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# 1 Nvidia Optimus Issue
04-19-2013, 01:40 AM
I've touched on this in replies to a couple other posts, but here I am going to post some details on an issue that affects Tribble and likely Redshirt, but which has an easy end user workaround.

Computers that use Nvidia Optimus technology to switch between the CPU integrated Intel graphics system and an Nvidia video card may not automatically recognize the Tribble gameclient.exe program as the Star Trek Online game, and may default to the Intel graphics system. That is likely to result in performance issues. The workaround is to add the Tribble gameclient.exe file to the game list in the Nvidia control panel manually and set it to use the Nvidia graphics card. After I did that, I realized that both entries were distinct which may indicate why the Tribble client wasn't recognizing the tribble client as being part of Star Trek Online, which it already knew about.

The regular gameclient.exe file shows up (automatically) in the game list like this:
Star Trek: Online (star trek online/live/gameclient.exe)

Here is what the Tribble (and I think Redshirt) clients show up as when manually added:
Startrek Online

I had thought it was an issue of differing version string, but neither of them have the game's name in the version string so I'm not sure how the Nvidia control panel is getting the program's name. But it does seem to differ.
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# 2
05-14-2013, 01:23 PM
I was looking on my Nvidia control panel and saw there were two GameClient.exe I could add. I already have the normal client working, and I saw that the other GameClient.exe was in the folder Playtest. Is this the folder used for Tribble and Redshirt? I'm checking right now to see if making it use the Nvidia card will fix it.

EDIT: Adding the GameClient.exe listed under the "Playtest" folder worked. Now I can play with no lag.

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