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Since Beta testing the first Three Romulan Arcs, I have to ask Cryptic this simple question - why is the majority of the storyline in Tau Dewa?

Granted, that's the inevitable location of New Romulus, but why not taken the opportunity to expand the game by adding the Romulan Sectors north of Psi Velorum?

Surely, much of these new mission locations could've occured on the far side of the Empire, which where a good majority of new Romulan colonies would be. Instead, we are cramming new locations to Tau Dewa, Iota Pavonis, and Eta Eridani (which still doesn't make sense so much Romulan activity is going ignored in the middle of the Federation / Klingon war zones). So why not have these new worlds in new Romulan Sectors?

To me, it's a wasted opportunity and would give rise to the seriousness of the situation since it's deep in Romulan Territory, where the Federation and Klingons would not be easily able to give aid. And of course word would be difficult to get out, since messages likely would've been intercepted by the Tal Shiar. This would also give a good reason for the refugees to abandoning their colonies and go seeking out a new home.

And at the same time, would've been a great way to add a new Hub to an empty part of the game, which instead of revamping Drozana, the team could've used the opportunity to create a new Ferengi station.

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04-22-2013, 01:15 PM
I was wondering if they were going to add another sector block (containing three sectors) "north" of the B'Moth sector in Klingon space. It would slot in nicely on the right side of the map.
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04-22-2013, 01:23 PM
I agree, so much of Klingon Territory is still missing as well, that Cryptic could expand on.

Like the "southern" end of Klingon Territory, they could expand into touching Gamma Orionis and add Gorn Territory and add their storyline with their plight.
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04-22-2013, 03:01 PM
I have to say, Expanding Klingon Territories with its new storyline would have been great for the Klingon players. I have always see three faction working well in this without the need of the third Aligned themselves to another faction. It's all about how much content can be provided. See how Romulan players have to travel Tau Dewa, Iota Pavonis, and Eta Eridani to do Majority of the story arc feel a bit wasted. If I recall correctly the Fed players were every where from their space to Klingon and even Romulan space.
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