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TRIBBLE is being updated to a new build.

Tribble will remain unavailable while we perform some tests on our servers. We will update this thread when it becomes available.

  • Updated every texture in the game, everywhere.
    • This means we have a bigger patch than usual today.
  • Resolved an issue with Shooter controls where Right-clicking on a power other than alt-fire used alt-fire instead.
  • Updated Romulan and Reman costumes to resolve issues with pieces clipping through player bodies.
  • Added a tailor to Drozana Station.
  • Klingon players will now have access to a Kivra Shuttle as their free shuttle.
    • The Toron is now available for Dilithium, rather than being free.
  • All Klingon Space Energy Weapon Dilithium stores updated to offer Beam and Cannon tabs.
  • Updated the Klingon ship store to add some more ships.
  • For testing purposes, we have hacked all Reputation and Fleet projects to complete in 30 seconds.
    • Note that the time displayed will not match this 30 second completion time.
      • Projects may state they complete in 20 hours, but they will complete with 19 hours 59 minutes 30 seconds remaining.
  • The Test vendor located on DS9 is now offering a limited selection of Nukara Strike Force items for testing purposes.
      • Many of the visuals and mechanics may be broken, or incomplete.

  • Updated the following template maps so that they will have proper pathing information after they are published:
    • Argelius II Interior
    • Borg Interior 02
    • Briarpatch Research Interior
    • Cardassian Interior 02
    • Ice Caves Interior 03
    • Kassae Station Interior
  • Added an "Alien" option to the species dropdown menu for both ground and space NPC Groups.

  • Past Imperfect: "Back to the Future" mission step now has a waypoint for the portal back to your own time.
  • Cutting the Cord: Resolved an issue with the weak point on the Gateway that was preventing mission completion.
  • Doomsday Device:
    • The player is no longer switched to the holographic disguise before the cut-scene begins.
    • Players will no longer see the Bridge Officers from their regular starship when piloting the Bird-of-Prey.
  • Updated Romulan promotions and mission progression:
    • The Romulan Centurion promotion now includes a free ship token.
    • Restructured mission flow after "Memory Lane."
      • Flow is now to investigation in Mempa system in Pi Canis sector block, then Donatu system in Eta Eridani sector block.
    • Updated the mission journal to reflect these changes.
    • Admiral Kererek has a new mission for Romulan players which will get them started with the Cloaked Intentions mission series.
  • Price of Neutrality:
    • This mission has moved from Ajilon System in Eta Eridani to the Chaltok System in the Tau Dewa sector block.
    • Changed the Waypoint for the Defeat Remaining Forces mission step to one big waypoint.
    • Updated the level of this mission to 10.
    • Made multiple text changes and additions.
    • Added backgrounds to several contacts.
  • Enemy Action
    • The cinematic for the explosion will now play for all players on the team.
    • Updated text for this mission to include new information.
      • Also addressed issues with grammar and spelling.
    • The Isolinear chip is now removed from the player's inventory upon completing the mission.
    • Updated the cutscenes for "shooting" the prisoner on Unroth.
    • Updated the transpwarp animations to use the correct animations.
    • Adjusted waypoint for Tal'Mera to point correctly.
  • Memory Lane:
    • Romulan players who complete this mission will have a Romulan helmet added to their ship's Ready Room.
    • Updated the space battle in act 3.
    • Updated the beam-out animations so they are consistently Romulan.
  • Cloak and Dagger:
    • Updated text to fix typos and make it flow better.
    • It should no longer be so difficult to target Commander Levek and his team.
    • Updated defense ships to be Reman Colony ships instead of Romulan Colony ships.
  • Tradecraft:
    • Updated the text to resolve an issue with lines being the incorrect color or referencing the wrong faction.
    • Resolved an issue that occasionally caused the subtitles for one of the cutscenes to not display.
    • Replaced "Radiant Plasma Torpedo" with "Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher" in the mission reward.
    • Updated mission text to include more information and to be more explicative.
  • Neutral No More: Nausicaan pirates in the Beta Thoridar system during "Miner Setback" should be more reliably hostile now.
  • Smash and Grab:
    • Updated Tovan Khev's dialogue to match updates to the mission.
    • Resolved an issue where you could beam to ship two without setting the self-destruct for ship one.
    • Updated beam up dialogue prompt so it doesn't auto-pop while the player is still in combat.
  • Sleepers:
    • Players now have to defeat the pirates in order to complete the mission.
    • Updated text to fix grammar and spelling and to make sure it all flows well.
    • The NPC Romulan ship that meets you will no longer awkwardly block you from flying.
    • Resolved an issue that occasionally made this mission un-complete.
  • Mind Game: Updated the text to resolve typos.
  • Revelation:
    • Updated the text to resolve typos and flow more smoothly.
    • Resolved an issue where teamed players couldn't escape.
  • Crossroads at Crateris: Players will now be given an Engineering console, instead of being asked to choose one.
  • New Romulus Revisited: Added a choice of weapons, Dual Beams or Dual Cannons, as an additional reward.
  • Turning Point: The Faction Reward you are given now contains a Photon Torpedo, instead of a Phaser or Disruptor Tactical Console.

