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# 391
05-12-2013, 06:09 PM
Going deep into the ashes.

Observations: Pretty much the same from closed beta, except all the bugs I noticed (grammar errors, flexible VISORs) are fixed.

Issues/Bugs: As mentioned earlier, the station commander is listed as an enemy from the start and is thus killable before you can speak to him.

Observations: Early space sections are mostly unchanged. Texture seams are gone too, which is nice. Ground Tholian battle is no longer in "Ultra-Violence" difficulty, now closer to a more newbie friendly "Hey, Not Too Rough". Final space battle was too easy though, I one-shotted the Tholian supership with a High-Yield plasma bolt. Otherwise many positive changes and fixes.

Issues/Bugs: I can still see New Romulus City from the Space map of uninhabited New Romulus. Either that or a large contingent of Tholians are camping down there with marshmallows and singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Satra pretty much has no VO content so far, actually it is sort of distracting to have her make a comment in text (like she does when the Tholians attack on the surface) and then have Toven reply to her with a VO. As an aside, Veril could have some more VO content as well.

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During missions Boff comments come up in windows. Sometimes there are quite a bit of them at one time and I was unable to read the content, mostly because they would happen when there was player interaction happening (combat).

The Boff comments do not show up in the NPC chat like most of the other mission progress or just general NPC chatter.

Would be nice to review those comments, if for nothing else to just keep up with the story line.
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# 393 Hiven's Voice
05-12-2013, 06:47 PM
At least once after picking up Hiven he has a dialog that has one of the female voices come up.

It's not reading the dialog, you have to read that yourself. It's one of those statements that you will here one of the NPC's say when a direction or clue dialog comes up.

Something like "I will not be a slave anymore!" or something along those lines.

Not a critical issue.
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# 394 nice
05-12-2013, 07:15 PM
Having spent aproximately 12 hours testing the new legacy of romulus material i have to say i am very impresed.

i like the story arc it is fun and quick to get through to the stuff we really want to do.

im hoping more romulan type starships will be available after launch as options appear to be extremely limited to one type per rank at the moment wth what appear to be a possible second available ship via z-store purchase or faction alignment (fed/ kdf) if there arent to be any more options for romulan class vessels i am glad to be able to choose a ffed or kdf ship as an alternate ship although i fel this is a bit of a cop out considering the ship option numbers for kdf and fed (3 non z-store choicesd per rank).

love the new ui it works to my eyes a lot cleaner than the old one and although it is only cosmetic manages to draw me in to belive im in the game better than the old one did.

there are some clear bugs to correct before launch mainly stability issues and some ghosting through walls and floors on occasion but i gotta give this upcoming expansion a strong 8 of 10 purely on the enjoyment factor of the amounts of new content.

good work guys give me more
STF SOS call the SEDF
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# 395
05-12-2013, 07:35 PM
Have to say you guys are blowing me away. The dialogue is very much enhancing the missions. That said you really need to do VO work for all 3 faction's missions, This would definitely turn more people on to STO. Only major qualm is that you need better music for the commander's death. It will only give players impact if the music is strong enough to support it. Really making this feel like a Star Trek Series, well done!
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# 396
05-12-2013, 07:56 PM
Wrapping up Ashes.

Observations: There seems to be less non-important delegation people you can interact with from closed beta, though I could be wrong. Sela's appearance was much better with the VO but still don't know why she came in the first place. I like that T'Nae was retained but I do think that the annoyed look on her face could have been kept from closed beta, it was a very effective surprise.

Everything is better with professional voiceovers, in particular the ending here.

Issues/Bugs: Temer in the briefing text states "Now representatives from both factions will be at Khitomer to hear our proposal...and so will the empress". Since that's a title, "empress" should be capitalized to "Empress".

This bugged me from closed beta, but I'll mention it now...isn't in retrospect the Tal Shiar dressed up as Fed diplomats a dead giveaway since they have eyebrow ridges? Wouldn't it be possible for the TS to find some ridgeless agents?

