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Now I recall there being a note in the recent patch notes about changes to graphics optimization, but when I logged onto Tribble after spending the day on Holodeck, I was surprised by some very nice changes I hadn't noticed before.

Take a look at these screenshots:



I added the red circles to highlight the specific differences I noticed, but there were others (namely the tint and brightness of the warp nacelles). But here you can clearly see more detail in the deflector dish, where there appears to be the rosette around the edge. Also, you can clearly see some transparency in the bussard collectors which is not present on Holodeck (except for at the ESD shipyard).

My question is this: Are we going to see these graphical improvements on Holodeck when this build is patched over? I ask because after talking around, people seem to agree that Tribble just has better graphics than Holodeck. Is this true?
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04-23-2013, 10:04 AM
I noticed the shine too, though generally Tribble has always, seemingly, looked better than Holodeck to me.
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