  • Romulans now have their own contacts for Dilithium stores, and no longer have to share with the Federation.
  • Romulan Bridge Officers are now commissioned with more appropriate uniforms.
  • Romulans will now get voiced congratulations when attaining a new rank.
  • Romulans who ally with the KDF will no longer find themselves in Deep Space Encounters where the "enemies" are all friendly.
  • Romulan characters should consistently use Romulan transporter FX, regardless of which faction they choose as their ally.
  • All Duty officer recruitment functionality is now available for Romulan Captains.
    • Romulan Captains now have a full array of Duty Officer contacts available from their Ship Interiors.
  • Romulan promotion missions should now complete after speaking to ship and shuttle requisitions officer.

  • EV Suit Tholian Commanders will no longer deploy Photon Mines until level 21 or higher.
  • Adjusted base power levels for Warbirds from 40 in all subsystems to 45 in all subsystems.
  • Updated descriptions for most Warbirds to indicate that they have 45 base power.
  • The T'liss Light Warbird now has +5 power to all subsystems.
    • Previously it had +10 Weapon Power and +5 Engine power.
    • It now has 45 weapons, 45 aux, 45 shields, 50 engines.
  • The T'varo Light Warbird now has +5 Weapon Power, +5 Aux Power, +5 Shield power, and +10 Engine Power.
    • This is a total of +5 Engines over the T'liss.
  • The D'deridex and Ha'apax now have +10 to Weapon Subsystems and +5 to Engine Subsystems, similar to most other Warbirds.
    • This replaces their previous power level bonuses.
  • See Archon's post here for more information:
  • Warbirds can now equip all marks of Piercing Tetryon Dual Cannons.
  • Traits:
    • Creative's healing bonus is now 10/15/20%, down from 15/20/25%.
    • Creative now gives a 7.5/10/12.5% damage bonus to all Kit Powers that deal damage, in addition to its healing bonus.
    • Cryo Grenade no longer benefits from Tactical Trait "Situational Awareness".
    • Efficient has had its bonus to the Efficiency skill increased from 15 up to 30.
  • Romulan players will no longer incorrectly have access to some Brigadier General tier Klingon ships.
  • Draw Fire will no longer expire too quickly when the player using it takes damage.
  • The Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array no longer drains power when using Fire At Will.
  • Hyperonic Radiation's duration will now appear in the tooltip.
    • This made it appear that Hyperonic Radiation did not scale with the number of points invested, since the duration is the part that scales.
  • Nukara Reputation:
    • Updated Refracting Tetryon Cascade:
      • The second jump should now trigger reliably.
      • Resolved an issue that would cause the first jump to not fire at the intended range.
      • The chain FX on this power should now display properly.
    • Updated Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense: Updated the long description of this power so that the correct names of the skills being boosted were listed.
    • Nukara Impulse Engines: These engines now provide a flat bonus to Shield power levels and an efficiency bonus to Shield power levels.
    • Shield Hardening Barrier: This power should now properly reduce damage to shields instead of increasing damage to shields.
