tutorial to the Federation as well (but clearly not important right now).

Also, I found there seemed to be no introduction to the Romulan "base" on New Romulus. After the mission that has you explore the Tau Dewa sector and you find Dewa III (later to become New Romulus), at some point I got a mission to pick up my DOFFs. What I didn't know was that I had to go to New Romulus to get them. I walked around the Flotilla for quite a while trying to find the DOFF contact not realizing that not only was there a base now established on New Romulus. There may have been something I missed but I remember thinking, "Wow, I had no idea there was anything on New Romulus yet as I just discovered it!" It might be worthwhile seeing if there could be a minor mission added that might introduce the Romulan complex on New Romulus.

I do look forward to playing through the rest of the story and I think people will absolutely love it on launch. Keep up the good work! Cheers!
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05-08-2013, 03:56 AM
I have the strangest sense of Deja'vu...

-All the voice work is great. I had a grin on my chin the entire time.
-Virinat(ground) is pretty add-tastic when you're the only one there. Not difficult though, given how little damage the mobs do.
-Singularity charge-up beeps are an interesting touch. I'm mildly concerned a new player will wonder what is causing the noise though.
-Mobs were able to see through my battle cloak on approach at 4km range with singularity level 3. I was surprised.
-When customizing the T'Liss, the blank 'Windows' option appears to have the same options as the 'Style' menu - and impacts the ship in the same way(choosing between decal or no-decal).
-While talking to D'Tan, I only JUST realized the Flotilla takes place onboard a Ha'apax.. neat!
-The voice-over for the tutorial tooltip about the mission tracker window overlapped with the voice-over for the Tau Dewa Sector flavor introduction upon first entering sector space.

-=The Helix=-
-Perhaps a tooltip about ship explosions causing damage to your ship might be a good inclusion here..(around the third encounter against three Tal Shiar T'Liss)

-The Valdore that is a part of the Flotilla had blindingly white wings - possibly a texture issue.

-=Crossroads at Crateris=-
-Woah.. Veril looks... different. I liked the previous look, but I suppose this is more in line with the player and bridge officer models.
-"I really wish we were given a melee weapon so these new shiny items would stop auto-equipping into the player's secondary weapon slot.." New Players may not realize one of the new weapons (presumable intended for their bridge officers) ended up there.
-I like the encounter addition at the first shuttle.. it encourages players to 'blow up' the second one...
-Elachi ship arrival still sounds centered in the zone instead of coming from the east.
-Perhaps the Elachi ship should blow up the second shuttle if you bypass that encounter - like I did..
-The Northern Elachi Walker appears sunken into the ground. It's beams originate far above it instead of from the actual model.
-"Oh wow, there's even a Scimitar in the Tal Shiar invasion fleet."
-"Oh man, I hope we get a chance to get ahold of those cresent-shaped Elachi cannon weapons at some point.."
-The battle with the 'Mysterous Ship' felt much better. Not too hard/impossible to damage, but still threatening enough. I got to see it pop a friendly warbird, in a fairly cinematic fashion, a few seconds before it went down itself.
-The friendly warbirds warped out with Federation Blue warp-trails instead of Romulan Green.

-The tooltip(s) explaining the ship replicator was well timed.

-=Gasko Blues=-
-*Checks sealed door between Science and Medical* "Yep, still misaligned."
-It's still pretty easy to accidentally kill the station commander if you're aiming in that direction to finish off the final ambusher.. =/
-"The science bay makes for a pretty interesting flanking position.."
-"Gah! Stop standing in the painful-teal-plasma-fire-of-doom, Veril! Bad! Don't make me send you back to MMO-Elementary!"
-Captain R'lmus probably has an excessive amount of health..
-I was positioned outside of the range of the Tractor beam at the start of the space section. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not for the station to abstruct its firing solution; so an unobservant player would get caught when they try to move towards the first ship.

