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I completed about 7 hours worth of game play on Legacy of Romulus Tribble Test reaching level 11 and thus far like what I am seeing.

The UI Character creation was nice, but took some getting used to. However, I wish I could of had more hairstyle selections, but later after I allied myself with the FED it unlocked additional hairstyle selections (mainly FED).

The story line was hard to follow because the cut scenes had dialogue that was a bit hard to read (needs a dark color for text), but I assume there will be voiceover added for the final release. However, I didn't mind not getting the whole storyline, so I can truly enjoy it when I create and play upon final release.

The changes I like is, at least for a new character, is choosing traits as I leveled up. Before we were given species pre-set traits and asked to pick additional traits upon creating your character, but as I played I felt I picked the wrong traits. Upon the release of STO I had one character that I had leveled up, but decided to delete the character and to start over (big mistake), so I can choose different traits. So I was a great supporter of Cryptic adding a respec for traits. As I play my game play changed and traits I initially chose just didn't work. But now, new players with new characters can level up at points to skills and pick traits, which is definitely in keeping with having a career in Starfleet. So, at least now that I will have the opportunity to create new Romulan characters I can enjoy leveling up and picking the right traits as I play.

The new UI took some getting used to. I don't know if this will be fixed, but the UI color scheme doesn't change between Character. For instance, I went for the Romulan color scheme for my new Romulan Character, but when I switch to my FED Character, which I had chosen the Federation color scheme, well, it was the Romulan Color scheme. So is one color scheme chosen for one character going to be the same color scheme for all my characters?

As far as the game play, it was great. The Storyline for Legacy of Romulus was creative. Not to give out too much, I felt that New Romulus released for Holodeck was a little premature. Legacy of Romulus is a prequel to New Romulus game play in Holodeck. As the episodes unfolded it was a great tie-in the New Romulus in Holodeck. I did feel that it was too soon to have to pick which to ally with (either FED or KDF), but I understand why as the story unfolds. I chose to ally with FED, but I don't plan to use any Starfleet starships for my Romulan character, it just doesn't seem right, so I wish I could have the option get some Klingon ships, especially the smaller ones, instead even if allied with FED. Will the starship NPC be Starfleet personally roaming the interior? After allying with FED-side I received a Starfleet Bridge Officer, which was nice, but I would of preferred another Romulan associated species not wearing a Starfleet uniform. I did look into changing his clothing, but found I could only change it to clothing available to FED Characters. I would of like to be able to change his clothing to Romulan Federation uniform option I was given when I chose the alliance. I do like the Romulan uniform types and hope you will be adding the Classic Star Trek Romulan Uniform later.

I liked the additional of the Suliban and Yridians I encountered in a couple of episodes/missions...will they be some of the Bridge Officer options that will be made available for the Romulan Faction?

I don't know if it is just me, but the Reman in Legacy of Romulus look a little different, in terms of details and skin texture. Don't get me wrong, they look a whole lot better. And spoiler alert...I like finally seeing a Female Reman.

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