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[i]Gamma Orionis...[/b]

Khalogg had been a Warrior his entire life-and he'd been caged like an animal until...the dishonour.

"Listen, I speak Klingon well enough and I know your rituals well enough, but the Chancellor and the High Council made a promise, and you are the ONLY man we have that can make sure the Klingon Empire's word is kept." Elizabeth was down in the barracks bay, "It can save your Honour." she told him, "after that, if you still want to go through with it, I'm sure we can find you a more suitable second...your people....and MY people, NEED YOU."

"WHy?" he asked.

"There is an enemy out there, we can't see them, but they can see US. YOU were a senior engineer on a Th'lingon Ra'Duj, Qorgh class." she said, "I need a senior engineer who knows these ships. WE are flying BLIND in enemy territory."

That filtered through his guilt and shame, and he stood up, sheathing the Dk'Tag. "There is work to be done, then."

That was more than thirteen hours ago.

Khalogg finished closing the last connections to bypass the fragile garbage technologies that these humans-who-wanted-to-be-Klingons had cobbled into the ship's control matrices.

The main screen and instruments came on-line.

"Well...where's everyone else?" the Captain of the ship asked.

"Still no comms, but it's not a technical glitch on this end." Master Sgt. Suon Thanh Li announced, "We're just out of range." she added.

"Leutenant Kalogg, if you would take over Engineering from Sgt. Cu'ong, so I can have my Helmsman back?" the Captain said.

Khalogg grunted, and pushed the fragile, little, human woman away from the console that directed most of the ship's damage control systems.

"Cu'ong, how's your math skills? can you plot based on charts?" Captain Ngu'oc asked.

"I'll need at least three known points to get a fix on our exact position and vector." she pulled out a PADD, and plugged it into the console to display an overlay on the starfields.

She did the maths by hand, shifting perspectives and enhancements until...

"wow, we are WAY off course." she stated, "at least ninety seven degrees off, at what looks like it was maximum warp for the last thirty hours-we're about a week from the Omega conduit."

"Fix it." Nguoc told her, then looked at Khalogg. "Have you determined the cause of this mishap, Leutenant Khalogg?"

Khalogg nodded, "The point of entry was in the Federation made isolinear chips installed in various areas of the ship-specifically the ones designed for memory data long term storage." he opened his fist, and dropped a dozen bright green rectangles to the floor. "It was hard-coded in at manufacture-this ship, and any other ship with those chips, was sabotaged before you even left the yard."

"Someone wanted us to fail." the Governor, Elizabeth-what a strange and silly name! toned from her place behind the Captain.

"Looks that way." Nguoc commented, "I take it you managed to deal with the problem, or we'd still be flying blind and disarmed."

Khalogg nodded.

"good...damn glad you were here." the Captain said, "alright, you heard the Engineer-hopefully there were others in the Task group with his skill at identifying the problem, and they're burning for the conduit at maximum warp." He turned to Khalogg, " I expect your excellence in performance to remain sharp-the rest of you, we're under wartime discipline, and we have already been sabotaged once. for the time being, until otherwise informed, you will conduct duty on Th'lingon duty cycles."

"Course set for the Omega Transwarp conduit, sir." Cu'ong reported.

"Then...So'WiHIyChu." the Captain ordered. the lighting switched to red, and the ship's sounds altered in a way that was very familiar to Khalogg. The ship was now cloaked, and running at it's maximum warp speed.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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"...when I was walking down the stair,
I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
I think he's from the CIA..."

-Mad Magazine parody

Deep Space K7...

"...something up your alley." Calhoun finished.
Frank Grimes looked over the specifications, and set them down. "Not one of ours." he said, "similar-I think we might even have borrowed from some of the same project funds...but not'd you end up calling me in, anyway?"

MacKenzie Calhoun shrugged, "You're a listed contact for Dr. Alice Okuda-who seems to be the only senior staff who was working on Project 86 that is...reachable-at least, if she can be found."

"Um, try the starfleet personnel database?" Frank prodded.

"Not that easy-she was given a Medical retirement in August of '08...I've tried to locate her by other known associates..." Calhoun shrugged, "Hard to do when I'm all the way the hell out here."

"Let me see the file..." Frank offered, and Calhoun handed it over. Frank looked at it, scrolled down, and found his name among the known associates...but he'd never seen that face before.