What D'Tan says at the end of the mission in his text box is wildly different from his voiceover.

Noticed coming back from the mission to the flotilla that one of the ship models for that instance point was missing a texture at a distance. Not sure if one of the low-res mips didn't download just for me, or if it is missing on your end. It was on what looks like a modified Mogai.

Observations: Fed captain guy seems to have had his text changed a bit, although I can be sure since I don't have access to the earlier build anymore. He seems more convincing though.

Stopped after making the choice in closed beta so the actually pirate hunting part of the mission was new to me. Seemed fine to me.

Issues/Bugs: No issues occurred with my play-through.

Romulan map loading screen sometimes decides to take a vay-cay randomly, and the Fed map loading screen appears in its place. This has been mentioned before, though.

Tier 2 Romulan ship warped out with blue Federation warp effect (probably would have been red if I went with KDF). Should it not use a green Romulan effect?
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# 397
05-12-2013, 08:27 PM
I've only played a couple hours of this exp, I am sorta new. I pre-ordered the game and after a few months got really bored of STO. This EXP has my hopes high now for this game. Just the section of the Romulans is amazingly fun. I could not stop, but have fun playing this exp and cannot wait for it to be released.
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# 398 Plot Thoughts
05-12-2013, 08:54 PM
Generally I am impressed with the feel and look of this expansion and many of the minor bugs and errors are already mentioned by other people so I won't repeat them. I am generally confused by the speed of the opening story/plot though. You go from happy go lucky, cheerful colony chap one minute, to dealing with some bugs to fighting a full scale invasion/abduction/terror attack in minutes. For that matter, why was there no early warning of the ships in orbit? This is not a situation of Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid hiding in a bush waiting for a train to go past. Okay so its a colony with limited tech or scale but they clearly have shuttles, high level communications and ground tech enough to 'resist' the attack and perhaps more importantly, they don't seem stupid. Why in all of the instances of the Tal Shiar attacking places are people are surprised? For me it's a bit of a plot fail. It would be like nobles continuing to transport all their worldly wealth through Sherwood Forest being attacked by Robin Hood and then going 'oh yeah, that guy... I knew that would happen'. For apparently clever people they're quite thick.

This is a general STO plot thought, why is it that nobody seems to get broken up or emotional about things? Your player has basically had his home blown apart, his mates (family?), the chick he (or dude she) liked etc killed or stolen away for who knows what. When chatting to the 'goodies' they're like 'it would be an honour to serve'.

When people you care about die etc it is generally considered a pretty bad thing. Where is vengeance, where is anger, where is despair where is sacrifice, or murder or a plethora of other really cool things that could engage people so much more as they choose how to respond to situations. Where is down time in the bar being thoughtful and getting into a fight with somebody or crying or having a meaningful chat with the cute commander type figure?

Third and final thought... I have often thought it would be really cool to have 'faction' (fleet) alliances. Where player made fleets could ally themselves to others and help each other along, share some resources or trade or even back each other up in fights etc. It would be amazing if when the whole thing about creating a Romulan fleet or even within the story you were able to choose whether you wanted to ally yourselves to Klingon or Federation groups. They are at war with each other and it would be an exciting and in depth way of making the struggle for Romulans even more deep. It would also create more tension between Fed and Klinong factions. One player made Romulan fleet sides with a player made Fed fleet, another sides with Klingon. So much stuff could be built on that and it would be player made (more or less).

All in all though, the new Race and story is engaging and has so much potential. Thank you.
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# 399
05-12-2013, 09:52 PM
Captain's Log, Stardate -309638.56...

Thirteen months have passed since the exploits of the crew of NX-636366 have been archived into this, rudimentary, data system. Returning to Holodeck once more, I have recently continued participating within this virtual world environment simulation of my world, lost in time.

