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# 381 romulan design weapons
05-12-2013, 05:16 AM
Cant see romulan templates for weapons, no sound yet they do damage... cloaking device on a gun much!

but no I equipped most of my Boffs with the romulan design template for ground weapons and they dont appear and there is no sound but they still will do damage.

Otherwise i love the story arch thus far
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# 382
05-12-2013, 05:43 AM
Well, plain and simple: GREAT
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# 383 my feed back
05-12-2013, 06:54 AM
I got to say the story is good and fits in nice with the main game .
the art work is very nice the ships i will have to find out more about but they do look great i did not notice any carrier class within the Romulus faction this i hope will be something to look into after all what good is a scorpion fighter without a carrier to take it on missions.
i found the game itself tio be a little laggy. i think thou this is due to not having the game set up correct like i do on holodeck i do like the new options but i have got to get used to it after playing on holodeck for some time.
there is plenty more life left in star trek online and this new patch will be something for everyone to enjoy.
when you do the mission on new Romulus and i found that it was actually us the player that found it i was impressed but beaming down to the planet and going on my adventure i found at times it was dark in places .
i still would like to see more action for smaller craft thou i hope in the future that something comes out for this line due to there being fighters and runabouts that we can purchase from the c store but don't really have a use for them only the vault and it feels a lot of messing around swapping ships to do one event..
as i pointed out on a separate forum page a planet mission for flying small craft would be a great approach.
i have yet to see a game actually take this idea and use it no space game that i know of as done this yet.
anyway back to the new patch .
i feel theirs got to be more new ships coming in the future due to the fact there don't seem to be vary many to choose from and a lot of those are just fleet versions but saying that it all fits in well with the story. Romulus as to be rebuilt so it all ties in well.hope in time there will be more ships and other items and costumes in the future.

as a whole its great new content and a lot of players will love this.
i still have yet to find out more on the lines of reputation and other aspects that i did not find out much about i did not want to go to deep in the game and spoil it for when it actually gets released.
as a subscriber i feel that we should have a few bonuses we the paying costumer do have the veteran reward scheme but i feel there should be something more for subscribers and i don't mean for the 1000 day vets .to warrant our subscription you should provide more its nice you cater for the life members but a member who cant afford life all in one go and pays monthly we don't really get a lot for our money 500 c cash and a few little perks just don't cut it .you need something to draw a crowed in your marketing. something that will encourage more subscribers .well i hope i gave you plenty to sink your teeth into.
hats off to the guys making this new patch .
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# 384 Graphic error
05-12-2013, 08:54 AM
I have notice a graphic error on the first map you visit in several places. Can easily been seen at shuttle craft. Where you have added a texture to stop people being able to enter certin areas it shows up as a tainted glass. I thought that the ship internals look amazing, so much better than the federation internals shame they didn't have the same love put into them as the romulans have. Great job eps on eng dec core looks brilliant. Story line was and tutorial was also very good. Nice work
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# 385
05-12-2013, 09:25 AM
A few observations:
  • In the attack cutscene - during the fireworks - the camera moved from the floor up and did an upskirt shot of a dead Woman. Might want to look into that.
  • The space tutorial was annoying because it blocked commands like Shift+R because I hadn't been told yet that I'm suppossed to do that.
  • During Former Allies there is a cutscene of a bunch of Hirogen beaming down, of which one appeared to be headless.
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# 386
05-12-2013, 10:30 AM
One big Issue I'm having is that I seem to be unable to change the skills of the BOFFs I pick up along the way through the storyline.
Should that still be the case once this goes live, you're in for some problems with your Video sequences, because I for once won't have that Torvan guy along to Khitomer Conference to insult Sela then, I'd rather exchange him for a Tac BOFF with the Skills I want.
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# 387
05-12-2013, 10:45 AM
The new content is fantastic! I also very much enjoyed the UI updates.
Join Date: May 2013
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# 388
05-12-2013, 01:56 PM
Ive played up to the New Romulus mission(cant log on right now due to so many players taking advantage of this Sunday) and the biggest thing that stood out to me was how GREAT the graphics look. Even the weapons seem to look better and all the planets and buildings look amazing. Though it seems a few textures for a few of the buildings in the tutorial were a bit off.

so to give order to my thoughts ill list my pros and cons.

-BEAUTIFUL graphics
-the redesigned UI looks great!
-The missions are starting to get better, especially in the realm of ground combat. feels smoother
-The bridge, engine room etc. look really cool, especially the singularity core
-tutorial fun and interesting
-interesting enemy from ENT i believe

-some textures missing
-some missions still have that repetitive feeling
-It may be just me but i found that sometimes the frame rate would drop significantly. Though as i said this may be just me.
-some of the combat scenarios feel unrealistic(I mean a 200 year old bird of prey destroying a D'Diderex)
-Some of the voice acting sounds a bit clunky and cheesy, especially when compares to SWTOR voice acting
-The Romulan Republic sounds a bit too much perfect, like a Romulan Federation. I suggest darkening their motives just a bit.

Overall this is a really fun expansion and i cant wait till may 21!
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# 389 lag
05-12-2013, 03:07 PM
I only expierenced lag when i approached the medical personal upon new romulus other than that it was good
Career Officer
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# 390
05-12-2013, 04:07 PM
A Day in the Sun

After talking to D'Vex intially about the spore samples and bring him the findigns of your analysis, his second page of comments do not match up with the voice over. The text dialogue now says his commander, but the voice over still says captain.

Virinat Invaded

After the cutscene with the orbital bombardment, you got to alert the militia. After they are killed, you contact torvan and says to grab a rifle. When you walk up to to get a rifle, Torvan contacts you again, His voice over dialogue does not match the text on the screen. Second paragraph reads, "I tried to send a distress signal, but the damaged our transceiver array...." But the voice says that "I tried to send a distress signal, but they destroyed the transceiver array..."

After getting the rifle, and heading towards the marketplace, when you reach the stairs, there is a Tal Shiar soldier standing at the top of the stairs to the right as your coming up. He is standing behind a pole next to a tree, and is not targetable. He doesn't shoot at you, but just standing there holding a pistol in his hand.

Flight from Virinat

After destroying the derelict ships, go to destroy the Tal Shiar satellites, I noticed that my warbird has plasma fire applied to it. The satellites aren't shooting back, and I was not at point blank range to warrant being caught in my own high yield torpedo affect.

After defeating Hakeev and talking with Temer, upon arriving at the Flotilla, and materializing onboard the flagship, during the cutscene where your welcomed aboard, everyone is halfway embedded into the floor. After that and you are escorted to Temer's office, everyone is fine.

Turning point

While talking to Woldan in the Hall of Heroes, his voice over has a echo to it to simulate speaking in a great open hall. But, when talking to S'Stask, his voice does not have the echo.

After Sela's dialogue, and D'Tan asks you and Tovan to leave, your brought to an area at the beginning of Khitomer. Tovan start his dialogue and mentions about the ship. When you select to beam up, my character and Tovan are standing in the same exact spot, and we're clipped into each other.

At the end, after talking with Woldan and Jiro, speak with D'Tan, his fist page of dialogue is fine. The second page though... the voice over work does not match the text at all. He actually says a lot more, about picking an ally, then the few lines of text that are displayed.

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