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# 1 Slowly getting there...
01-15-2010, 09:43 AM
Nice to see so many bug fixes happeneing so quickly, though I remain leary (however hopeful) about them all being fixed by Head Start:

- Ship movement is much more fluid, though I wish they would fix the camera's default LookDirection (i.e. with no mouse input) to facing the same direction the ship is facing. Keep the strafing ability, just have the camera snap back to its default when letting go of the mouse.

- Space combat went from "can't win" to "can't lose" overnight. I'm sure this was merely a gameplay test, but the nerfing was too much.

- Ground movement is still really klunky and warpy. The amount of "blinks" and collisions with invisible objects is noticably less, but it's still a fun killer.

- Ground combat is cartoonish, uninspiring and lacks fluidity. Rather than aura the entire selected target, why not just halo the ground beneath it? More of a FPS-style gameplay would also be a huge improvement. Perhaps allow panning back for 3rd-person trailing perspective & panning forward for 1st-person view?

Ground combat also lacks flow. Hand-to-hand is almost stop-motion and there is no technique or counter-technique involved. Thrown weapons like grenades should also have a movable crosshair on the ground as it's target destination instead of using an enemy that's clicked on to direct the throw. In both hand-to-hand and ranged combat, the mechanics appear limited to selecting a target then clicking a button to hit it... there's no marksmanship or strategy involved.

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