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Hey everyone, I'm looking to start and grow a fleet with any easy-going 18yo+ people who are sick of contributing to fleets they'll never be happy in. I recently got a lifetime subscription and realized how hard it is to find a good fleet, I have no doubt they're out there but I'd like to try my hand at owning one anyways. Besides, can't hurt to have one more good fleet out there.

So that's my initial pitch, please don't advertise your fleet to me here or anything like that, and please be 18 years of age or older if you post on here looking to join up (no offense to younger people). I have no name in mind, but once the thing is made I think the founders should be as even as possible in power sharing and decision-making. Anyone not getting in on this now will have less of a say-so in how this fleet is molded and will be subject to more scrutiny before being recruited so please please post now and help me get this thing started.

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