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I've grown weary of this. Over the past several days I've attempted to defeat starbase 24, around at least 12 times.

Everytime I beam in:

-I am my own ship.
-My away team is not with me.
-Klingons respawn over and over and over.
and, overwhelming Klingons spawns seem to bring on,


Below is a link to a video I uploaded, of Starbase 24 at its worst. Someone please fix this, It's the only mission I cannot complete because it's simply overloading the map.


I have not made it through this mission, because every time I try, the BSOD occurs. This is the ONLY mission I've documented that repeatedly gives me this error. I can proceed through the others just fine.

Someone please fix this. Thanks.


Intel Quad-Core 2.8 ghz
Windows XP
ATI Radeon 4850

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