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I've memorized the FED side of the Tour the Universe event, but is there a map of the guide path for the KDF side?

I can't find one on STO wiki.

Does a guide to TtU exist for the KDF?
If so, how can I complete the event 3 times without going to the Sirius Sector Block?

Please help.
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08-13-2013, 07:20 PM
I looking for that path map too.
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08-13-2013, 08:41 PM
They removed the four hour cooldown on Tour so it can be done more than once per hour?

Unless they've done that, the whole thread is academic.
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08-13-2013, 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
They removed the four hour cooldown on Tour so it can be done more than once per hour?

Unless they've done that, the whole thread is academic.
You can switch to other KDF characters and do the race on them.

Originally Posted by tmassx View Post
I looking for that path map too.
First off, no bumping old threads. Mods hate that.

As for the info. Even though I never drew up the Routes for the KDF on my Race map, I did provide the WIKI guys the routes for KDF.

Prior to Tau Dewa and the Nerf, I did 5 laps as a KDF by:

Mission Transwarp to Forcas (getting East Omega Leonis credit)
Mission Transwarp to Gamma Oronis
Mission Transwarp to Orellius
Normal Transwarp to Alpha Centauri
Iota Pavonis
Head East to East Sector of Alpha Centuari (finishing the block)
Mission Transwarp to Psi Velorum (Mine Enemy)
Mission Transwarp to Eta Eridani (Night of the Comet)
Mission Transwarp to Psi Velorum (Frozen)
Enter Pi Canis enter Regulus Sector
Go up Regulus
Mission Transwarp to Beta Ursae (Operation Gamma)
Go east BU and enter Alpha Triangulai
Finish up sectors by zig zagging and enter Zeta Astronomae
Jump to Orellius (Cold Case)
Enter Eta Eridani and complete sector
Use Mission Transwarp to Omega Leonis (Destiny)

If done right, you finish in under 10 minutes.

Of course since then you have the "new" missions added to Cardassian Content, Regulus, and Pi Canis, which you could use as jump points. But if you are running just one character, you really should just enjoy the ride (and the event).
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08-13-2013, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
They removed the four hour cooldown on Tour so it can be done more than once per hour?

Unless they've done that, the whole thread is academic.
Not if you have multiple characters its not.

Short route:

From Qo'noS go to Gamma Orionis Transwarp Gate
Set course for Sibiran system, hit Slipstream, bank toward Pelia once you enter Mutara Sector
From Pelia Sector, transwarp to Cardassian Space*
Turn north toward Orellius Sector block
Cut through to Revah Sector, turn right
Slipstream across Eta Eridani to Gamma Orionis
Change instances to enter B'Moth Sector, scoot back to Qu'vat Sector.
* if not at T4 marauder, Transwarp to Qo'noS and do next four steps in reverse.

200,000ec - took me 6min with a Mk. X Borg engine and a [coi][SSS] warp core.

Long route (full tour):
From Qo'noS go to B'Moth Sector.
Double back and enter Pi Canis block.
Slipstream across Pi Canis to Regulus Sector.
Go up Regulus Sector Block to Psi Velorum block.
Slipstream across Psi Velorum.
Change instance to return to Hyralan Sector and enter Alpha Centauri block
Cut diagonally across Alpha Centauri block to Iota Pavonis.
(If you have DIRP but not T4 marauder, enter Iota Pavonis from Sierra Sector)
Head toward center of Iota Pavonis, pull a U-turn to cut through all sectors.
(If you have DIRP but not T4 maraunder, Re-enter Alpha Centauri block to cut through Tenebia sector)
{If you have T4 Marauder, at this point transwarp to Cardassian space.}
(If you have DIRP but not T4 Marauder, cut through Sirius block to Beta Ursae)
[Or, if available, transwarp to starbase and exit to sector (Xarantine Sector, Eta Eridani block)]
*Otherwise, transwarp to Qo'noS, exit to sector, enter Eta Eridani*
{(Fly a loop through Cardassian Space, ending up in the Cardassian Sector (change instance in Beta Ursae if nedded))]
*[Slipstream across Eta Eridani]*
Enter Orelius block, pass through both sectors en route to other exit.
{(slipstream across Eta Eridani block to Qo'noS sector)}
*[Fly loop around Cardassian space and transwarp back to Qo'noS]*
Enter Transwarp to Gamma Orionis, Slipstream through center of block (Sibiran system) and enter Pelia.
Transwarp/return to Qo'noS.

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12-29-2013, 09:51 PM
You should check out the guide on the house of martok website. It's got a map showing the route!

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