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...SigInt is "Signals Intelligence", the passive monitoring of enemy transmissions and decryption of said transmissions for analysis.
ElINt is "ELectronic INTelligence-the more active cousin of Signint, including the use of active sensor arrays, detection equipment, and other, Active means to strain enemy computer and data-storage systems, in addition to their signals. ELINT includes active attacks on enemy network and firewall structure to gather intelligence.

The last term I will discuss is a Human term, HUMINT is the use of agents on the ground, live agents, to penetrate enemy security and gather information 'in person'. In other words, us. It is the most dangerous of the intelligence fields, and the one with the highest risk to reward proportion-the information is often valuable, but when it is wrong, it is DREADFULLY wrong-and the risk of gathering this wrong information is as high, or higher than, the benefits of gathering GOOD intelligence with this method. An agency, however, can not survive and be effective without a strong HUMINT branch..."

-Temek, KI director, explaining to new recruits the structure and purpose of their new careers (Rura Penthe training area, 2401).

"...the best compliment you can give-unknowingly-to a spy, is 'he's too dumb to be a spy'. My example for this symposium, is the Klingons. In the lead-up to the Dominion War, the Klingon's intelligence agencies pointed straight at a Dominion/Cardassian alliance that everyone-including Section 31, failed to anticipate. Klingon Intelligence is popularly seen as bumblers and fumblers, careless and sloppy-but, an objective analysis of the actual RECORD shows they're about as dangerous a bunch of spies as you can hope to ever encounter..or under-estimate..."

-Admiral Ivan Soukoupf, Starfleet Counter-intelligence branch, Academy course "Basic Counter Intelligence" Star Fleet Academy, 2408

Gamma Orionis Transwarp Gate...
four Birds of Prey slid out of cloak at full impulse less than 5000 kilometers from the gate. they were 'running like they stole something' and the pickets were surprised.

Admiral D'Vak's orders were explicit-"Hold your fire".

Sixteen Federation vessels held their fire, as did eight KDF cruisers.

Four Federation ships did NOT hold their fire, instead moving to intercept.

"Showtime." Uminoe Kicur watched the tracks, and listened to the frantic re-call orders directed at USS Belleau Wood, USS Guantanamo, USS Bryant, and USS Sokut. All four were long (and frequently honoured) members of Task Force Omega, with a lot of combat action under their commanders' belts.

the Palm

"IKS Pragmatic Action is moving to intercept the Star-Fleet hostiles." She broadcast it over an open channel, and the 'uminoe' part of her remembered responding to a similar open-hails announcement over Defera.

"Execute, half impulse, full shields." she added to her helmsman.

This left a gap in sensor-coverage Just wide enough for...

the Drop

Eighty Six adjusted her Energy Field mask to look like the impulse trail of the IKS Pragmatic ACtion and passed beneath that Retrofitted Vor'cha with only meters to spare, relying on the cloaking systems of the four actual birds of prey docked to her hull to prevent a tell-tale shadowing.

The Misdirection

They'd transferred passengers, and most crew from IKS Blumenthal and IKS Sarah Hardy, and, using adapted commercial entertainment holo equipment, set the volunteer crew up with a system that would, at a distance, make two Birds of Prey resemble FOUR in close formation.

Meanwhile, IKS Pragmatic Action was joined (rather unexpectedly) by IKS Kang and IKS Karg, along with USS Hermosa (Sabre class) and USS Indian Ridge (Defiant Class).

D'Vak was busy trying to hold the rest of the formation together, and at the same time howling orders for the breakaway Starfleet ships and the now-out-of-position KDF vessels to return to their stations.

The Drop

USS Bryant's photon torpedoes revealed that two of the Birds of Prey were illusions, both banked hard to port, raised shields, and activated their warp-wings, bringing them up to just this side of light-speed at warp .12, each of them also laid a trail of warp plasma behind them, providing an aerobatics demonstration as they came around, dumped additional Deuterium into the burners, and assumed an attack position directed at the group of vessels that fired on them.

All eyes were on this demonstration, all sensors focused in this direction, as Eighty-six triggered the signal sequence, and activated the warp-gate before leaving-and taking her energy field mask with her.

The Prestige

"Admiral D'Vak, this is Governor Elizabeth Tran, Request Permission to clear the gate, we have passengers bound for Risa, Over?"

