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So ... my Romulan made Centurion and completed the promotion mission - got the ship, costume change, and respec token and picked Klingon alliance.
Checked the Journal to see what was next and saw that Chancellor J'mpok was offering the 'Test your Mettle' mission ... hmmm ... so ... I accepted it and received another costume change, another respec token annnnnnd ... was sent to Qo'nos to get my new ship ...

Went to space dock in Qo'nos and ... yep ... got a Quldun Bird of Prey with a free ship token ... in addition to the Dhelan Warbird I had already picked up on New Romulus.

Going by Dev Blog #9 ... that should not be available (without spending Dil at any rate.)
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04-21-2013, 04:31 PM
It's not a promotion, but a bug that allows other faction's missions to "leak" through. You probably got a couple of KDF Story missions as well, even though you shouldn't.

Hope this'll get fixed, as I've seen a couple ROM missions on my imported FED as well... Kind of strange.

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