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Well, you've managed to exceed my expectations. The first ten levels were fantastic. The storyline was great, and the missions, maps, and interactions all came off as well polished.

But I expect more feedback than that would be helpful.

The Ugly

The only thing I really wanted to see, and didn't, was an NPC on the Flotilla for Fleet Creation. It is my understanding - and experience, so far - that while individual characters make choices for their allegiance, the Romulan faction remains autonomous, as do Romulan Fleets. Must I level my character to a point where I can actually go to Q'onos or ESD to start a Fleet? I hope not. Many current Fleets from the Fed or KDF are likely planning on setting up their own Romulan Fleets (I know mine is), why make us wait? We are all going to want to get those up and running asap. Not to mention, being forced to go to an 'ally' to create a Romulan Fleet detracts from the notion that the Romulans are actually autonomous. Please add a Fleet NPC to the Flotilla.

The Bad

Other than my veteran accolades all popping up separately and at odd times, and access to what looked to be a couple of missions that may be meant for KDF players only (I chose Klingons as my allies) at level 10, I really didn't notice any bugs. Everything else ran very smoothly. Text was complete, interactions all worked the way the seemed they ought to.

The Good

The starting zone was great; I loved the look of it. I also liked that you made the Romulans seem much less villainous than their reputation. I felt like a normal civilian, just trying to help my people survive.

All of the missions beyond Virinat were a lot of fun, and almost all of them had at least one 'wow' moment in them. They kept getting better and better. The reasoning given for allegiances with either KDF or Fed felt very natural to me; both sides wanting tech to try and get a leg up on their opponent, the Republic need the KDF blessing for the proximity, and desiring fed approval just to counterbalance the possibility of KDF disapproval - it was well played, Cryptic.

And the tutorial aspect of all these mission was done well, also. Each mission adding upon what was learned from the previous one, and giving an item or upgrade respective to what was being taught - for a newer player, I think this will flow naturally and aid in learning how the game is played.

The UI looks fantastic. It makes a huge difference. When the game launched, I felt like I was playing a Champions reskin. When I tried Neverwinter this month, I was glad to see that it felt like a unique experience - and now, with this UI, you've done that for STO. It no longer has a lingering reskin feel to it - it feels Trek, wholly and unto itself.

Truthfully, a lot more good than bad. I enjoyed every minute of it, and cannot wait for this to go live.

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