Daystrom institute, starfleet academy... her profile would have fit in perfectly in STS-a wunderkind with a technical bent, but...weird politics. He looked at the collected essays, looked at her bio again, and then, checked the conditions of her discharge and whistled low. "Neuroin addict?" Frank looked up, "It's not illegal, sure she's even still alive?" He paused, "You tried the usual treatment facilities? Addiction programmes?"

"Tried, no success." Calhoun shook his head, "I was hoping you might have some insight into the Eighty Six project, but if STS didn't have a hand in it..."

"I didn't say we didn't have a hand in it, just that I didn't...I'll run this by the Admiral, maybe he's got some insights into the project..."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
I... kinda write them in my spare time (self-published one so far) so, yup.

Sounds awesome. Go for it!
Actually, I was going to suggest YOU go for it- I don't really have the chops to put good lines in other people's characters, and yours have a definite groove going that is a pleasure to watch.

(Not that I'm averse to giving a 'setup' for other writers to run with-especially when they're more organized than I am, and have already-established characters!)

I'm actually considering sweetening the pot on this one, by doing an outline for it in cooperative style before committing to public view-which, while I don't really tend to do that much with fanfic, I have done the couple of times I've been paid for my bullsh-I mean, words.

It's a horrid dilemna for me-I know what I'd LIKE to see, and I know it's (mostly) beyond my abilities to manage on my own.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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USS Smedley Butler...

"...big announcement that they sent a POW mission into Fluidic space..." Captain Kevin Monroe stopped at the Turbolift, stepped aside, as two crewmen exited, winked at one, and opened a Jeffries tube hatch.

"Oh..santa-a-clause is a-comin', to TOWWWNNN!!" he sang off-key as he climbed the 40 meters to the Bridge level.

He chuckled to himself as he contemplated his revenge-prank for his Chief Engineer's little deception with the Turbolifts. Not that I didn't need the exercise. he mused as he passed the entry to Deck 3.

"Oh, I'm a-fat-jolly-man-and-a-pirate-at-heart!" he managed three more verses before he couldn't remember the score to ARCHER!!, and switched to Gilbert and Sullivan-as sung in Andorian. By then, he was clearing the hatchway to Deck 2 and two meters shy of Deck 1-the Bridge deck.

At the hatch, he stopped, took a DEEP breath, and held it until he was certain his face was flushed, and a nice sheen of sweat had accumulated, augmented with Targ musk ("Be more than a Man, be The Wild Targ!!") and schooled his expression to hide the glee.

They'll break soon. He opened the hatch, letting the pressure differential between the bridge and the tubes carry the...'smell' into the Bridge deck.

"Hhhh..ahhh..." carefully, the Captain 'over-acted' like he had in the Drama club at the Academy, mocking a leaning, exhausted stumble. "Status report?" he said with an exaggerated weakness.

Kevin was pleased to note the look of Nausea on the duty-Maco's face at the smell-as well as the straining discipline trying to hide it.

"We got an Alert from Sector, sir..." Gonzo tried to hide the alarm well enough, Kevin fought to suppress a malicious grin...and won.

"And?" he asked.

"The Klingons DID send a task force out to Gamma Orionis, they sent a force of twelve ships. So far, they're thirty hours overdue-Starfleet Command thinks the Klingons might use this as a ruse..."

"So they want everyone to be we would be any LESS ready." Kevin observed tartly, dropping his 'exhausted fat man' act instantly. "I take it this is a general, fleetwide alert?"

"Yes sir." The Lt. Commander's eyes showed she was suddenly getting the joke-and who it was REALLY directed at.

"Very good, I'll be in my ready-room if there is anything additional to report." He told her, and strode, no longer acting the sick man, across the bridge to the ready-room and it's spare change of clothing. "Oh,and by the way, Gonzo, you're looking a little pudgy, this is a direct order-you'll only be using the Turbolifts in Emergencies for the foreseeable future. You need to be taking better care of yourself."

After Captain Monroe vanished into his ready-room, Threll looked at Gonzo, "Girl, you should have listened to me-the Captain is NOT a fool."

"I know...I know...I got rolled, didn't I?" the Engineer observed with a rueful look.

