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# 1 New Romulous exploration Zone.
06-22-2013, 06:15 PM
The Daily exploration quests scattered around New Romulous

Could amount of marks rewarded be increased?

Could the % of doing certain tasks count more to it's completion? currently it's max of 5% per interaction with tasks.
could it be changed to 15% or 25%

"Red alerts"
Increased reward for participating.
Increased mark reward and 490 Energy Credits.

Kill Tholian Red Alert increase amount each enemy killed, contributes to completion

The Rep unlocked areas.

Increased reward. For Daily.

Cave (for Rep 3)

Reduced amount of Tholians in last encounter.
In that Encounter, change it so the commander and Captain are not in same encounter, at same time. Reduced amount of total enemies in cave.

Ware House
(If it was the foundry) I'd say change mob lvl. of most of the enemies except guards at the END. (Removal of 1 mob of Orion on way to office from back room*secure storage)

Staging Area

Reduce how memory intensive it is.

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