D'Vak's voice came over the open channels, "Governor, you are cleared to depart by Warp Gate."

"Before we go, Admiral, the acting CO of the IKS Sarah Hardy is known to you-and to the crew of the USS Bryant, recommend you issue orders to arrest the current man acting as CO of the USS Bryant, Have a GOOD day...and I want my ships and those crew from my people back when you're done, Out."
At less than 1000 meters, the four BoPs cleared the gate, leaving two of their number to play blood-tag with four Federation ships that were accused of being under the command and influence of an enemy.
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"...The best illusion is truth..."

-Elizabeth Tran, Governor of Moab III, demonstrating basic prestiditation to the children of a group of visiting dignitaries.

IKS Val'Gyr II, en-route to Risa, Sirius Sector, D+4 days

"...the illusion was necessary to get Eighty-six through the gate without being noticed, besides, I think it was the most fun part of the whole mission...if any of it can be termed 'fun'." Governor Elizabeth Tran was drinking blood-wine with her Military Advisor/Empirial Handler Colonel D'Moj.

"Okay, you are not using a transporter...and you are not using any advanced materials, holographic technologies, or magnetics. HOW are you doing that?" D'Moj asked.

"Ancient Vietnamese secret-not really, actually it's pretty simple-I use the pad here-see how fluffy it is? to bounce or slide the coins as I turn the cards. I keep track of, and palm the cards as I deal them out, shuffle them, etcetera...seriously, your people don't practice sleight-of-hand?"

"Not like...that." D'Moj confessed, "we use Technology."

"See, that's a mistake-knowing hte basics makes the advanced stuff a LOT easier to pull off...Quatloo in your ear." Liz seemed to pull one of the Latinum coins right from the Colonel's ear. "It's fun, really...kind of like how we're going to misdirect their attention with the rescuees, in order for you to deliver your report to...ahmmm....Karattak? is that his cover?"

"You think Temek would impersonate an Ambassador?" D'Moj asked.

Elizabeth shrugged, "It's what I would do-it's more theatrical that way."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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"...the most effective trick the Devil Pulled, was convincing the rest of us he didn't exist..."

-Dr. Kevin Monroe paraphrasing CS Lews.

Risa, D+5 Days, 7 hours...

"...totally irregular actions in the Gamma Orellius sector, and the smearing of a good man's name!" Admiral Myles snarled across the table.

Ambassador Karattak leaned forward, "Yes, but What did the Autopsy show?"

The Federation negotiator glared balefully at her Klingon counterpart, and said nothing.

"Human, wasn't he? while my sources in Omega say that several officers from several ships are in detention now. Admit it." the Klingon barked, "SAY the WORDS."

"there...are some...irregularities." Myles finally capitulated.

the sound of the doors opening made both of the diplomats jump.

"There are about to be more." a confident, feminine contralto echoed, and four people strode into the main chamber, escorted by half a dozen Romulan security officers-because these were most definitely armed people.

"Apologies, Ambassadors, for the delay, we ran into...a spot of trouble on the way here." The voice belonged to woman with that ageless face you get from southeast-asian ancestors and a lifetime spent in a dry, temperate climate.

Myles looked at the group with a stunned expression.

Karattak laughed, a booming Klingon-scented echo in the audience chamber.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" Myles screamed-"Guards, ARREST THAT TERRORIST!!"

Elizabeth Tran switched to a 'kick me if you dare' stance, and stared levelly at the Romulan mediator, "Not the welcome I was entirely expecting." she said directly to him.

"No." the Romulan said, "though I find your un-announced arrival something of a surprise, Madame Governor."

"I get that a lot-from the Undine, from Omega, from that goofy little guard force someone put in my way at the warp-gate outlet..." she ticked off her fingers, then, with a flourish, she pulled a coin from thin-air and flicked it at the Admiral. "Lots of people seem to think they have business telling me where I can't go...which is funnier when you realize who I expected to find, but didn't."

She tossed another Quatloo onto the table before Karattak, "The best illusions are always true." she added, "You just have to know how to look.."

she dropped the pistol-belt with its disruptor on the floor. "For instance, I thought, in my naivete, that Admiral Myles here was goin' to be our undine infiltrator sabotaging th' talks...she made all the right moves, from the shoot-on-sight order, to trying to arrest me."

she turned on a toe, "And I figger'ed YOU, Karattak, for one of Temek's many cover identities-but you're also real..." and she stepped forward, plucking another coin from seeming nowhere.