"YOU got Rolled like the dice in Fizzbin." Threll elaborated, "You were taken in like a rube at Drozana, suckered like a first-time buyer at the Ferengi got PLAYED."

"Uh-huh...and why weren't YOU?" M'Staa asked.

"Because I've known Kevin Monroe since we were at the Academy-his exercise regimen makes MINE look soft-there is a REASON he was creaming Borg with that I-beam..." She looked at Petty Officer Li, "He could pick up Li here, and you, one-handed and bench press the both of ya...and it would be a light work out for him-big,fat, and strong as a Mux Taal...with the endurance to match it."

"Those poor doctors." M'Staa observed, "They have no idea, do they?"
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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Eighty Six...

I wasn't paying attention. she caught the ping from IKS John Moffat. The other Birds in the squadron-four so far, were in formation and running a networked sensor-sweep.

She probed at the ship, which was still straining at it's top rated speed in a blind course that would, at some point if left uninterrupted, leave it plunging through inter-galactic space, ninety degrees off the galactic plane of the ecliptic.

The Embedded viruses were there, and they were still active.

What wasn't active, was life-support.

She swept it with a basic life-signs search, and was rewarded-they were faint, but there were still people alive on that ship.

only one choice... she went into battle mode.

Possibilities opened across horizons, a thousand copies of the embedded sabotage flourished in a controlled environment, a million similar Klingon systems sparkled in synthesized life...and it was life, struggling.

D+.002 seconds

the first forty thousand simulations were complete, each variable in conditions accounted for, She began to craft the virus that would shut down the ship's propulsion systems, while adjusting her deflector array to pump it at intensities that would penetrate the shielded hull, since the required systems were shielded against electronic intrusion in 71% of the simulations.

She was between the labored heartbeats aboard the stricken ship.

D+.005 seconds

She adjusted the simulations based on data recieved in the next sensor pulse, and re-ran them, making fine adjustments to both code, and emission system targeting. The new virus would allow her to take direct control of the ship at the Helm, and it would allow her to reinitialize the life-support systems.

D+.013 seconds

The pulse drove the counter-programme straight into the ship's systems via the control leads, sensors, internal monitors, and communications array.

There was malice here-the embedded, hard-wired viral modules were heuristic, learning systems, designed by the perverted ingenuity only possible in a black project lab.

The kind of Lab that built Eighty Six herself.

It was holding a struggling nest of infant snakes. where did that image come from? it writhed and strove to escape her, even as she began the job getting fresh oxygen to the crew.

The life-support would activate in four seconds, an eternity...but within acceptable limits. She turned her attention to the viral modules themselves.

broadcast activation code-these were set up to be whom?

She forced them to reveal the moment they awakened to her...and she knew.

The Fek'Lyr ambush had been no random incident-they knew about the mission, and wanted it to fail...but why?

The answers would not come from the viral modules-directly. Someone made them that way, hid them in just the right batch of smuggled Isolinear chips, someone KNEW they would be placed where they were placed.

Someone on the inside, someone inside MacIntosh Terra, and someone...but who would know?

who in the Federation was working with the Fek'Lyr?
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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IKS Pragmatic Action, Task Force Omega...

"Colonel, we have recieved a security One hail from the Office of the Chancellor." Nalioth announced as Uminoe Kicur stepped from the turbolift after finishing her inspection of the Engineering decks.

"I'll take it in my office." Uminoe told her Gorn first officer.

She closed the hatch and dogged it, activating security protocols before sitting down and tabbing 'recieve'.

General Ssharki appeared on the imager. "Central command using the Chancellor's codes? what do you want, General?" Uminoe asked.

"You were briefed into Mountain, Colonel." Ssharki growled.

Uminoe stood up, and activated a white-noise generator and jammer.

"There is no river from the mountains of Gre'thor." Uminoe said.

"Good. Your role in Son Tay has become actively necessary, now that the mission has been revealed at the Risa conference." the General told her, "We believe the leak is either in Omega, or in the High Command, and that it is tied to the conspiracy we discussed on Qo'Nos-Colonel, those ships have to get through, at any cost."

Uminoe nodded. "We will be ready, General, my crew is prepared to die if necessary to advance the Empire's objectives."

"How's your host?" Ssharki asked casually.

"Psychotic, sleeping." Kicur told him, "We are completely confidential in this, but I believe she would be in agreement...what changed your mind about our conversation on Qo'Nos?"

