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Before I go into details with these things, I must commend you folks at Cryptic. I am seeing solid leaps in game-play function. I hope this continues. Anyways, here is the report I am filing.

In addition to the below report, here is my other notes:

- My ground guy at times is missing chunks of his textures. I am not sure if this is on my end or yours.
- The lag in general has improved immensely for me. I cannot play with graphics quite where I want them but that may be a problem with my system.
- Anyone who complains about perfection with this game likely played WoW, and forgot what it was like at launch.

Here is the report on the Bug I referred to in the title.

* What were the exact, or closest to that you can remember, steps you did to get the bug to occur?
I beamed down to the planet during the federation diplomatic mission involving the Vulcan Monks (around Level 3 in progression)
* Where exactly did this happen?
Once I hit planet side.
* When you enter a bug the client does a few things; location & player information and a screen shot are taken. If you donít enter the bug where it is happening itís harder for us to see whatís going on.
I did not hit the bug button at the time, but I landed as my ship, with no away team around me.
* Include details you believe might be relevant
I am not sure if this mission needs an away team with it or not, but it was definitely tough on my own.
* Were you teamed? If so, how many players?
I was not teamed at the time.
* Does the bug occur within a time frame or very specific situation?
Nothing too specific here, it was an immediate occurrence upon ending up planet side
* Were you using any abilities or performing any actions when the bug happened?
I do not recall that being the case.
* How severe is the bug?
I did return to normal form, but my away team never showed up and I had to solo this mission on my own (again, not sure if this is how it is supposed to be)
* Does the system work at all?
The quest itself works well, it was only this bug that made it seam incorrect
* Can you complete the Episode/Mission in any manner?
I did complete it. Slaloming through Klingon Spawns FTW. I did have to fight piles of 5 on my own, not as easy as I had expected, but the challenge was still doable after respawning a couple times
* Is there at least partial functionality?
I couldnt use my landside skills until I returned to my regular form
* Is this occurring for other players near you or does it seem isolated and hard to reproduce?
I was alone in the instance, so I have no idea.

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