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This thread is for Feedback for the Romulan "Allies" Mission Chain.

My Personal Feedback:

I found it to be rather bland and unfulfilling storywise. And felt that many of these missions should've been held in Romulan Territory than all the way in Eta Eridani. Already felt out of place with the Borg, then the True Way, and then the Tholians. But now the Hirogen staking a claim in this area of space?

That''s why I personally wish that the new missiosn took place along the Romulan Neutral Zone and going deep into the missing sectors of the Romulan Empire (that's still missing).

My mission Feedback:

Stepping In: Rehash of Donatu "Bonus" Mission. Felt it didn't add storywise.

The Price of Neutrality:

Good design, but felt stupid that a Tal Shiar / Reman / Hirogen base was in the middle of the Federation / Klingon war zones. This should be in deeper in Romulan Territory.

Memory Lane: Really felt like there was no reason why the Klingons were there and fighting against us. What happened to the treaty?

But was nice visiting "home" and the characters reminiscing.

Smash and Grab: Really didn't get in the spirit of this mission. Felt stupid hopping from one transport to another, blowing them up, and not affecting the other transports. But when you beam to your ship, they magically are blowing up at the same time.

But I will admit this, I really cracked up at the line from Red October.

That said, felt it was ironic that we are warned about shooting up rooms full of explosives, and in that final room, we are once again shooting in a room full of explosives. Even tossing explosives in a room full of explosives.

Please explain to me why we didn't all go out in a blaze of glory?

Tradecraft: Why is there a very noticable Tal Shiar sattelite in orbit around a Federation Planet and nobody from the Federation noticed?

And the ships warping in.......and a really nice BIG battle. Okay we were getting help from our "Federation Friends" and Romulan ships showed up, and later a couple of Defiants sitting doing nothing. I think this needs redone, for starters, not fun nearly their first target as they warp in and if it was on a higher difficulty setting, it would've been over fast.

Rewards and Finances - still feel very weak. Have not earned anything as a Romulan due to poor drop rates. Nearly done with Tier 2 and still in Mk2 equipment. And there is still the Dilithium factor yet implemented.

Well thats my personal feedback of this arc.
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04-19-2013, 12:50 AM
I agree, placement of the missions feels wrong and as I understand this is to put players on Drozana it really doesnt need to anyway, I would suggest moving it to Tau Dawa.

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04-19-2013, 01:36 AM
Yeah, the Drozana part seems forced.

To me, they should keep old Drozana, and just use the new model for another Ferengi Station. (Heck, why not Nimbus?) That way you got neutral stations at each edge of the game.

So if they did move all this into Romulan Territory, the station could easily become a valuable Hub since only New Romulus is the only Hub in that area.

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