-=The Search for New Romulus=-
-I like that New Romulus is obscured by the "Dewa III System" name on the sector map.
-Gamma Eridon might be another good point to explain that being right next to a ship when it explodes is a "bad idea".
-Flew through an invisible object about 10km out from Probe Gamma's target location... again, roughly halfway between it and Beta - before the Nausicans jumps in.
-Bridge officers displayed their ground and space abilities on the Away Team Deployment screen to Dewa III.
-"I wonder if Tricorder/Scan effects should be faction-colored..."
-Ermagerd, I actually didn't get a team-wiping Tholian Commander mine dropped on me.. that was actually an.. enjoyable.. fight! Commander had a pretty healthy helping of health to work through, but the fight was actually.. fun(something I never thought I'd say about a Tholian encounter).
-The Recluse still went down pretty easily, but I imagine most of that was due to it being focused on Temer's ship instead of the player's.
-Ran into an invisible wall/temporary obstruction in the hallway for a second time(encountered it during the tutorial as well). It kept me from moving forward until I jumped over it.. not entirely sure what to make of it. Perhaps an ambient event/sound is interrupting player movement?

-=(Minor Intermission)=-
-I notice Veril starts with "Phaser Turret Fabrication II", despite the player neither having an allegiance with the Federation at this point or with the potential to join KDF.
-It would be nice if some of the quest costumes were present in the drop-down outfit selection of the Tailor once unlocked.
-"Pouches" and "Romulan Republic 1" Chest Gear appear to be identical(encountered while customizing Veril).
-The Flotilla still sells Federation fightercraft.

-=Turning Point=-
-"Hurray! S'taass voiceover!"
-Tovan's Voice-over overlaps with Sela's a couple of times. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. I like the organic/non-scripted feel, but perhaps if the Tovan's dialogue were delayed another second or two the overlapping wouldn't be quite as jarring.
-"Hakeev's D'eridex uses a green assimiliation beam instead of a blue tractor beam.... interesting.. is that intentional?"
-The Tal Shiar agents might be a nice time to elaborate on melee combat.
-I love the voicework for Temer's sacrifice cutscene, it really helps to drive the scene.
-D'tan's spoken and written dialogue still don't match.

-The Valdore's wings being blindingly white appear to be an issue with one of the LoD textures, the ship in the flotilla's wings are fine at longer range.

-=Neutral No More=-
-The Dhelan is still listed before the B'rel in the shipyard, despite being a higher tier ship.
-When attempting to rename my new Dhelen at the pop-up when you first recieve it, I recieved a red error message: "You do not have a ship by that name." Renaming the ship at the Ship Selection Officer worked fine after that.

-Romulan Klingon Left Arm attachment has different color options from Right Arm attachments.
-Hands(Male): Romulan Klingon have a second color option that can change the character's entire skin color. Additional, version 2 has some strange additional options.
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05-08-2013, 04:48 AM
Well so far, closing contact windows does nto Always cancel the VO, at least through the tutorial section. this happened in Helix as well. If the fix was mentioned only for non romulan parts of the game, then obviously disreguard. If it was kept that way for early missiomns for some reason same deal.

That is unfortunately all the time I had for this today, but.. I didn't notice any other issues, everything seems to be comming together nicely. Some places still need thier VO filled in, but otherwsie, good work! :^)
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05-08-2013, 07:20 AM
Some things I noticed going through the tutorial missions on a new Rommie:

1) Voice Over still cuts out on some missions - Specifically Nevala when you return to her, to explain to her what you saw in the cavern. The first communication screen, no voice over. But the moment you hit "continue", the voice over kicks in. I noticed this with Temer in a few places as well. And by the time you get to the Flotilla, his voice overs are completely gone. It's a shame, because it adds depth to him.