"But...there is one hell of an illusion in this room...and I only wish it was mine." She reached the space between the two tables.

"I have one hundered and fifty survivors of internment in an Undine prison waiting to be delivered to the Federation as a...'gift'." she stated, and started to pace, producing and vanishing coins in one hand.

"I Had three hundered, but someone, some nice person, someone YOU know-" she pointed at Myles, "tried to set us up with sabotaged equipment-a sabotage coded to respond to a subspace trigger...a trigger that was given to someone who wishes both the Klingon Empire, and the Federation, ill will."

She stopped mid-stride, "Now...who could that be? what kind of person would betray loyal subordinates right AT Earth Space Dock, and hand them over to an extradimensional hostile power? what kind of person would facilitate that...ADMIRAL?"

Elizabeth slammed a coin on the table, making the other one bounce. "ANSWER THE QUESTION!"

"What?" Myles' eyes widened, and she started back involuntarily.

Elizabeth hopped onto the Federation table, and squatted in the face of a Star Fleet Admiral, "answer. the. question." she growled like a Klingon, "YOU...KNEW. if you didn't, someone in your staff or your chain of command did-you've known all along what's been going on-you HAD to know, and you HAD to have had suspicions..." Elizabeth snapped a playing card from Myle's ear, "Orders that don't make a lick of sense..." she said, "LAWS that violated the Federation charter...Deployments that failed the common-sense test...policies that were an invitation to war. HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW??" a folding knife slammed down, pinning the card.

"I could arrest you right now...I could have you SHOT..." Myles began.

"Yeah? and what then? admit this was a sham? that you're NOT here to talk armistice or Peace, but to delay... for what? the hope that they will eat the Federation Last?"

She hopped off the table with an acrobatic flourish.

"Let me show you a magic trick, ladies and gentlemen." Elizabeth intoned, "It's a HELL of a trick, by the way...I'm going to make a member of our audience disappear, and replace them, with an undine infiltrator." she said, "Before your very eyes, and under the very firm, very real, transport-interdiction field that the emergency system's about to trigger."

She glanced at D'Moj, who nodded, and flicked a glance to the side.

"Abra-Cadabra!!" somehow, the disruptor in Elizabeth's hand (which couldn't possibly have been there a moment prior) spat a bolt green ionization, and Myles' aide let out a strangled cry-and tumbled to the floor.

In death, he didn't look very indeed he didn't. "darn, I must've ****ed the trick up, he arrived dead." Elizabeth stated, adding, "Let's do this again!" and this time, it was a shot directed at the Klingon side of the room. Karattak let out a piercing scream-that was cut off as his disguise slipped and the corpse of an Undine took it's place.

"Mister Moderator, please contact both governments, and request new...negotiators-the Admiral's a bigot, and OURS turned out to be one of the enemy...Colonel?"

D'Moj lifted her wrist, and spoke into the communit-"Okay, set the Federation personnel free, our mission here is complete."

"How did you...know?" the Romulan asked.

"Deduction, a little sleight of hand, and watching an audience' postures." Elizabeth said, "You know, basic showmanship."

She reached down, and replaced her pistol-belt, re-slinging the disruptor, "We'll be leaving now."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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Note the number of hanging threads yet to be resolved-we're not done with this one, but I'm interested in some feedback before I continue.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post

Note the number of hanging threads yet to be resolved-we're not done with this one, but I'm interested in some feedback before I continue.
I'm really enjoying it Th characterization is all tight, and the cloak and dagger shenanigans are gripping
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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post

Note the number of hanging threads yet to be resolved-we're not done with this one, but I'm interested in some feedback before I continue.
I love what you've done so far incorporating Ssharki and Frank Grimes. (Especially Ssharki showing concern for his subordinate's well-being, while still being curt and professional - that was very well-handled. )

I sent you a PM a couple of days ago; I'm not sure if you saw it. But I can write some parts for Grimes and send them to you via PM for you to copy/paste/modify as needed to fit your story.

By the way, Liz Tran's magic tricks are adding a whole new layer of awesome to her character. I love her.
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"...sometimes you have to kick the find out what's broken."

