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04-24-2013, 11:37 AM
I wish I could recall the Dev post from a several months back about this. At one point we (generally speaking) were asked to report specific missions where the dialogue/decloak were truly problematic. I'm assuming via GM tickets. So that the internal flag could be changed at the various points. I vaguely recall this was specific to story missions. They never committed to changing all of them. I know there was never a concise list composed on our end. At least not something for a forum sticky. Is it possible that we (generally speaking) were no longer reporting the specific missions to address so they jchanged focus from early game content to new, LoR content?

Regardless, for new missions coming with LoR it really does need to be nipped in the bud now. Not after May 21st. The reasoning behind when and why a Dev chooses to trigger a de-cloak should be made more clear, too.

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04-24-2013, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by heavensrun View Post
I agree that this should be fixed, and I am of the opinion that that fix should be of a "whatever it fracking takes" variety
^^^^This 100% took the words out of my mouth lol.^^^^

Originally Posted by heavensrun View Post
Okay, I think you've got a little false correlation/causation going on here. I can't see any possible way that the lockbox messages would decloak you. They're part of the chat system, and the decloak trigger is part of the event system. Moreover, this would render cloaks literally useless, because every system message in the game would be breaking everybody's cloak
It shouldn't be but it is, I've tested it, I was thinking it was limited to my client but I have a couple of friends that are having the same issue to the same degree, we're thinking it may have been cause by a bad packet downloaded during one of the previous patches. And at this point system messages are the only thing not breaking cloaks on a regular basis, which already renders them literally useless.
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04-24-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by heavensrun View Post
Not as much as it should be, and that's rather the problem.
I agree. These issues are the REASON cloaks are not used as much in PvE. My typical strategy of cloaking device game-play results in almost a one-shot of the enemy. With my setup I can pretty much take down even the most powerful enemies, both PvP and PvE, in approximately 3 to 6 seconds of uncloaking. On elite mode in STFs my build can take out a Borg Cube in that 6 second time, with my only formidable foe being the Tac cubes on Elite.

I am not even in a z-store ship. I am in a little Raptor. I remember the days when everyone freaked out that the Bortasq' and Odyssey were "overpowered" and "unkillable". That raptor would take down any ody or tasq within a few seconds of uncloaking.

All of this is rendered useless in PvE storyline missions. The only strategy in storyline missions due to the dialogue boxes is to zerg the enemy and hit the fire button. Almost no strategy or food for thought has to be applied because there is only one strategy . . . wonder in, press fire, and then wait for the next dialogue box to pop up telling you your next goal.

One of the pleasures of two factions is strategy. Feds never have to worry about cloak because Feds are not a cloak based faction. Their strategy is pretty straightforward (and before you say it, YES I know about the Defiant and Dreadnought, but those two ships are NOT typical federation canon, so I exclude those).

However on the KDF side, cloaking for half their ships, and performing Rogue-like "stealth, come up from behind and back-stab your enemy" type strategy makes it interesting and different to play. And now we have the Romulans, who's ENTIRE ship line benefits from cloaking strategy regardless of what faction they choose.

Personally, in any MMO, including the Star Trek universe, I almost always love to play and think like a Rogue. I love the stealthy approach. I love to come up close to my enemy and deal a chunk of mass damage with an essential "back-stab" from behind. It's strategic thinking like this that makes MMOs fun and diverse. However in STO the only people who get to play with such strategy without interruption from dialogue boxes are the PvPers.

In the interest of such strategic diversity, I really do hope they get this fixed . . . and it should be a priority based on the Romulan release. I have tested on tribble, and nothing has changed for the Romulan missions. The Devs have also written in code that de-cloaks you in THOSE missions as well. So if it IS a "bug" that was "map based", they did not take it into consideration when writing the NEW maps for the Romulan missions.
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Originally Posted by captaintrueheart View Post
Is cloak really used outside of PVP???

So far on my Romulan I've only cloaked once just for fun, usually I find it more efficient to simply take out the PVE enemie., I've never encountered a situation where I felt I had to run and hide against the enemy AI.

I could see from a RP perspective wanting it but does it really impact a player's ability to progress through the missions? Infinite invisibility is a pretty strong ability and I can see why they would want to keep it in check, though they definitely could do something better than have BO dialog disable cloak, that's just stupid.
I know that I would probably end up using it rather regularly, at least at end game when one can rather easily become overwhelmed when every sphere in hive elite is after you, or so one can move in to engage a borg gate at close range for a while and duck out if it hits you too hard and your cooldowns are going.
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04-24-2013, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by naevius View Post
But what kind of maps SHOULD be fixed? That is the better question.
Every single newly created map moving forward would be a good start.
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04-24-2013, 05:26 PM
Dead God YES PLEASE!! It makes cloaking incredibly frustrating as you're closing in to jump some NPC ships and then something pops up and you're uncloaked ruining your ambush. Fix this!!
Like the Romulan Alliance System? Of course you do, it sounds fine to you because you aren't Romulans, you're FED or KDF who are going to make a Romulan alt, it makes a HUGE difference in perspective.

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