  • Increased the turn rate bonus on the Tachyokinetic Converter in the same way that RCS Consoles were recently updated.
    • This will benefit slower ships with the console more than faster ships.
    • The tooltip is unchanged.
      • The behind-the-scenes math has been altered to make the effect closer to the tooltip that is displayed.
  • Improved Bridge Officer AI with the Romulan Repeater Pistol, Charged Blast Assault, and Piercing Beam Rifle weapons.
  • Increased the Turn Rate bonus given by the Starship Impulse Thrusters skill.
    • This will benefit all ships with this skill, but slower ships will see a larger bonus compared to what they were previously seeing from the skill.
    • This is similar to the recent change to RCS consoles.
  • Slightly decreased primary weapon fire damage and slightly decreased secondary weapon fire damage for the Repeater Pistol.
  • Singularity:
    • The Decay Rate of Singularity Charge is now double what it previously was, but still only occurs when not in combat.
      • Old decay rate required 3minutes 20 seconds to drop from Full to Zero charge.
      • New decay rate requires 1minute 40 seconds to drop from Full to Zero charge.
    • Updated Quantum Absorbtion:
      • It now displays the temporary hit points as a purple overlay over the ship health indicator.
      • Damage will now be dealt to player shields first, instead of temporary hitpoints.
    • Updated Singularity Jump:
      • Resolved an issue that caused the Singularity's debuffs to briefly stack.
      • Added a perception debuff to the Singularity's existing debuff effects.
  • The firing arc alterations to the following console abilities have been reverted:
    • Isometric Charge and Magnetometric Overload are back to 120-degree firing arcs.
    • Graviton Pulse Generator and Breen Energy Dissipator are back to 90-degree firing arcs.
  • Plasma-Generating Science consoles from the Romulan Reputation system have been updated to increase all Plasma damage, as opposed to just Plasma damage from Directed Energy weapons.
    • The power description for these items has been updated to indicate this.
  • Removed some powers from Captain-rank Reman NPCs.
  • Warp Cores:
    • Base Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores now provide an Efficiency bonus as well as a Max Power bonus to a single subsystem.
      • Mousing over your warp core will display the amount of bonus power it will give the subsystem it enhances.
      • The amount of bonus power increases as the power level of that subsystem decreases.
    • Warp Core skill bonuses now scale with item level.
      • The previous skill bonus is now provided by Mk X items.
    • Matter/Antimatter warp cores which provide 7.5% of one subsystem's power to another subsystem now actually give 7.5% power, up from 5%.
    • Clarified the tooltips of all Warp Core powers.
    • Added long descriptions to all of the starter Warp Cores.
    • Singularity Cores can now properly be equipped on the Scorpion Fighter and the Kestrel Runabout.
  • Adjusted all types of Romulan Cloaking to be distinct from standard Cloaking.
    • Romulan Cloaking now has a higher stealth value, but your Singularity power will make your ship easier to detect.