-Community Councilman Enrico Montoya, Madrid, New Caledon

"...Recall of Admiral Myles from the site of the talks is a standard procedure, likewise the Empire's re-issuing of Ambassador B'Tak's credentials in the wake of the incident is a demonstration of the serious attitude of both President Okeg, and Chancellor J'mPok. Rumours have it, that both heads-of-state will be meeting for a high-level summit to discuss the implications raised in the wake of Operation Son Tay. In a related story, President Annik Okeg issued a rare Presidential Pardon and ordered all charges against Elizabeth Tran and her cohorts held in abeyance pending final territorial outlines to be discussed when talks resume in January..."

-Federation News Net

"...honestly don't see how the Federation President can pardon any of us-we're not his people, we're not subject to his laws, our worlds are not Federation territory, nor are we inclined to allow ourselves to be annexed by the Federation. They had their chance, they blew it, so far the Empire's shown itself to be a more desirable political partner-they don't try to meddle in our laws and customs, they actively encourage industrial development and subsequent economic benefits, and under Imperial laws, we're actively protected from interstellar criminals-and they encourage our efforts to protect OURSELVES as well. In practical terms, we are MORE free than we were under Federation administration, with fewer laws to run afoul of...and the opportunity to immediately take action against any who would oppress us unjustly."

-Elizabeth Tran, in a (rare) press interview, New Moab, October 22, 2410.

USS Tiburon - location undisclosed

"I'm surprised Admiral LaRoca wasn't at the Risa conference," Cpt. Grimes said through the subspace viewer. "I would have thought someone in his position would be required to be there."

Cmdr. Marq Sander scratched his nose before responding to his old boss. "The Admiral has the luxury of choosing where he is required to be." He smiled a little. "Besides, the Admiral prefers a more active form of diplomacy and he prefers his trips to Risa not be ruined by politics."

"Makes sense," Grimes said with a shrug.

"Although, considering how things turned out, he was rather disappointed that he had missed the show."

"I'm sure."

"Anyway." Marq straightened in his seat. "Why did you call?"

"It's been a while since we last talked," Grimes replied. "I was wondering when you were gonna come back to Tactical Systems."

"As soon as the Admiral tries to promote me to Captain," the half-Klingon first officer of the Tiburon declared.

"We're starting up a new Rev-Eng. program I think you'll find very interesting," Frank Grimes told him. "It intersects with two of your favorite subjects of research - namely, nanoscale manufacturing and Klingon mythology."

Marq's eyes grew wide. "The Fek'Ihri?"

"That's the working theory. We've only got a salvaged small craft to play with right now, but we're bound to collect more if they keep showing up."

The former research scientist rubbed his goatee as he considered the implications. "You've certainly piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I'm needed where I am."

"Well, consider the offer open, in case you change your mind, or you get your long-overdue promotion - whichever comes first."

"Thank you, Captain." Marq reached for the button to close the channel.

Grimes stopped him. "Oh, one more thing. Do you still keep in touch with Dr. Okuda?"

Marq's face wrinkled. "Alice?"

Grimes nodded.

Marq stared at the ceiling as he tried to remember the last time he'd seen Alice Okuda...

[edited courtesy of Sander223]

"Captain, I have to be honest with you, the last time I saw Alice, she was being involuntarily committed to a substance-abuse program after traces of Neuron-55 were detected in a standard medical exam." Marq finally said after thinking, "...unless they've made some breakthroughs, she should still be there."

Grimes grimmaced, "People don't recover from that one..usually." he agreed, "Which programme?"

"Lance House on Titan, Frank, she's bad news, why are you looking for her?" Marq asked.

"That's...too classified to talk about on an open channel." Frank said, "I can say that someone with her name, her face, her DNA profile and her degrees was working on a classified project as recently as last year."

"Impossible, nobody undergoing treatment for that could hold a security clearance, either the dates on the project are wrong, or someone made a mistake listing her." Marq reminded his former CO, "Not that she wasn't smart enough to handle classified research,'s Neuroin, nobody recovers from that. if she WAS involved, it means your 'classified project' was related to Artificial Intelligence research-the kind you don't let a junkie touch."
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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Damn forum won't let me edit! (curse-spit-snarl)

thus the problem posting a story 'cold' (and borrowing characters too liberally).
No worries! Thanks for fixing it.

trying again-with the much, much, better version supplied from the character's original writer (Thanks!)
I like the way you finished that of!