Shortly after my reactivation in the, virtual, ranks of Starfleet I found myself transferred to an alternative reality known as "Tribble." There I was tasked with infiltrating the new Romulan Republic, an apparent splinter faction of the Romulan Star Empire who, within this simulation, fell from, virtual, grace due to the explosion of some star called "Hobus." In spite of the various rumors regarding the culprit of that devastating event, I cannot help but think that Q, son of Q, is somehow responsible.

While attending to my "assigned tasks" as a "Romulan", several anomalies were noted within this alternative reality of "Tribble" that may be of, both, interest and concern, to Starfleet.

To the topic of hand, my infiltration of the Romulan Republic began during "Operation: A Day On The Farm". Tasked with deactivating a device I found myself facing off with a large synthetic creature of some unknown design. In spite of its advanced appearance my taking cover behind the device I was sent to shut down caused it to cease hostilities - it was as if it not only could not see me, but had not seen me.

Stranger than this was that, during my report to a subject known as "The Maiori", full name "Maiori Malem", the text field on the communications interface dialog, a dialog system similar to the communications system of "Holodeck", clipped text along the left most and upper most edges. Changing the windowed resolution from approximately 1440x500 to 1700x600 alleviated the aberration, leaving me with the impression that the dialog itself is failing to scale properly within its apparent mask. Attempting to open the options dialog resulted in the discovery that, in this reality of "Tribble", the option dialog does not focus-to-front of, at least, communications dialogs when opened. It was during these events that I began to notice a peculiar behavior amongst "my Romulan peers." Of those that could "speak" none "spoke" more than a few words before they would resort to communicating via text.

During "Operation: Diaspora" I took command of a 23rd century Romulan Warbird. The computer on the ship seemed to be suffering from some type of virus as it waited until after I had already been tasked with moving the vessel and setting its course to explain how, at least, the latter controls function with something referred to in this time as "WASD". This may explain why, during "Operation: The Search for New Romulus", the ships autopilot began orbiting Galorndon Core during our first stop there and then returned to Galorndon Core, after course was set from Gamma-Eridon to Dewa-III, where it began orbiting once more after course was reset.

Back to the topic of "Operation: Diaspora", while in space I encountered shielded Tal Shiar Satellites and several derelicts. Each were dispatched in turn only to reappear after I was tasked with a "search for stranded colonists."

There weren't any other, overtly, unusual events until I began "Operation: Crossroads At Crateris", sometime after leaving Virinat space. By some random occurrence, destroying ships with plasma torpedoes causes an unusual visual effect. When viewed from an external perspective at maximum zoom and five+ kilometers away, ships destroyed with these torpedoes will have a large circle appear over them. For singularity drive ships it is green, for, purportedly, warp core ships, such as a Nausican destroyer, it is red. Whatever the cause may be, it is an unusual sight.

Which brings me back to the subject of Dewa-III; this world is perplexing, but nothing about it more so than its water. Having collected a sample for examination, I "tripped" and "fell" beneath the surface. Looking up I found it odd that, in spite of the water's color, nothing looked different while I was beneath its surface. It was at this time that I realized the water had vanished, or so I thought as upon standing and breaking what had previously been the surface the water once more appeared. The space around Dewa-III was equally eventful as it was during this time the ship's computer revealed that the vessel is equipped with a tri-corder that can be used to scan the local region.

Between these previously mentioned occurrences and some other, more innocuous, incidents such as the unusual temporal disparity between activating and seeing the transporter field immediately before beginning "Operation: All Good Things Have A Price", I cannot help but wonder if Q, son of Q, is not somehow involved in the unusual incidents within this alternative reality of "Tribble."

End Log.

- Captain, NX-636366
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# 400 Sound Bug
05-12-2013, 10:02 PM
There is an annoying static , sounding pop coming out of speakers around the room 1 at a time.

I have X-Fi Titanium card w/ 7.1 surround on. This is never a problem on my computer, just this Romulan Ed.

I love the improvements in story , graphics, and FUN level!

Thanks to developers!

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