"Wreckage recovered from a Fek'Lyr frigate at the site of a battle with a Federation heavy cruiser-the Cruiser took out their carrier in a way that crippled everything nearby, we were able to reconstruct a considerable portion of their logs before Federation ships were able to arrive to sweep the area."

Kicur smiled with Uminoe's lips, "Uminoe will be So Pleased that someone is giving credence to her theories."

"Do your crew know?" Ssharki asked.

"what, that I'm joined to a sociopath who was unsuccessfully brain-wiped after committing a string of murders? of course not. They know Uminoe was brain-wiped, they don't know I unlocked her redundant memories, nor that I know WHY she did what she did...and insane as she is/was, she was right to do it."

"The other Trill?" Ssharki asked.

"Not sure-I'm pretty sure they know about my choice of a convict to join with, to experience 'life without another set of thoughts', but that's all beside the point, Uminoe and I are in agreement that Son Tay needed to happen, she was most put-out at our being placed as the backup."

"And the Honor Guard?" the General asked.

"Think it's just me in here." She stated, tapping the side of her head.

"Good...any progress on the mole in your secondary mission?" He asked.

"some. I've eliminated four possibilities."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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USS Bryant, Omega Rally Point...

"Captain, you've got a personal message marked 'urgent' on the Gold channels." Lt. Saffron Hu announced, "It's from your Brother in Law...something about a family issue."

"Oh? well, call Greaves up to the bridge, I'll take it in my Ready-room." Captain Charles Duttley said crisply.

HIs first officer arrived shortly after, and he turned over the Conn before stepping off the bridge.

He set up white-noise generators and an anti-monitoring programme that fed a pre-selected false image into the ship's onboard surveillance, before opening the personal message.

and very nearly lost the ability to hold his disguise when the hypercompressed imagery appeared, showing the Klingon attack on the harvest facility where Captain Charles Duttley-the real one, was being held, to be pumped for engrams as necessary-after six years the process wasn't AS necessary, but...

They have attacked us-and they may know...they can't be allowed to KNOW!!

He focused the image on one of the Birds of Prey. The markings were unknown to him-other than the Klingon Trifoil, the other unit markings were...unfamiliar. "Computer, process image, cross reference to Starfleet tactical Intelligence Database." He said, adding, "Use protocol Zed Four Alpha Two, Execute."

He checked himself in a mirror while the system processed the data. details right... and practiced facial expressions. It wouldn't do to give it away...why didn't they have it sent through Admiral Baker? If it had come through Baker, he could have used the excuse of actual orders, rather than having to fabricate an incident.

This was even MORE frustrating, because Omega was starting to really shape up as a force to be used on the Borg-even the Klingon portions, often they even seemed to just...fall in line with the Undine command's needs, striking on their own targets that might have required manipulations in the simulations run back home.

This could disrupt ALL of our work here... he thought in frustration.

"Identified. Target subject is a Norgh Class vessel belonging to the House of Tran, also known as the Moab Militia." the computer announced.

Moab? that's...ridiculous. He stepped back to the terminal, "Confirm: Moab Militia-second line unit, low priority?" he asked.

"Confirmed. Equipment is believed by Starfleet Intelligence to be second-issue and formerly House Of Torg, assigned to the Human Separatist factions holding former Federation colonies Moab III, New Saigon, and Cold Butte colonies in the Neutral Zone area adjoining the Eta Eridani, Pi Canis, and Regulus sector blocs." the machine told him.

That is a long, long, flight from here... he grimmaced, "Computer, is there a record of a KDF second line force using the Transwarp Gate in the last sixty days?"


How in the hell did they GET here?
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.

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Risa Conference, D+31 Hours...

" who went? It wasn't your 'Honor Guard', it wasn't Omega?" Admiral Myles asked.

the Klingon Ambassador conferred with a staffer-surprisingly for a high-level meeting, a Lethean, before answering.

"It was a...second-line militia." the Klingon answered, "I am not free to discuss more than that, except to say that the mission enjoyed the full support of the Chancellor, and only limited support on the High Council." He growled, "Their chances of success were considered to be...small."

"It would help if the Empire would say WHAT units?" Myles said, "Without clearance codes, they might take months to make it back, and I presume you didn't send them out with national security information that sensitive into Borg territory."

