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I've already seen numerous posts here on Tribble forums regarding Romulan D7 Battlecruiser being added to the game, with one idea being making it a reward for Temporal Ambassador mission (which currently rewards Romulans with either Ambassador or Kamarag, depending on the alliance).

Now, with Cryptic's recent switch from earlier plans about Romulans flying their allies ships it would seem that the only non-lockbox vessels the faction can use at endgame are the Warbirds (all 5 of them...), with only T1-T4 dilithium or C-Store ships being cross-faction. This also means that their overall choice of gameplay and strategy is quite limited and that they can only fly ships that use Singularity mechanic.

So, to introduce at least some variety, how about that D7 Battlecruiser being basically a re-skinned K'Tinga, only with Kamarag's stats? This could not only allow players some more flexibility and alternative, but would also fit the game in terms of canon, as these ships were basically an old Klingon design to begin with (thus they wouldn't use Singularity Warp Cores).

The ship itself could just be an existing K'Tinga model, only with that gray material Tier 1 T'liss is using. Not sure how much actuall work would be required for such a (pressumably) minor change/addition, but personally I see this as a great opportunity, especially if a T3 version of this ship could be a reward for Temporal Ambassador, with T5 variant being introduced to the Fleet Store, like Ambassador and Kamarag.
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D7 with a different paintjob? Could see that work with minimal effort. Only issue is making it recognize the correct ship reward. However why would you want it over the Mogai unless you are giving them a carbon copy of the KDF K'Tinga? Currently the KDF D7 is actually more science orientated (and better) than the Kamarag.

That said it changes it to Obsliek if you are a Romulan (that reman guy, unsure if that is his correct name) so who knows, maybe they were planning something?

Forgot to add, I do see issues with giving them a K'tinga. Reviewing stats, the Romulan Warbird at ltcmdr level pretty much trumps everything there including cstore ships. They may have to give warbirds a nerf or everything else a buff.
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