  • Romulan bridge officers will correctly display their ground powers in the Team Status UI.
  • Adjusted tagline for KDF characters on the character select screen.
  • Bridge officers have had sensitivity training and now give each other more personal space on the character select screen.
  • Romulan and Klingon Duty Officers now have large headshots in the Duty Officer dossier.
  • Clicking on the standard away team picker no longer crashes the client.
  • Resolved an issue where after watching a cutscene, the chat window wouldn't come back until clicking on it.
  • The gameclient will no longer crash when rapidly deleting mail.
  • Career traits that unlock at Commander rank are now displayed in the Trait list.
  • Updated the Status window:
    • Changed resistance percentages in the stats display to resistance ratings.
    • Added several more resistance ratings to the stats display.
    • Added dodge chance to the stats display.
  • Updated Duty Officer frames so it is more clear what faction a Duty Officer belongs to.
    • The rarity frames are now transparent in the upper right, and there is an icon there indicating faction.
    • This should make it easier when purchasing or trading duty officers to make sure that you are getting a Duty Officer that you can use.
  • The visual appearance of several Trait icons has been updated.
  • The throttle HUD element has been made shorter.
  • Resolved an issue preventing selection of the Duty Officer First Officer and Department Heads.
  • Resolved an issue in which Bridge Officer skills would show incorrect values in the skills window.
  • The Rearrange HUD screen, accessed via F12, now shows more clearly what the HUD elements actually look like.
  • Resolved an issue with the Character Select screen not updating properly, causing a number of other issues.
  • Updated contact dialog text to have a speech bubble appearance.
  • Minicontacts are now a fixed width and have been moved closer to the left edge of the screen.
  • The Bulletins window and buttons now match the new UI style.
  • Updated the disabled color for text and buttons:
    • Disabled text is now dark grey and disabled buttons are a slightly lighter grey.
    • This should fix some disabled menu items being invisible, having black text on a black background.
  • Resolved issue with black text appearing when you moused over a mission reward item name you could pick from using the mission replay briefing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the "Request Reinforcements" button from being added to the team window.
  • Added a toggle to the Exchange to switch between showing all items or only usable items.
  • The Random button on the Ship Rename window should no longer generate Federation ship names for Romulan ships.

Known Issues:
  • The Klingon Mission Journal is currently being re-worked and some missions may not yet be available to existing Klingons.
  • Neither Klingons nor Romulans are available for new characters.
    • A small number of participants can now create Romulans as part of a closed beta.
  • The C-store is disabled.
  • Players on Wine will need to use a workaround in order to play.
  • Sela STILL doesn't have a cape.
    • She's starting to re-think her position as Empress of the Tal Shiar, since they can't keep their clothes-makers working efficiently on her outfit requirements.

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04-29-2013, 04:28 PM
Tribble is being updated now.
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# 3
04-29-2013, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Tribble is being updated now.
Ah, so that's why I stopped at 61,5% prepatch.
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Tae'Va, T'Vaya, To'Var, T'Vira, To'Vrak: Give us Asylums for Romulans

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# 4
04-29-2013, 04:34 PM
So, can Romulans go further than lvl 21 now?
I see you have opened up STF queues for Romulans, and just wondering how we are meant to level past 21 with no missions other than regrinding the prior missions etc...

Nice set of updates, looking forward to getting back on later

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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
The stick Cryptic keep bringing out isn't to discourage you from playing, its to discourage you from playing incorrectly. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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# 5
04-29-2013, 04:35 PM
patching has stopped at 64% for me ,soon I hope to finish the patching lol

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04-29-2013, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Ah, so that's why I stopped at 61,5% prepatch.
Nope, the pre patch server broke and no one could pre patch

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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
The stick Cryptic keep bringing out isn't to discourage you from playing, its to discourage you from playing incorrectly. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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# 7
04-29-2013, 04:36 PM
Good to know that Neutral No More is fixed, and I'm excited to try it out so I can progress with my Romulan who sided with the Klingon Empire.
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# 8
04-29-2013, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]Adjusted base power levels for Warbirds from 40 in all subsystems to 45 in all subsystems.[*]Updated descriptions for most Warbirds to indicate that they have 45 base power.[*]The T'liss Light Warbird now has +5 power to all subsystems.[list][*]Previously it had +10 Weapon Power and +5 Engine power.[*]It now has 45 weapons, 45 aux, 45 shields, 50 engines.
Erm, if the base is 45 and t'lis gives +5 to all systems shouldn't it be 50 wep, 50 shd, 50 eng, 50 aux?

Also what do you mean by singularity power will makes your ship easier to detect? Does this outright counteract the stealth bonus or is it based on charge level (ie. no charge and you can't really be detected, 3 is slightly detectable and at 5 you are fairly detectable?)

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# 9
04-29-2013, 04:40 PM
awesome...Thanks for the contacts inside the ships and fixing the boff weapons

And thank you for adjusting the mission levels.

much thanks for adjusting the Quantum absorption.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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# 10
04-29-2013, 04:41 PM
Im actually glad with this update, after talking about the "sensory issue" and the Romulan skill thing, man you guys fixe It fast!
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