Karattak mumbled to his Lethean, who hissed something back. the Ambassador sighed heavily and made a face that showed he didn't like the answer.

"The squadron was sent from the Militia contingent of the Moab III system, under the command of an Imperial Governor." He admitted, "They took the long way in-six month's travel time cloaked."

Myles' expression boggled, "Mister Ambassador...that world is a former Federation Colony-the Governor is the terrorist Elizabeth Tran, you're telling me that an unorganized pack of Maquis Wannabees traversed the Federation? ALONE??"

and Karattak smiled. "Yes, Yes they did...and your vaunted surveillance nets failed to see them do it...and they are NOT, as you put it, 'terrorists', I thought we made it clear-they are willing members, Voluntary citizens, of the Th'lingon Empire, and semi-Autonomous subjects to Emperor Kahless the Unforgettable, (may he live forever), who joined with US, because YOU left them to hang...and be mindful, Admiral that while so many of their brave warriors have gone forth on this mission, the Empire can, and WILL defend their homes and families from Federation Aggression in their absence."

The Lethean whispered again, Myles still couldn't make it out, but the Klingon's smile got wider.

"They are confirmed to have reached the target, and are coming back." He added, "With success-Admiral, I believe now would be a very good time to alert your contingent at Omega, as I believe they may need to make use of the Transwarp network..."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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USS Smedley Butler...

"...glad to have you aboard, sorry about the mess." Captain Monroe was a huge man, almost twice Frank Grimes' weight and four times his volume. "I take it you want to see what hit us?"

Frank nodded, "Yeah...also wanted to ask YOU a few questions on an unrelated matter." Frank told the enormous man, not about your weight though...geez... he thought privately.

"Well...we found it when we were cleaning up what was left of shuttle bay 2." Monroe continued.

For some reason, the big man stopped at the turbolift, "I"ll meet you down in the bay, in the meantime, Commander Threll can direct you to the repressurized cargo area we stuffed the wreckage into."

Grimes joined the Andorian Tac in the elevator.

"What's that about?" he asked.

"Captain likes to take the Jefferies tubes and the stairs." Threll said.

"SFPT?" Frank asked unironically.

"He's still breaking BMI, we've been on short rations for a month." Threll confessed, "Captain's going up for a Starbase Physical-hell, he's overdue right now, but that's because up until yesterday, we were too damaged to exceed warp 3."

Grimes believed it-on the approach, he had been able to see just how much of the Smedley Butler was exposed structural ribs and blown out decks.

The object in the cargo bay was angular in ways that strained the eyes a bit to look at.

"Fek'Lyri?" Grimes asked, "Like the new KDF carriers?"

"Yeah, but this one's no Klingon bird." Threll said.

"HOw're you sure?" he asked, looking over the mostly-intact fighter ship.

"Alloys in the hull...and the remains in the cockpit." she told him, adding, "It uses antiproton weapons-powerful ones. a lot more compact than Klingon tech."

Grimes examined the ship carefully for fifteen minutes before the fat man joined them.

"I think STS is going to be very interested in this." Frank said, "you're sure it's not a KDF prototype?"

Monroe joined him, "Not unless they've started generating synthetic pilots in a nannie vat." he said matter-of-factly, "Which, while I wouldn't put it past some of the Subject races-isn't likely with Klingon technical focus."

"Synthetic?" Grimes turned to the huge man.

"We're damaged, and Regular service, Mister Grimes, not stupid. I did the autopsy myself." Kevin told him, "please keep in mind, my original field was xenobiology with a secondary in energy physics and a sub-specialty in Nanotech-and I have experience dissecting dead drones on Defera."

"Show me." Grimes stood up.

"Okay, Let's look at the alloys in the hull-the composites are different from standard hull materials-better, but the molecular is, according to my Chief Engineer, low probability outcome molecular structures-that means the hull had to be grown in a Nannie vat-I understand STS still hasn't gotten that part down."

"Publicly, yes." Frank nodded.

"Publicly, hell. I've read some of the theoretical papers your people publish." Kevin said, "According to your guys, this ship's skin is physically improbable. The nearest matches are from Iconian dig-sites and Hurq ruins in the Gamma Quadrant."

"You used 'improbable', not 'Impossible'." Frank said.