2) Once again, beaming into the Romulan Flotilla the first time for the cutscene, I was able to see the Transporter Room, and I saw my character getting up off the floor, underneath the transporter pad, while he was still beaming in. But that was all. I still saw no Romulan NPCs/characters. And this was not true when I first did the tutorials on the start of the Beta. This bug occured after the first major content patch for the Beta. And still has not been resolved. This needs fixing before open beta, and certainly before going live.

3) Romulan NPC AI pathing needs work. Some Romulans are still walking over immovable objects like chairs, tables, and counters.
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05-09-2013, 04:57 AM
Perhaps the reman ships in space around crateris should keep moving once the enemy shisp are destroyed, so as to avoid stopping next to them as they explode. Unless of course they have a detah wish.

On the surface of crateris, when talking to Slamek about the transmitter, when Virl's contact duialogue pops up, it still has her old head in it, not the new more saurian like one. Also her mini contact flyby boxes showed her old head. She had her shiny new saurian head back for dialgue with zden after retruning with slamek. She also had her new saurtian head in all space contacts, including the mini contact boxes.
I do like that the officers are now customizable though... and I do like that there are three reman face type options. Though nujmber three does resemble a a benzite in some respects.. mush like number one resembesl a saurian. The eye protection is neat, but the colors for that and the hood seem to be bound to eachother.

In Gasko Blues when Hiven finds his brother dead it looks like he pulls out a phaser rifle in the cutscene.

The tutorial VO in Search for new romulus still says yout tricoprder will point you to your next objective, in space.
I also noticed the Dewa3 system no longer gives away any spoilers in sector space. lol :^D
The Rihan Sailbacks still have Underscores in thier names.
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05-09-2013, 06:07 AM
1) Veril needs voice overs. - Even though her father only says the first line of his text, it's at least something. In fact, voice overs should be more prevalent now in the game, than before. You guys have gotten a lot of practice with it, and it has made the game so much better. I'm somewhat disappointed that the amount of Tovan's voice over work starts to drop off after this story arc's finished.

2) Item Clipping using Tovan's original chest piece and the Romulan Republic uniform top. - About where his "Pouches" chest piece crosses over his chest, and the right lapel, the chest strap gets clipped by the jacket and lapel. This kinda limits the customization of the officers, because I tried to keep aspects of their original gear to make their Romulan Republic uniforms more personalized. I hope this can be fixed.

3) Male Boots of Republic 1 display a fourth color, but there is no 4th color option to change. Player has to go to Civilian Basic to change the color before switching back to Romulan Republic 1.

4) Plasma trails on T'Liss Light Warbird should be green, not smoke. - All the other Romulan ships have green contrails/plasma trails. The player's first Romulan warbird should as well. Especially since the warp flash is green on even this ship.

5) LCARS Loading screen designs should change more significantly to match those of their respective races. Right now the Romulan and Klingon versions are too similar to the Federation one. Furthermore, I noticed that the loading screen would occasionally switch back to the Federation design, on both romulan and kdf characters, but the color scheme remained the same.

6) Khitomer Outpost is on Narendra III. The planet Khitomer, also known as Camp Khitomer, was a separate planet were the First Khitomer Accords were signed between the Federation and the Klingons. As it stands, in the "Turning Point" mission, the history that Tovan Khev gives on the planet is partially wrong. The Narendra system is where the Khitomer Massacre by the RSE was committed. The Khitomer you have the players visit is where the First and Second Khitomer Accords were signed by the Federation and the Klingon Empire. I know it's asking a lot, but as a Trek fan, I feel that this needs fixing. I don't want to see erroneous information in my STO stories.

7) Radar needs to be replaced in "Turning Point" with sensors. No 25th Century empire uses radar in space.

8) Brigadier General G'Dan repeats the same stuff that Councillor Woldan says at Khitomer. Some more variety in the Klingon convos would be an improvement.

9) On character selection screen, Romulan rank and title default to ally equivalent, rather than displaying Romulan rank and title.

