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I have two computers available for playing STO on, one is somewhat higher end than the other, but both are capable of playing the game on Recommended or higher. Anyway...

On Holodeck, both computers can display all maps (ground and space) with little or no reduction in FPS. However I have noticed a strange issue when using Tribble space maps.

When I am on ground maps, my FPS is great, all animations are smooth, and the only thing that doesn't look right is all the new LCARS buttons are waaaaaay too angular and have a strange flickering/crumbling look around the edges.

Then when I beam up to my ship and go to sector space, my FPS and graphics settings continue to operate smoothly. But when I go to any space mission map, regardless of whether it is empty black stars or full of nebulas and asteroids, I suddenly have a MAJOR drop in FPS and textures refuse to render all the way, on BOTH computers.

Once again, ground maps render PERFECTLY, but for some strange reason all SPACE maps give me horrific FPS issues and pixelated textures. And to re-iterate, it doesn't matter how many objects or "effects" are in the map. I could understand the game slowing down if I was surrounded by 32 billion asteroids and a bunch of smoky nebula cloud effects; that gives a comp a lot of work to do. But even EMPTY BLACK space maps are running atrociously. And only on Tribble. I have no space map issues like this on either computer on Holodeck.

This concludes my report. I hope it is not mistaken or a waste of time.
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04-18-2013, 09:16 PM
Do your computers happen to use Nvidia Optimus technology?
If so, you may need to use the Nvidia control panel to set the Tribble game client to use your Nvidia card instead of the Intel HD graphics, then restart the game. I went from 5FPS to 30 FPS doing that.
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04-19-2013, 10:03 AM
The higher-end computer uses Nvidia, and my laptop uses Intel HD. And as far as I know Intel is the only thing on it, unless someone has hidden nicer hardware in my machine and not told me.

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