"I am, by trade, a scientist, Mister Grimes, I wound up a Starship captain thanks to someone's mistakes putting me in this position." Monroe said, "Not that I mind being a Starship Captain, but I started out as one of the Lab boys, 'impossible' is a meaningless term used by theologians and people who don't have any imagination, a more precise word is 'improbable' as in 'we don't know HOW they did it.' " the big man nodded to the shuttle-sized fighter, "THis thing is utterly improbable. the hull shouldn't work, the drives follow some pretty ordinary principles, but their implementation shouldn't work, and the nose-cannons SHOULD explode-but don't."

"Like I was telling your Tac officer, STS would be interested in analyzing it." Grimes said, "but I DO have another reason for being here-you knew Alice Okuda?"

"Yeah, why?" Kevin asked, "is she in some kind of trouble?"

"I was going to ask you that question-nobody seems to know where she is, and we're looking."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.
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"...the delight in magic is the subversion...the greatest illusion is to show an audience what they expect to see, to tell a lie with the truth, and tell the truth with a Lie..."

-Brian O'Connell, Section 31 director, 2271.09.14

"...Lying is a skill like any other, to maintain proficiency requires constant practice..."

-Elim Garrack

Burgus system, Gamma Orionis Sector Bloc...

Six captains met on the bridge of the IKS Val'gyr II, six captains, one Governor, a remote-robot, and a Colonel, anyway, six captains is close enough for the joke.

"I was hoping we would have slipped into the Sirius sector before the announcement." Elizabeth Tran stated, "But we are out of time-and at the end of our piece of elastic. Time for plan B."

"um, I wasn't there for the planning, can someone tell me what this 'plan B' is, so I don't screw it up?" Cham Nguoc asked.

Elizabeth looked at Colonel D'Moj.

"Plan 'B' relies on a misdirection-from about the time we started planning this mission out, we knew there was some kind of infiltrator in our ranks. Part of the base reason for the mission, was also a misdirection of sorts. The Undine infiltration is old news, but it's not THE news-about a year ago, vessels belonging to them unknown, power started popping up at 'key events', including the disappearance of the Romulan Empress Sela, about the same time that was going on, the Fek'Lyr appeared out of the mists of Klingon myths to execute a very REAL attack on Qo'Nos itself. Some of the recovered wreckage was reverse-engineered to create the Kar'Fi class carrier, but our copy is...imperfect. the enemy's ships are far, far more advanced-and recovered Fek'lyr...bodies? have proven to be...problematic-for one thing, they shouldn't have even been alive...ever. The only explanations we have are traces of an unusually sophisticated technology."

Cham blinked, "Sorry, I'm not tracking...I don't get it."

"Moab III has Iconian ruins, some of the trace wreckage from the Fek'Lyr attacks is similar to...well...Iconian traces." Elizabeth stated. "One of our side-objectives was a science mission into Fluidic space, to follow up on something a captured Undine revealed under Interrogation-your rescue was the 'Diversion'."

"Oh....okay, now that I understand." Cham said, "So...were we successful?" he asked.

"Partially." Eighty-Six stated, "They tipped their hand with the ambush at the anomaly, and dropped another careless clue with the sabotage."

"Point being, we're likely going to need to use misdirection to get through the warp-gate, or to come out the other side." Elizabeth finished, "We're expected there, and honestly, it's the one way we can complete at least ONE tertiary objective...the problem we set the contingency against, was the risk that there would be an ambush at the Gate-it's one of those places we have to go, like at the Anomaly...only we're not only confined by circumstances now, but it's likely Omega-and whatever Undine or other infiltrators are mixed IN to Omega, knows for a bloody fact we're coming."

D'moj took a sip from a canteen, "And that is a problem. I don't think they'd honestly put much effort into stopping a POW rescue from passing through-but the level of effort, and some of the mistakes, indicate that they're REAL worried about us getting through there to make a direct report...and the Chancellor Believes in Omega's mission, which means drawing a big fire down on them from whoever's pulling the strings on this, well...not a good idea."

"SO, plan B. We give them exactly what they're expecting to see-about where and when, they expect to see it, but we palm the goods, misdirect, drop, misdirect, and load, then flourish the Prestige when it's too late for them to do anything." Elizabeth finished.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.

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