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04-18-2013, 08:41 PM
I run 2 accounts. on one account everything works fine. no issues. on the 2nd account ever sense the patch every time I try to log on I get all the way to the selecting my toon and logging into the game and it crashes giving me a "fatal error"seems always to be the Dadotable_ring_01. whatever that is. I have deleted hogg files to force a patch to looking for this file. nothing works. to top it off I have to log out of my PC to even get the launcher to work again.Yes I even go to my task manager and make sure cryptic or anything related to the game isn't running.Getting very tired of it.Have messed with it all day and same thing every time.I have done every possible thing in these forums to try and fix this.My 2nd account has a lvl50 klingon that I enjoy playing and have a ton of time invested into.It can not possibly be on my end as A. my other account again works fine. and B. this is a new PC. not even 3 months old.I can run this game maxed out with no problems.Please tell me what is going on as I am at a loss now.

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