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I got the invite for closed Beta LOR

Ok, I was Immersed, bedazzled and I wanted to keep playing. The beginning colony is very beautiful despite the tribble 'tone it down' visuals. It was fast paced. The planet was beautiful.

It felt good to put on a new fresh 'toons' boots. I really felt that so far, this story experience is not going to be FED or KDF at all. IT IS Romulan... I liked the phrases about honor. I've recently read a novel about the romulans and their sense of honor is vastly different from klingons, nice touch.

Pacing into my new ship and equipment is easy.... probably because I've played this game so long, yet there was enough help tutorial for absolutely new players as well.


My only concerns so far is that the text of the opening cinematic needs to flash a little slower, so that some people could read it.

The battleship battle with the remans allies is pretty tough. I had full weapon power and it seemed to take like 10 minutes to destroy one ship.. I know the ship you have is ancient... but still either beef up the rewards from before missions for better fire power or nerf it.

Also that battle ship was cool with the space jumping, but then at the end it used this cone effect and launched an arrow head at me and almost 1 shot me. Not sure about that....

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