10) Beta Thoridor is misspelled in the system map, on the 2nd communication screen from the Mining facility.
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05-09-2013, 10:19 AM
Ijust recreated my rom toon on tribble after the wipe... It went well until that mission you are on that reman colony (cannot recall the name). It was smooth until I had to escort the 2 NPCs to a shuttle for evacuation. They boarded the shuttle fine but the mission did not complete or go to the next chapter, which I believe is me going back to my ship and escorting the shuttle.

Issue: mission did not progress and stuck at escort to shuttle...

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05-09-2013, 06:26 PM
Here's another batch of feedback after playing through the missions again.
I played these on May 8th (before the latest patch), with a female Alien Romulan
that allied with the Federation.

The Helix

No noticeable bugs.

Crossroads at Crateris

What have you done to Veril?! She looked so much better before! She has kept her previous, nice look in the mini-contact pop-up and the dialogue with Slamek though. When returning to Zden, Veril went off on her own and aggroed everything - she went to 0 hp and just kept on going (luckily without dragging me or my team into combat).

Gasko Blues

Hakeev still looks very still on that viewscreen, any chance of animating him? Otherwise a clean mission.

The Search for New Romulus

Very nice that the Dewa III system is no longer named New Romulus! It was a dead giveaway for this mission. When I try to use the "plot a course"-button to Gamma Eridon, my ships just flies around Galorndon Core in an endless loop. When using the map to plot the course it works fine.

Tovan's VO says "There don't seem to be any civilizations-", instead of "doesn't". The adult and mature rihan sailbacks have underscores in their names. The Tholian ground fight is much more manageable now! Plotting a course to the flotilla took me to the Galorndon Core system.

Turning Point

After the conference, in sector space, using the "plot a course"-button took me in a half circle and back to Khitomer again, and not to the flotilla. Otherwise I noticed no bugs in this mission.

Neutral No More

No noticeable bugs in this mission.
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05-09-2013, 06:47 PM
Here's what I experienced in my play through of the early portion of the closed beta before the major update a few days ago. Might be a bit redundant at this point, but listing it here just the same before open.


Impressions: Simply put this mission is in and of itself more entertaining than a lot of the Fed Episode missions available presently in Holodeck. What surprised me the most about this mission was that it was fairly (seemingly?) non-linear for a tutorial. Obviously the mission itself progressed in a linear fashion, but that did not prevent you from going back and talking to some characters again, and the townfolk had interesting conversations you could spy on. Quite masterful really, it will be effective in drawing in both gamers who don't like their hand held, and others who could like a detailed walkthrough to get them started.

The story was excellent and while I expected the day for my character would to go to pot, I did not expect it would progress in the fashion it did, very epic/metal. The scenery was largely excellent, and I was excited to find out that dynamic changes in music on the same map have been implemented into the engine. If enabled on the Foundry that will be a very useful tool indeed.

Another outstanding touch is the implementation of BOFFs with a personality. This more than makes up for the lack of customization they can receive.

Reading through this thread, it appears that the KDF tutorial has been improved as well. Should that be the case, hopefully the Fed tutorial is going to be updated as well as it is vastly inferior to this one.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
Explore The Flotilla

Impressions: The Flotilla concept is quite interesting and well executed. The Romulan interiors here, as opposed to the sort of boring metalish boxes we have seen in the past, and very catching and a cut above the pre-Season 7 scenery we have seen.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
The Helix

Impressions: Not as epic/metal as the tutorial but still more compelling than similar missions available to the Fed or KDF presently. The presence of *real* multiple choice conversations (where you can hail the enemy or blow them off) is refreshing and excellent. I'm not familiar with the Enterprise episode(s) this one is based off of but the mission is interesting in its own right. The adjustable space-terrain present in this mission is brilliant.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
Crossroads at Crateris

Impressions: Another solid mission, more great visuals and gameplay. Nice to see that a female Reman design has been hashed out, and also interesting to see Slamek before he became a prisoner. Somehow I got the impression that he was already on Hakeev's side as a saboteur while playing the mission? It would explain how he could be "captured" here and then subsequently be free to be present on another Reman ship later on. Of course I don't have the fully picture on Slamek's movements yet.

