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# 1 Atrox Build Help
04-21-2013, 02:19 AM
Need a little help with an Atrox build/skill. Been flying my engineer around in a D'Kora and also a Fleet Patrol Escort. Its time for a change and a carrier is it. realistically the Atrox is the one I can afford at the moment.

I mostly PvE and troll around Kerrat when I have nothing better to do

I have access to both T5 Reputations, Elite fleet weapons and currently have a MACO MK XII space set.

Not sure what boffs skills to run in the science slots. GW is a no-brainer but what elsewhere?
I'd have no problems switching out a boff or two for the PvP side of things.

I'd need to respec too, advice here would be gratefully received

Thanks in advance.

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