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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Whoa, hang on.

That's not right at all.

Jesu LaRoca (properly, Vice Admiral Jesus Lorenzo San Gregorio LaRoca) is the diplomatic liaison to Starfleet Security commanding a small Consular Operations task force from his flagship USS Tiburon. And while he has worked with Frank Drake (more closely than he's comfortable with, at times) Drake does not report to him. And he is usually seen drinking strong coffee, not beer.
Damn forum won't let me edit! (curse-spit-snarl)

thus the problem posting a story 'cold' (and borrowing characters too liberally).

trying again-with the much, much, better version supplied from the character's original writer (Thanks!)
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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"...sometimes you may have difficulty knowing who your friends are..."

IKS Drake Tran, 34 days out from Moab III, Eta Eridani bloc...

"Who would've imagined I would be shooting the moderates?" Elizabeth spat, going over the profiles.

Cham Nguoc was looking at the same profiles. "Does seem that way, doesn't it?" he asked languidly, folding the screen on the 'Captain's desk' closed. "Still, you reminded them all what we're facing internally-and that might be worth something."

Liz looked at him, and nodded, "How's the new Engineer shaping up?" she asked.

"He was House of Torg, Liz, if you don't adopt him, he's got one out-I'd as soon you included him in your House registry as soon as legally possible-he's good. DAMNED good." Cham said, "and he's houseless right now, with a mark of Dishonour on him for the actions of a House Head he had no chance of influencing while he was a prisoner."

He kicked his boots up onto the desk, "Besides, as a Noblewoman, it's kind of expected you'd choose a husband, and being as you're not my type..."

"What is??" Elizabeth demanded, "you're not gay, but I've never seen you on a date!"

Cham shrugged, "I don't date." he said simply, "I pick up hookers or go to brothels-no strings, no attachments, no black book, and no recriminations afterward."

"Sounds lonely." she said.

"Coming from Miss 'I can't afford a man', I'll take that as a vote of confidence." Cham stated, "Fact is, I married the job, now, the ships might be different and the uniforms are different, but the job is the same, and that really is all that has, or will, matter to me-I command starships because it's what I do, it's who I am, and there's no room for romance in that." he dropped his feet down, and sat up, "YOU on the other hand, are a Leader, a political leader, aligned with an intensely feudal state now-they put a lot of stock into continuing bloodlines, which means you either pick a man or the Chancellor and the High Council will pick one for you."

She sighed, "I'm not ready yet." she told him.

"You're George Trac's widow, Liz, I remember him..." Cham noted, "A brave man, but I don't think he'd want his bride to spend the rest of her life in mourning. FIND someone-even if it's just a cheap political marriage, a convenience...someone decent. Someone who isn't going to be gone month-after-month chasing across space." He paused, "Someone not like me."

"Speaking of widows..." she stared at him, "or, Widowers? Aimie-"

"IS NOT the discussion." Cham said, "please."

"Then George stays off the table too." she asserted firmly, "I'll make a choice when I'm damn good and ready and not a moment sooner."

"Okay, then, back to business..." Cham reopened the PADD, "if this report's accurate, the Borg being on the move has the Undine trying to push the Alliance back together-that means they're scared."

"WHy did they grab YOU-and the other Defera vets then?" she asked.

"Simple-pick a winner." Cham stated, "I expect they were going for a pre-first-round draft of players. Rip the target of the right engrams, and you get their insights , or something to that effect. The Moab secession probably screwed up some of their plan-maybe more than some...once 'I' got back into circulation, there'd be interrogations, debriefings, etcetera, they would want their copy to be believable when he chose the Federation."

"You think he would?" Liz asked.

"I think they're betting on the bigger horse, yes." Cham stated, "The Empire's too dynamic, and too many ways an infiltrator can be tripped up between the internal rivalries, and external enemies-the Federation's a lot more monolithic, it's easier to impersonate that, than the alternative." He sighed, "It's the reason the Klingons spotted them so early, and why it's been so hard to get the Feds to acknowledge what's going on."

"Speaking of're still going under Lethean psychic interrogation, Cham-I can't afford for you to be a plant." Liz told him.

"I know. I'm not looking forward to it." he replied, "but if that's what it takes to keep a measure of trust..."
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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