The part where the "new" aliens start to assault the colony was impressive. I like all this dynamic scenery coming into the game.

I can see where some people are saying the "boss fight" is a little hard. I personally don't think it's that bad, I didn't die at all. Of course I normally play as a Space-oriented TAC so going down the same route with this test character made things somewhat easier.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
Gasko Blues

Impressions: More reminiscent of normal STO fare but still a high quality version of a normal mission. Certainly something I'd expect in a 4-star or better Foundry mission. Most of the story is a bit signposted (you know the Tal are already up to no good, that the guy's bro dies, etc) but it gets better when you get to the space battle. I enjoyed having to deal with that tractor beam at the beginning.

Despite the shortcomings in the mission's story, the set design was once again excellent.

Bugs: In the briefing -> "...they've been their for years..." should be "...they've been there for years..."

Tobol's VISOR flexes when he moves his eyebrows in close-up view.
Search for New Romulus

Impressions: Longer mission. Certainly I know by this point where New Romulus is, and it's still marked on the Sector map as such! Kind of a giveaway.

In any event, a nice fun mission generally. It was nice to be able to explore the area north of the familiar New Romulus map. The Tholian Commander was a bit tough. Not bad for a veteran like me but it could be a problem for newbies. Suggest that it's 1 CMDR/1 LT or 3-4 LTs and no CMDR.

Bugs: Dewa III/New Romulus space planet texture -> the New Romulus city is visible from space if you fly around it a bit; in-game text says no civilization presently there, so that is a potential immersion problem.

Section of water on planet surface has missing texture, making the water invisible. Will post link later.
Turning Point

Impressions: Big call back to the kind of interactivity we saw in the tutorial, this mission is quite polished with all the delegates you can talk to. However, it would be nice if even more delegates could be fobbed for a conversation, especially on the Fed side of things.

KDF perspective was very well written all around. Fed however was surprising and actually I kind of liked it. Sugihara always struck me as "all show no go" and it is nice to see that perception being backed up with official content.

But what I *really* liked was T'Nae. Not really a huge fan of her character previously but wow, this just makes her WAY more interesting. It raises a lot of questions about her ability to professionally handle her operational theater. Certainly makes it a bit clearer why Section 31 is encroaching on her turf early in the Fed campaign when you would think they should be focusing on the KDF; it does seem like the organization (or someone they work with in Starfleet) does not necessarily trust her judgment. For that matter the whole Federation delegation is a perfect window into just how messed up the Feds have become internally. No wonder Worf quit! Also, the barely contained anger when she addresses you...very nice.

Also the real politick on D'Tan's part was solid and believable. I'm not sure why Sela would make an appearance at the conference, it's an awfully big risk for her (especially as she always sort of struck me as a "master in the shadows" kind of person) and I'm not sure what the pay-off is. I suppose it may be come clearer as the faction story progresses.

The space combat sequence was fun, it was nice seeing Jarod as half-way competent for a change. The subsequent ground section was a little more traditional but it did explain all the Romulans in Fed diplomatic clothing that were milling about the map. The ending was great, and I am looking forward to the final voice-acted version.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
Neutral No More

Impressions: This mission took me an hour or so to complete. It's not hard at all, but I had a real hard time deciding whether to go with the Feds or with the KDF. Like others had mentioned previously, I was aiming for Fed earlier but the shockingly poor show at the conference evened the choice out for me. Took me a long time to decide to go with the Feds anyway.

The only suggestion I have for this mission, is perhaps the Fed and KDF captains do more of a sales pitch to gain your services? Particularly the Fed captain, as it would balance out the effects of the previous mission a little bit. Not much, but it would inspire some confidence in the UFP.

Bugs: Did not encounter any significant issues in my playthrough of this mission.
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