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MISSION STATEMENT: To enrich the STO gaming experience by building friendships, sharing game knowledge and experience, aiding new players and provide a social venue for civil, casual, mature gamers. Fleet members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to good gameplay; with sportsmanship, etiquette and cooperation.

Founded in Feb of 2012, Special Warfare Command-KDF (and the Federation faction fleet Special Warfare Command) is a casual fleet of mature MMORPG gamers interested in making friends and having fun. We enjoy helping new players learn the game.

Gaming is about recreation, and too many fleets are run by megalomaniacs, cliques, people only interested in bossing other people around (which is NOT leadership), playing favorites, politicking and bragging about how large a fleet they have.

If you want to join a fleet where the newest recruit gets the same respect as the Fleet Commandant; where no one is afraid to civilly voice their opinion; where members have a say in the direction the fleet takes on projects and events (like the star base and embassy); where fleet promotions are based on written requirements, not whim and favoritism; and where the quality of the player, not the quality of playing the game, is most valued, then perhaps you should give us a try.

To join, simply send us an in-game email request at:

Jamazrai@MIKE-NCC1705 (Klingon faction)

Soriya@MIKE-NCC1705 (Federation faction)

For detailed information regarding recruitment, fleet repository and promotions policies visit our website (www.specwarcom.webs.com)

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