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Ok looks nice but small, so how many of you have this at home? Looks like you can buy it now.
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05-07-2013, 12:01 PM
I love that a Joystick is used to steer, it's setup like the Wing commander 3 cockpit

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05-07-2013, 12:32 PM
What's the effective range? I'm guesing short... It'd be viable for going a few blocks but....

I can haz joystick!
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05-07-2013, 01:52 PM
I think in the video he said 150 to 200Km
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05-07-2013, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by hawkwing43 View Post
I think in the video he said 150 to 200Km
Yeah but filling it up would take forever. *pictures a guy on the side of the road with a bicycle pump....*

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05-07-2013, 03:21 PM
This has been around a while. I believe there's a car company called Tato Motors that's selling the AirCat right now....

Personally I prefer that the compressed air be used to charge electrical batteries. Then when you get home you could use an air compressor to fill the tanks at night. And those tanks are made of carbon fiber so when the thing explodes you don't have to worry about shrapnel.
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05-07-2013, 05:20 PM
I was thinking the other way around. Like have an electric motor pump the tank full, once you hit a lower level, that way you don't have to stop for a refill at all. Compressors do this all the time. Plus you can recharge the battery running the motor from the wheels turning on the car.

Now watch someone will say this can never work, and I BET they work for the oil companies too lol
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05-07-2013, 07:33 PM
stick with my gas guzzler v8 thank you, no sense in compressed air seeing as my v8 won't rocket out of my carif something goes wrong.
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05-07-2013, 08:02 PM
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05-07-2013, 08:07 PM
Meh, so what?

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